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Nice work.
If I was to be very picky, I would say you need to address the timing of some parts. I am not suggesting you use hard quantizing, but some parts are a little ahead of the beat and contribute to instability in the groove.

Apart from that, keep 'chasing the dragon'.
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I am out of ideas. I have to admit I tried some bus powered interfaces(USB2) and got poor results from all. Sold them. You can see from my signature I still use gear that is 15 years old. It is solid as a rock, and all the bugs are sorted. All cheap 2nd hand stuff from ebay.

Cannot say whether the noise you hear is standard for that unit. Both the USB units I tried were very noisy and next to useless. As a tip, I downloaded a demo set of tracks of a particular interface (that I will not name), and soloing the tracks revealed quite a bit of noise. You could not hear the noise in the final mix though. I guess that's the caveat for some of this 'prosumer' stuff.

I hope someone else can chime in here and help you out. I would suggest you endeavour to find a friend to swap through your gear and find out if indeed you have more than one fault. You need to check multiple sources into multiple interfaces to see what everything is doing. Good luck my friend.

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You could but a TritonAudio Big Amp (sort of inline DI) and record in via the Mic input instead and see how that goes.

This is a very nice device, and if you want a really high quality impedance converter, well worth considering. But.the 'FET bypass FX pedal trick' is giving you the same outcome (not the 3dB gain though) without spending any money yet. I would implore you to sort each problem without committing money to what may be a false panacea.
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This discussion is now quite broad, all the way from possible problems with the bass and the interface, as well as wacking some new strings on the wee beasty.

I think I would have to say at this stage there may be more than one problem. The high pitched noise you talk of in the interface that is present for both mic and intrument input is most likely linked to 'dirty' power being supplied to the interface from the computer. Bus powered devices have variable success on the signal to noise front. It really depends on your computer.

Just had a look at a few details for the unit. Notice there is the option to power the unit from both 'firewire' and external power supply. If you are having problems with noise, I would try an external power supply if you haven't already. This can be a huge improvement. If you have the option, I would always choose a conventional transformer type power supply versus the newer switchmode ones, as they throw less noise into the power supply. This may be a contentious point, but that's my experience.

The excessive amount of gain you require for both mic and instrument also gives me cause for concern. Has it been like this from new? This sounds a bit strange, as you should be getting more than 100mV even from a passive bass, and would require very little extra gain.

As far as buying a 'Behringer', I wouldn't. If you are mad keen to spend money on something, I too would recommend the 'Sansamp' Bass DI. I have one of these as well as a plethora of other goodies, and for the price it bats well above its league. ALL bass players should have one of these!!! I have the one with the three switches on it and I use it live and in the studio all the time.

If you feel up to it, try putting the bass through an FX pedal with FET bypass ( as previously discussed) into the line input on the back. Just curious to see how much level you get into this input. If you have the option to adjust the sensitivity of those inputs, try adjusting that.

There seems to be more going on here than I can account for. Just don't spend any money without finding what the problem is.

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There is another fix to this. You can go out and buy a DI, but you may not need to.

FIrstly, there is lots of confusion around regarding what a DI is actually used for. It is designed to simply offer a high impedance input that is then able to be connected to a low impedance input (microphone in). But if you are connecting to a line in, there is a simpler way.

If you have any guitar FX pedal with 'non true bypass' switching, ie FET switching, you can use that as an impedance converter. SImply connect
your bass using the FX pedal into your interface. Leave the FX pedal in bypass mode, and you will instantly have a high impedance input.
The pedal will give you unity gain, so you may need a little gain further on in the signal chain.

Some FX pedals have an excellent sound to them, while others may leave you less happy.

Here's a video about this I made some time ago. Give it a try. One thing I will say is that the 'vox pedal' used in the video sounds as good
as any DI I have tried.
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Sorry to hear you are having problems.

As always, I recommend you use the 'save as' function as often as you can. I use it at least twice per session, and simply use progressive numbering. Typically my projects end up with the last number in the twenties or thirties. This will give you a safety net in case your project
suffers corruption.

Now, the problem. Can you confirm all tracks have timebase set to 'beats' and not 'seconds'? Can you confirm your timebase is 'beats'?

Personally I don't use 'autosave'. I like to 'save as' in case I make a blunder and want to go back. Having 20 or so sessions also means
I can go back and see if any of my trashed ideas can be reviewed. It's also nice to go back and listen to the mix at an earlier stage, and
assess whether I am turd polishing or not.

The only other thing I can think of is whether you are using 'Rewire' for anything. This can change some parameters if you start your devices in the wrong order.

I cannot suggest anything else to fix this, but it sounds frustrating. Hopefully someone else has experience of this and can suggest a fix for you.

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I made this FR a while back. Would be a good feature.

There is no doubt that there are some complications with this. On larger projects, the reassignment of outputs could easliy default to the first
stereo pair. But what about pipeline?

Anyway, it would be good to have a list of I/O setups to load. From my perspective, if I take a project from a smaller setup with a simple single
stereo I/O confirguration into my studio (10 pairs of I/O), I would like to simply load my studio I/O template to make available all the pipeline devices.
At the moment I have to do this manually (if the project has been started with a smaller I/O configuration), and that represents a disincentive rather
than an invitation.
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matthewgorman wrote:Atom processors are a different architechture. Iirc, they are not supported, but i am going from memory so that that for what its worth.


It occurred to me some years ago that due to the increasing efficiency of most programs, we would see a divergence of the market into
primarily pro units and primarily consumer units. Back then, you needed a full power system just to keep up with current software. Now, where
internet browsing, email and social media may be the only thing a person does, much of the power of cutting edge processors is ,for the most
part, an unrequired commodity.

Music apps fall into the bracket of 'more power, better experience for the user'

My last i7 PC was $700 to upgrade the CPU,mobo,ram. A decent 2nd hand system at the moment is way less than that, and you can
get great performance from a 3 year old 'i' series system.

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You could try going to the appropriate song folder and deleting the contents of the 'cache' folder.
Just leave them in your recycling bin for now- if the results are crazy, restore them.

To achieve that same outcome, use the 'save song to new folder' option, and choose not to copy unused files.

Also try a real time mixdown. Sometimes plugins can be unpredictable used in faster than realtime.
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Without getting your hands on one and putting it through a decent stress test, you are not going to sort this out.
Also need to take into account that there are a few tweaks that need to be done to the 8.1 OS to make sure it doesn't
limit your CPU potential, so a blind test of a brand new unit may not give you an accurate impression of power.
Unless you can find a blog where someone says 'yay or nay' on this question, you may be the test pilot.

As late as last year, I was still running StudioOne on an 'E7500' PC to test plugins and so forth. Of course it certainly
showed a higher load than a newer processor, but it ran ok. Something to think about there.

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Is it the same after a cold reboot?
Studio One Free » Any way to know which CPU features Studio One needs/uses? » Go to message
Audio production programs can be the most CPU intensive software you can buy, if in fact you engage lots of VST. Without the VST, the CPU is only needed for 'housekeeping'. You can of course get a little more grunt if you increase the latency, but that may not be practical.

If you can settle on a minimum standard for your projects, then that may suffice for the current version of S1. Most folks are going to say 'get as much CPU power as you can afford', so this discussion tends to get a little repetitive.

A couple of years ago, a computer store guy said to me 'spend an extra $100 on the CPU, and you can give your system an extra 1-2 years of life'. That worked out to be correct for me anyway. I have a couple of i7 machines, and they are well appreciated.
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I have Komplete8 and Alicia's Keys.
Alicia's Keys is a 'moody' piano. It really is good for slower pieces with a soft to medium attack.
It's eq as presented is setup for solo piano, and as such you will have to eq it quite a bit to fit a denser mix.

As far as a piano for electro pop, it just won't really cut it. You could really eq it, but the attack just isn't the right type.
You probably want something that offers a harder hammer (harder felt or even a tack style strike).
For electro pop, where you may be maxing out the velocity or using a fixed velocity, a piano like this may
be a waste. A simpler sampled piano with only a few layers of samples may give you a better sound for that
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There is a convention where left is always tip (on a stereo plug), but sometimes there are exceptions.
As long as your headphones conform to your monitors (and DAW), you are ok.
There should be some room for manipulation in your setup if you have a headphone amp.
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Making the assumption you are talking about mono tracks, you could send them both to a bus with 2 instances of 'Binaural pan' inserted. Pan the source tracks hard left and right. In the bus, set the second 'binaural panner' to mono. The first one then becomes a crossfader, using the pan as the crossfade control.

Crossfading stereo tracks would require some utility that is outside my area of expertise. Hopefully someone else can chime in here and give you the 'good oil' on the best freebies for this.

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