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I have 24 tracks recorded 24/96 using a FS and a LB to MacBook Pro. I am able to playback and mix with no issues. The next step is to integrate the transport control and timecodes so that I can use the console automation. Does any have any tips or pointers to documentation on the best way to do this. The manuals for each have info on how to integrate but it is fairly generic.

I essentially want S1 to act as a virtual transport which I control with the console. I also need the timecode to sync so I can use the console automation.

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Could you share those tips for other mac users?
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I finally figured out how to make this work. The Firestudio daisy chaining instructions are a tad ambiguous as to how the 52 channel limit is reached. I specifically tried to determine if using SMUX cut the ADAT channel count in half. Well it turns out it mostly certainly does. I chained a FireStudio 26x26 last night with a FireStudio Lightpipe and starting to experiment. If you select 44.1 via UC or the Audio/MIDI utility (MacBook Pro) then the utility will list 58 in / 58 out. Selecting 96 changes this to 38/38 which is what I had hoped since the combined 40 ADAT channels (32 and 16) are now down to 20 in SMUX mode.

When Studio One loads the I/O config shows the combine channels although the names aren't correct. The device is listed as FireStudio so it must have the lower device number than the Lightpipe. Through trial and error I determined the 24 ADAT channels
were as follows.

LP 1 - 16: ADAT 11 - 24, SDIF-L, SDIF-R
FS 1 - 8: ADAT 1 - 8

No idea what is in ADAT 9 and 10.

Before I got to this wonderful solution, I crashed S1 a bunch of times. The problem is that once set up for 96 using SMUX you CANNOT allow anything to set the rate to 44.1. Doing so immediately throws an exception on an I/O thread in the device driver. I was able to do this many ways including opening a 44.1 song or changing the rate via UC or the Audio/MIDI utility. As long as youy stay at 96 to avoid crossing the 52/52 I/O limit it all works great.

But can it record? You bet!

I routed pink noise into 24 channnels on my 02RV96. I then routed each to a digital slot channel and fed to the 2 units via ADAT.
I verified each channel came up on the interface as I added them. I then recorded a minute with all 24 tracks at the same time.
The performance monitor showed the CPU never exceeded 15%. The disk never exceeded 18%.

I also recorded a few sine waves at different frequencies in the first and last several channels to verify that each interface was keeping all the channels correct. Worked as expected.

I hope this post will hang around for anyone who needs more than 16 tracks at 24/96. I can do 24 with no problem and lilkely 32 with two LP units. All of the docs show this as an unsupported chaining but they do not take into account the SMIUX at 96khz. Perhaps PreSonus will update to explain how that factors in to the max channel count.
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I spoke with TS (wait time was 35 minutes).

They said FW is limited to 104 streams which explains the Universal Control published limit of 52 channels of input and output. If a Lightpipe is running at 96khz then it only has 16 i/o channels so it seems to me two of these would fall under the 52 (104) limit. The UC docs show how the multiple interfaces are "mixed" into a single interface of up to 52x52 channels. It also says any member of the Firestudio may be chained. The problem is a cannot find any examples using more than one Lightpipe at 96khz.

Google doesn't find much info either. I can buy one and sell if it doesn't work but that is a hassle.

Does anyone know of a means to record 24-32 tracks at 24/96 via ADAT to Firewire?
It seems easy to get 32 at 24/48 or 16 at 24/96.
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OK, thanks. Looks like there is no problem with a 90 minute song.

One more Q: Can I chain to Lightpipes together via firewire to record 32 channels @ 24/96?
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What is the bext way to set up Studio One for live multi-track recording using Firestudio Lightpipes? Should record as one very long song or is there a better way?

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Oh yeah. Back in my touring days we had power issues at times. I can recall several time explaining to managers of large clubs that their voltage was low. I have also seen brownouts caused by lack of current capability. At least once we had to reduce out lights to maintain enough voltage for the system to run. We carried 60K of lighting. Quite a bit for a regional band in the early 80s.

I finally bought a panel voltage meter and install in one of my FOH racks. That way I could see the voltage and if it dropped under load. Not too longer after some companies made units to handle this but there were not any that I knew of in 82.
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Monolithent wrote:Welcome back

>>> Thanks much. I have been reading all along.

As far as your questions. The power supply issues are very limited and if there is a problem the Presonus folks will get it fixed for you. So far I have never heard of any hardware and very few software issues that have not been fixed.

>>> Good to know. I really like the SL design. It fits MY needs better than the Yam LS9 and is way less expensive. It appears to be a true dual purpose console which is EXACTLY what I need (or at least want)

If you are looking at Gator (unless you're looking at the wood cases) for a 4 space might I recommend the SKB RollX cases. Same/better/similar build quality with a nice pair of wheels and telescoping handle at a similar cost.

>>> I'll give it a look. I don't need "road worthy" but I do want everything to be portable and light so I can haul to rehearsals and to my recording buddy's house. In the pro days we had all Anvil and custom cases. Very expensive back then since there were few builders.

I assume you're not going to use any of the onboard FX. What are you considering for the other FX unit?

>>> I will give it a listen but I REALLY prefer to have outboard FX for serveral reasons including returning to a channel. I am also a huge Lex fan. In the days I had a 200, PCM 41, and PCM 42 (4.5 s). I am amazed to see the 41s and 42 selling for so much on eBay.
Still debating on the other unit. Leaning toward a used Lex of sorts but open to suggestions. the TC units are popular on PSW boards.

For the UPS make sure you get one that has instant power (I forget what type it is at the moment) but there are some that have a few ms delay before kicking in which could cause havoc in the event of a power loss.

>>> Will do. read the discussion here several times.

What are you planning to use to tailor sound after fft. DriveRack, Ashly? Depending on your speakers a DR260 shold get things right where you need them.

>>> I am just investing in FOH mix and recording gear. For live shows we will use either house or contracted facing, mics, etc. If I was to by a unit it would likely be a DBX DriveRack.

Sounds like the fear purchases are coming along nicely.

>>> Oh, I am STILL a pro at spending money. Drives my better half crazy (25 years this week). The good news is that funds for this venture are in the bank and will not affect the budget.

All suggestions welcome!
BTW: I will likely sell my SA-3051 RTA when I get SMAART if anyone is looking for a good, used RTA. I bought it from eBay last Fall.
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I asked many questions here since 8/1 on for returning to live sound/recording at a hobby level. Thanks to all who helped! Here is an update and and few more questions.

o decided the venture was a "go"
o so far have received or ordered

macbook pro 15 (big change for me but MANY folks STRONGLY recommended)
Lexicon MX400
M-Audio Mobile Pre (for SMAART)
Denon D2000 phones
misc supporting gear and racks

o planned or considering

SL 24.4.2
Gator console case (lightweight model)
Gator 4 space rack
UPS (ADC or Tripplite)
second FX processor
Littlelite console light with dimmer

1. I've read here about issues with the PS in the SL24. Has the factory resolved these? How common are the issues?
2. Any comments or suggestions on the planned gear?
3. Any other suggestions?

Spending money is darned addicting as is getting new toys every few days!

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The iPhone/iPad AudioTools app from Digital 6 Studio has a speaker polarity test module. I believe it is around $5.
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I'm starting to assemble all the pieces for my new live/studio rig. Are there any issues moving recorded tracks in/out of DAW software? My partner has a package but we are looking into pro tools. Anything we will need to integrate with this? Is the M series the correct version!

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Did you get an answer to this? I am looking at the latest MBP 15 with an I5. Will this interface nicely with the SL24? I don't want to go through the PC hassle which is wmy am am willing to shell out the extra cash for the mac (my first).

I'd like to know if anyone is running an SL with the latest macbooks.
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Thanks for the reply. The real focus of the buy decision has come down to usage. After tons of research I have chosen the SL over the Yammies with the LS9 just too much money for my usage. The key point is my best bud (also a bandmate) who has a DAW studio and has done original songs for many years. He is anxious to work together so that would the the other use for the SL in between the live dates. With only the live shows or the DAW work, I would likely not get back in but that combination is very tempting, Plus we will record all live shows so I will work on those for several weeks as well.

I pretty much decided on the MB Pro 15 after comparing side by side to the similar Dell. Google searches on the PC firewire chipsets turned up all sorts of horror stories related to several audio and video products. Argh!!!

I am opting for the 7200 drive based on recommendations here. Still on the fence about SMAART unless I can find a backlevel version at a great price. I already have a pro RTA and an iPhone FFT app with external mic. Still researching outboard fx but will likely have a Lex since I loved them in the 80s. Probably add a 4 space light rack in the event I need additional gear.

Everyone here has been a GREAT help. Not sure I would consinder this without some real world feedback. Isn't it fun to help others spend money?

Oh, and the SSL mention...we were doing studio work in Atlanta for Star Search back in 83. During the work, they got their first SSL. Wow. Watching graphics on the crt of the controls was too cool. Of course a 1K unit does it these days but it was revolutionary back in 83. Nice damn console!
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Quite honestly, I NEVER had an issue with feedback when I was a full time FOH engineer. Mostly it will come from the monitors.
From my experience, it should not happen. With modern technology a squeal can be pinointed very quickly with an FFT. Parametrics used at notch filters should make feedback obsolete.
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Yeah, I was just on ebay checking them out. Some good deals on NIB but none had the 7200RPM drive. How important is that?
If there is any good news it is that I get a 6% corporate discount and if I buy next weekend I will save 7.75% due to a NC tax holiday. Cannot pass that one up!
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