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After using both mixers for a considerable time, I have yeh's and nay's about both mixers. The biggest nay for the X32 is the fact that not all apps and programs follow each other, like the X32 Edit program and Ipad apps. The faders do but some of the other things don't, like the gain, effects and sometimes the EQ's. Gain was actually on 7.5 for lead guitar (hot line out signal) and my app showed 32 so when I touched it , it went to 32 and almost blew some speakers, not good, they need to fix this.

I do like the layout of the Presonus better and has a smaller learning curve but once you figure out the X32 and all the layers, it's easy to operate. Routing on the X32 is a b*T*h until you finally learn whats what. Presonus is easy, even I figured it out.

One thing I really like about the X32 is that it is not picky on Chipsets, routers, computers and other equipment like the Presonus. It took me weeks to get my Presonus to work remotely and record. The X32 first time worked flawlessly and has never had a drop out. I record 16 to 32 channels with just a plain old Lenova laptop over firewire and have also used the USB and works fine. I record into Reaper DAW and just take wave files home and mix with Studio-One and works great.
As far as the sound, I can't tell a lot of difference except maybe the X32 is a little warmer sound but I'm far from an expert on sound. I do like the motorized faders but don't miss them on Presonus so no deal breaker. X32 effects are a little better to my ears.

I do think the Presonus is more directed to Mac users which is a big minus to me. Don't like Mac stuff, too expensive and not worth the extra bucks to me.

The Presonus cabinet and parts seem to be a little better than the X32 however the X32 is close. Never had any trouble with the XLR connections on either mixer.
Overall, being a really computer dummy like I am with IP addresses and routers and other stuff, I would have to chose the X32 and that's only because it's easier to get to work on remotes, recording and etc. I mix totally with remotes, laptop FOH and Ipads on stage and the X32 just works. If I were mixing from the mixer, I would want the Presonus.
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Ken, sounds like to me that you haven't given permission on the mixer for the Iphone or the Ipad or what ever you using. Don't remember which screen but you have to give permission to devices for them to work.---Henry
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Does anyone know how to set Studio One to record from an X32 Behringer? I have a Lenova laptop with the correct Firewire card which is a 400. I also have an 800 firewire card that I use with my Presonus and Capture that I haven't tried yet because the 400 works fine with Reaper.

I've tried every setting I can think of on the StudioOne and either it won't record at all or all channels will record the same thing. What I do is record a live show pre eq and fader, take wave file home and mix on my StudioOne Pro. As I said above, Reaper works fine but sure would like to get Studio One going, it would make life so much simpler. I know my mixer is routed right also. It shows the mixer but just won't record. Any help would be appreciated.
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I had the 24Ai and I had same problem. Some days it would connect and other days it wouldn't connect to anything. Went thru 2 mixers and both did the same thing. I think its an IP address issue either in the mixer or something to do with UC when bands are busy. I found that when we had people in the theater, with smart phones and such, it had problems connecting and dropping out all time when it did connect. It also would lock up during show at times. Ipads would drop out and computer wouldn't hook up at all. I went thru the bit of different routers, different computers, upgrades and all. I love the lay out and the sound of the 24AI but just couldn't deal with the remote hookup problems. Controlling remotely was crucial to me at our venue so I had to get another brand mixer. It has worked flawlessly. Would go back to Presonus in a second if the remote issues were solved.
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Thanks guys, will I be able to record sixteen tracks at once to the DAW and do I need any more software for the 16.4.2 to show up as Firestudio?
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I was going to sell my 16.4.2 but may keep it for my studio at home so would like to know how it would work..
Now I have the 2 channel Presonus Firewire studio hooked up to my computer for recording to StudioOne Pro. How would the 16.4.2 hookup? Same way using firewire or do you have to have some other device to make it work? I rarely use more than two inputs but would be nice to have 16 to be able to record whole band at once so was wandering how to hook up, thanks.
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First of all, the mixer has to have a router hooked to it for either Ipad or remote from a computer. It can be either wired or wireless with the dongle that was sent with the mixer.
I have used the 24 AI and at times it worked perfect and next time you turn it on, the computer with UC would not see the mixer. No matter what you did, it would not connect. Go down next day and it may work.
This is just my very unprofessional opinion, I think the AI mixers have got an issue with either IP addresses or Universal control. Even though some mixers work flawlessly, there are some that just won't work at times. Remote control with a computer was crucial for my setup and just never works right. The Ipad always worked except for a few drop puts. I love the sound and operation of the 24AI and I wish the issue would get fixed to work on SL remote. Hope you get yours ironed out. They are great sounding mixers.
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I used my 16.4.2. for almost 3 years and though it was a little tricky getting the UC and all working, it never gave me one minutes problem. I can't say the same for the AI mixers.
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I have same router as you JohnnyBeloud and some nights there is no problem then other nights can't keep it connected. This is in same place and mixer or any equip never gets moved. I think it's interference from other wireless devices that causes the problem.
Download a little free IPhone app called Fing and you can see other devices. Have seen as many as 20 in one night.
16.4.2AI » Vocal Channel Distant in AUX3 Mix » Go to message
Same thing happened to my old non AI 16.4.2. Found out is was reverb bleeding over. Had to much reverb on aux mix. You might check that.
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Sorry, I had to leave at 5:30. We played music tonight at a dance and just got back. I'll PM you Sat and maybe we can phone hookup. Thanks very much---Henry
StudioLive General Discussion » Trouble setting up network » Go to message
Yes I did. The first mixer even though the problems were related acted a little different. Never got the dongle to work on first one but does work at times on second one. Also, first mixer was locking up with nothing but mixer hooked up, no computers or nothing. Second on don't lock up unless FireWire connected. Two mixers with same problem would be rare. It's got to be something in my configuration of something.
Funny, both mixers worked here at house hooked to arris cable modem when I un boxed them. Maybe that installed something on mixer, I don't know. I just hooked it up here at house and worked before I took to opry where we play..
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Yep, sure did and does the same thing, invalid SSID.
I did the flash back to factory on mixer and when it rebooted and came on it still showed invalid SSID but connected to UC wireless on laptop one time. When I turned mixer off and then turned back on it wouldn't connect again. I've had some really smart computer and net work guys look at my set up and both of them agree that it is the mixer just not seeing UC. Everything else is right as far as router, network setup and mixer settings. iPads and iPhones and firewire still work. Fire wire locks up mixer after about 20 minutes of being on.This thing is just too picky, I think I see another brand in my future.
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No matter what I try, still shows invalid SSID
StudioLive General Discussion » Trouble setting up network » Go to message
Going to get another router today like yours and try that. Is there any special steps to follow in setting up router? Will it tell me how to create a network? My mixer always says none when I do the scan for networks but it shows an IP address. I believe it's
The last number changes from anywhere from 2 to 9.
Here's what mixer says when I try to connect. Remember, my iPad and iPhone hook up fine

Network name: Ethernet
Available networks: none
IP number:
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