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FyLe ForMatz wrote:
illumin wrote:This helps avoid sound coloring when you start messing with frequencies.

sound coloring? linear?

do you really think people can even hear a difference between PRO eq and a linear phase eq?

FyLe ForMatz wrote:
illumin wrote:you should really understand single-band compression fully before even considering multi-comp


they are two totally different things though, right?

I digress to your intelligence on the matters.
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Slate stuff is definitely quality, but a bit cpu intensive. As far as the dongle, even though it'll be debated to death....I've never had a problem with them, and nothing a $5 usb hub couldn't fix for a few. And for those who don't like the extra cost....its sure cheaper than many of the items in your signature!
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you should search Imogen Heap Ableton Live
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This guy has been around the forum for a bit, and I've also bought secondhand from him. He's legitimate so don't hesitate if you're interested in buying stuff from him. Good luck Crow with school.
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Wow, forgot I asked this in 2012, but, no, your solutions aren't the answer to my question. Post-transposing has always been there, whether it'd be manually selecting and moving with the mouse, or through the transpose functions in the inspector. What I asked is not possible in S1. Transposing after programming or recording midi parts have always been there.

Think of it as a capo for midi or down/alternate tuning. Ideal situation, you're composing/jamming with guitarist tuned a half-step down. Sure, you can simply play and transpose live a half-step down on the keyboard, but when you are watching the guitarist playing an E power chord or he says he's playing E5, really he's playing Eflat5 or Dsharp5. Obviously you can turn that tune knob on the back of the keyboard too, or in the synth/keyboard settings, so there are plenty of ways around, but that's when something like the TranposeMidi Modifier tool is handy in Cubase.
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LMike wrote:Can DP be easily skinned by the user?

I only ask because the skins I see there are really, really well done and typically when users can skin at will you always get a few really horrifying skins that look like ... well... total s__t. If MOTU does control that process (no clue, just asking), only providing a few professionally done optional skins, that seems like a really good compromise to me.

Giving users some skin choices but maybe never actually easily allowing their creative work to look like something someone vomited up on the sidewalk.

I don't believe by the end user. They just have a bunch of really nice presets to choose from, from what I recall when demoing it.
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So if you have the tools already to write the music you want and are simply exploring S1, why don't you download the demo of the full version of S1 and see how it goes with workflow to determine if you should upgrade?

Just try out Ampire and see what you think. If it doesn't cut it, there are lots of free vst's for amp sims, especially metal out there. The audio editor will let you transpose your recorded guitar for bass.
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I always love what the Waves Puigtec EQ's can do! Especially when warm and smooth are mentioned.
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jBranam wrote:very warm and clear.

I have never ever heard an nt1-a being warm.
clear....almost too clear!!!
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I won't be upgrading. Can't see the cost for adding all the screen features considering its still a hybrid and requires the computer, but I see its convenience. Even though I can do everything mostly from the controller itself, it is still much quicker to edit with mouse and keyboard in Maschine.

Also, if I can remember correctly, it doesn't work well with S1 using CC changes for changing scenes. You'll have to use note changes, but otherwise it works fine that way.

I think that once using it inside a DAW, you're better off recording midi straight in to midi parts in midi tracks in S1 rather than in Maschine because you will want the seamlessness and flexibility. It becomes a bit of a drag writing the parts in Maschine, and then copying them to Midi, muting, etc.. sometimes the copy doesn't always work I found.

It's fun to play with, but I also come from a heavy background with Ableton Live so therefore, Maschine seems very lacking in that area. Very fun though for brainstorming and playing when you want to get away from the keyboard and mouse. The controller itself is the strength....unfortunately with MK2, when they changed a few buttons around, I could not get a fully working template to control S1.
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started this thread a while ago...
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btw...for anyone that is an Amazon Prime member, you can view this for free there.
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I remember learning how to use the built-in arpeggiator in Thor, in Reason, when it was introduced. I was still a little new to programming synthesis....

Not your typical built-in arp in synth actually had to set it up in the mod matrix in thor to use it, versus just enabling it like on other synths....
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Well no DAW switch is going to do what you want instantly but all have the similar tools to do so....that is record audio and then convert to midi. Melodyne Editor will offer you the best in that area since it is the only one able to detect polyphony and with it's ARA implementation in S1, it is probably the quicker of this method, so that is to keep in mind. Otherwise you may want to experiment with actual midi guitars of some sort, but stay away from the bends. If you were to go with another DAW, such as LPX, you would not be any happier with what you are wanting to achieve as that is not really DAW specific. You can always use Melodyne Editor in any DAW to achieve the polyphonic detection, but it won't be the integrated experience like each DAWs' own built in system.
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