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Anonymous wrote:I have studio one v.2 artist but I was very curious about the new free version so I've installed it and I've tried it...So here are my first impressions:

I think studio one free version is a very good starting point and it's unlimited tracks feature is a great gift from the presonus...I was also very impressed with the included Presence sounds: drums, bass, keys, strings, synths!

On the other side, I think it could also include more one or two basic fx:

1-Some kind of a basic guitar amp or a very limited version of ampire or maybe just 4 or 5 guitar high gain amp presets (I say this because for clean guitar sounds the included fx seem to be ok but I've tried to get some decent distortion guitar sound for solos with the included distortion fx and I couldn't. Maybe I just need some tips with the distortion fx but even if Presonus doesn't want to give free users access to any kind of basic amp how about just some available presets for this task?)

2-Some kind of a basic limiting tool (or some limiting presets?)

Anyway, these are just my 2 cents and I thank again presonus team for this amazing gift
I also thank presonus for the 2.0.5's been working great here!
Cheers good music

I was able to post without login...strange hehehe!
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Thanks for your reply.
Waiting for it
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I agree!
There's nothing there and there's nothing at Toontrack either...
So where's this Plus version?
Could someone from Presonus team clear this up?
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I ask the same in my thread...
There should be a Lite Plus version...i guess only a Presonus team member can clarify this!
Best regards.

P.S.: Let me just say that I'm loving this version 2 of Studio One
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Thanks for your reply.
Well, in Studio One v2 webpage it says "Toontrack EZdrummer Lite Plus"...and if you check the image in there you'll see EZdrummer "Lite Edition Plus" in the plugin window
So, where is that thing to download?

You can see what I mean here:
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I've found out at Studio One v2 webpage that it should be available in all versions of Studio One (including Artist version) but there's no EZdrummer Lite Plus in my presonus account...
I've tried to register the serial number available at my Presonus account in Toontrack website and it's only the Lite version...
Can anyone confirm this?
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I've upgraded to Studio One Artist v2 but i can't find EZdrummer Lite Plus!
All that's in my Software is a serial for EZdrummer Lite (only Lite not Lite Plus)!
Is it supposed to be only available for the Producer and Professional versions?
Oh, by the way, congrats for this great piece of software
I wish Presonus a huge success!
Best regards

P.S.1: I'm loving S1 v2 (and now I have a decent cpu to work with it)
P.S.2: I've found that v2 still has to be authorized 2 times if you want to use Studio One offline and online! Well, it couldn't be perfect hehehe
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What about EZdrummer Lite Plus?
What's the difference between this version (Lite Plus) and previous one (Lite)?
There's no info about this or download link in my account!

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I was almost gaving away my studio one artist license because i had a very weak laptop and it did take too much cpu (celeron m530)...i've tried a lot of configurations and after all that "work" i just ran out of activations...
Now, i've just upgraded my laptop cpu to a 2nd hand T5500 core 2 duo and I'm very excited with my "new" laptop power!
I've seen studio one version 2 webinar and I'm very excited about it! So what I just did?
I've upgraded to Studio One Artist version 2 for just $10!!!!!! What an amazing price!!! Presonus guys rock!
Congrats for your hard work!
Now it's time to try it (if I can access the servers heheh...they're quite busy)!
Best regards,


P.S.: Does anyone know if there's still the need for different online/offline activations? Thanks
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Hi Motoko,

Thanks for your reply. As always you give a great support here
I'll be waiting for their reply.
Best regards.
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I own Studio One Artist version (from "NAMM" promotion) and I've been doing several installs in my laptop: online pc, offline pc, I've changed my HD and returned to the old one, changed my now I'm left without authorizations for Studio One...
I'll give up Studio One for's nice but it's heavy on my old celeron m and i still prefer my old cubase le.
So I have uninstalled Studio One and I'd like to give my license to a friend of mine. I believe I need to reset my authorizations and delete my account to pass my license to him. Is it possible?
Best regards


P.S.: I've open a ticket support a few days ago but I've had no reply...And sorry for my english (it's not my native language)
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Kahlbert wrote:You only have to download it once. That is, create an authorization without the device, download and save the file on your HD, plug the device in, create another authorization, download and save it under a different name.

Same should apply to YAI, by the way.

Unless you constantly change your system to something completely different, you're able to reuse the respective files you created for the specific systems.

Hope that helps.

(Thanks for the replies guys)
I've done that some time ago but i didn't save the "offline license" before formatting my pc...
Anyway, i should be able to download all my previous license files from my presonus account but when i try to download it only comes the online one.

In resume (i have just one computer): initially i had 5 authorizations, authorized once for the first time, had to authorize again for the "offline pc", changed my HD so another authorization, the new HD didn't perform well for audio so I just went back to the old HD (and so downloaded my previous license from presonus's just the online one because there's no way to download any other)...

If i authorize again now (for the offline situation) i won't have enough licenses left for the new laptop i'll be buying soon (i will need at least 2 license files right?)...
My point is: A DAW shouldn't be authorized like this because in the end you'll be depending on the good will of Presonus team to give you some spare authorizations...
I use other DAWs and never ever had a problem like this.

P.S.: Sorry for my bad's not my native language.
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I don't even disable my wireless card under device manager...i just turn it off!
And every time I download S1 license file from my account it's always the "internet connected" one...there's no option to download a different (one although I can see several different activations there).
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I'd like to ask what's going on with S1 authorization process???
Everytime i disconnect from the internet (wireless) and try to open my S1 Artist it says it's not authorized in my computer!!!
It's not the first time it happens and it's not the first time i post this...i don't want to waste more licenses because of this!
I know Presonus team is great and they will send me more licenses, if I need to, but this is really a PITA.
So, Presonus guys, please fix this for the next release or build another kind of authorization code...

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Wonderful gesture from Pesonus!
Well, I've applied but I didn't notice that it was just for teachers ,so, Presonus team, please ignore my submission (i'm a PhD student and researcher).
Thanks and sorry for any inconvinience.
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