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CTStump wrote:Hopefully what ever you do will work out for you in the end, best of music making and producing in all your endeavors.

My thoughts exactly.
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Gizzmo0815 wrote:So I've been around here pretty much since day 1. A few changes might have altered some of the mood here.

1) Studio One is pretty popular now.

Presonus has more work to do to keep up, so the forum has had to shift slightly. It's a company forum first and foremost so the main effort by any of the Presonus folks will be to keep the forum on topic, I.E. mostly it's for Presonus stuff. Earlier on with no/few mods the forum was a much more organic place where topics ranged from Presonus stuff to politics. While a pleasant place to chat with friends, the intent of the forum is to provide an outlet and inlet to the public to Presonus, and for users to discuss Presonus stuff.'s not unreasonable to see a little more of a straightforward approach to what gets answered by the Presonus folks and the regulars. This doesn't mean they don't care or don't want us to have fun, just that they need it to serve the purpose they intended it for.

2) Studio One is not "new news" anymore.

Less hype, more steady info, which always comes at a slower pace. You'll see the forum flare up again when the next release comes about.

3) The regulars are still here, but their lives have changed a lot over the years!

Some got new jobs, some developed new sources of income that took more time. Some have personal things that take them away for long times. I'm here when able but I also have my day job which is currently demanding a lot of my time (I.E. just about all of it!). So I'm around much less than I used o be. As life ebbs and flows I come back for more activity during some times. It doesn't mean I like the place any less. This is true for a lot of the old regulars...but they're here...

Don't stress about it too much. Those who are cool here will be cool, and those who are not, usually don't hang around for very long. The forum still has it's old pizazz, just a little more mature these days.

Yep. That sounds about right to me.
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2.6 New features

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LMike wrote:I think Toth may have been misunderstood (I hope anyway). I read his post as saying..

"The update probably won't have anything that will excite me personally because it's not a major release and most of my personal FR's are probably more of the major release type."

Yeah that's what I thought he implied as well.
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I use Studio One for EDM and Dubstep currently. I would like to see some kind of session view feature in future. Studio One has worked out quite well though for the music I produce. I use Spectrasonics plugs mainly along with a not so short list of FX plugs.
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themuzic wrote:
Yeah, Presonus is a bunch of narrow minded, corporate pencil necks who never listen to their customers. Just look at all the poor unfortunate lemmings moving to Studio One like Dave Vignola and myself. We are 2 of the most unhappy people on the planet that own a DAW.

Well what can I say? You seemed so happy with Studio One. Anyway let's start with some basic exercises...

1. Think back to when you first discovered Studio One

2. Remember the workflow, features and support that PreSonus offer.

3. Play one of your favourite productions in Studio One

4. Come back to the forum after a weeks break

5. If you still need help with rediscovering your love for Studio One then send me a PM. No worries.

No need to thank me buddy.

Note: This is a joke people don't take it seriously!

themuzic was responding to Toth's comments. I simply left a few of his positive PreSonus comments out ...

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Seems to early for the big 3.0. Maybe later this year for that if past release dates are anything to go by. But something else? Time will tell. It may just be some forum house keeping.
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noushin5420 wrote:Hi Ine new to all this can anyone help. I cant get ezdrummer to work with presonus. I can drag the midi info ac cross and it appears but there is no sound on playback. Thanks

Is that the only VSTi in your song? Try another one and see if you can get any sound (in the same Song). Trying to narrow down the problem.

Another thing to check is something else might be accessing your sound card...another application. That might result in silence in Studio One.

Make sure the track is routed to EZ drummer and double check that the outputs for EZ drummer (if you need them) are activated / ticked in the Console.

There may be some other specific set up for EZ inside the VSTi best to double check the documentation / help file for EZ.
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themuzic wrote:Oh, not even close to back to normal. Try 2 octaves lower and not nearly as smooth. But, as I slowly go through rehab to try and regain something, I'm happy with the results so far.

Oh ok. Still great to see the progress you have made,

And more that, it's great to see you after all this time. Pretty much figured you moved on to another DAW or

I have always had a few DAWS (still do) but S1 is still the main one I use. Just been busy making music but will likely spend more time on the forum at some point. Not sure if I will ever have the time for "The Maximum" forum level of posting I got up to in the older forum though. I lurk almost everyday on this forum though. Been that way since it was set up.

Thanx for checking it out and I have another almost ready for release. Something a bit more up tempo and tighter.

Cool. Just go easy on your voice.
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Hey Johnny! Long time no speak. Great to hear your voice is back to normal.

Nice track!
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Check out the tips and tricks thread "Secrets" in my sig that should also help
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Single click to Manage VSTi Outputs

A very simple quick tip.

Are you using the right click menu to expand and collapse Instruments to enable / disable their outputs in the console? That's fine but...there is a quicker way. Some time ago I posted this tip for Inserts in the mixer (to show / hide them) but the following tip is for Instrument outputs in the Console.

If all you want to do is to show or hide the Outputs for any Instrument just single click the Instrument insert.

That will show or hide the available outputs for any VSTi. Of course a double click will open the UI for the Instrument.
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Finleyg wrote:Hello
I`ve downloaded the upgrade for studio 1 v2 last night , and now I can`t find my wave plugins nor the effects in the FX folder. Can anyone help me out, in the middle of a project and started using waves plugins already

windows 7 64 bit

If you are still having problems try re scanning your VST folder and possibly try using the plugs in another DAW and see if they are accessible there (to see if the issue is with the plugs not Studio One). There may have been something wrong with the installation of the plugins.
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xylyx wrote:Actually, Energy XT's communication has died since Behringer became involved...the guy behind it used to be very present on the forum at KvR but seems to be non-existent now.

Also, look at how slow the development is of XT: 8 months from 2.51 to 2.6 and more than a year from the previous version to 2.5. Admittedly, there are more people working on S1 but development of XT was much quicker when it was in it's v1 incarnation.

Yes. I think Jorgen is / was the XT dev. He was all over their forum back then.

And the final thing that would definitely not be a good thing to do for S1: XT version 1 had way more functionality than v2 does...the upgrade to v2 removed a lot of stuff, a bit like Steinberg did with SX1; unlike subsequent updates of Cubase, XT has never got a lot of those features back and it would appear it's user base has dwindled.

Also IIRC XT v.2 was in public beta for absolutely ages. It was a very buggy release.

Development wise, I think I prefer the way S1 is going rather than XT. I also think the communication levels haven't changed so much, just that the user base on the forums has grown so much, that the number of responses from devs appears thinner...
I am definitely far happier with PreSonus and their approach to product development and support.
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Presonus Live - Studio One 2.5's new features

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