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Studio One General Discussion » Closing days - Kick back here for a while. » Go to message
Hey! It is a bit like an old opera house in here, days before it gets demolished. Bit of a hollow sound when walking through the hallways looking for stuff you may need in 'the new place'...

Make sure you take one or two of the original seats
Digital Audio Recording » Inspire 1394 and active bass and guitar » Go to message
Active = with built-in powered instrument preamp = line level output: requires line input (or mic input thru DI)
Passive = straight from pick-up element to jack: requires an instrument preamp (like the inspire has)
Live Sound » Heavy Bass Players and Gain setting » Go to message
Depends on your gear but assuming a preamp followed by an A/D converter you never want to hit full scale. So set your input gain to where you never do. Trim it down!

Leaves you with low levels in-between the excursions. Other than educating the bass player you have two options:
- Digital compression + make-up gain: by boosting the quiet passages you will raise the noise floor. Matter of trying if the (analog and digital) noise stays at acceptable levels.
- Analog compression: use a preamp stage with analog compressor to restrict levels before they hit the A/D converter. Needs extra hardware but avoids noise issues due to too low input levels.
Studio One General Discussion » For the record. THANKS!!! » Go to message
Hmmm, did they say the year.....?
Studio One Tips and Tricks » Bell Bend » Go to message
Well, you're not alone. You're in the company of a large crowd who also don't know how to make a clean Bell Bend Sound, such as in the Classic Al Hudsen and One Way Hit - "Cutie Pie. Feel better?
Pre-Sales Questions » SL16.4.2 vs SL16.4.2AI » Go to message
Wireless control is possible with the first generation 16.4.2 too, but you'll have to connect it to a computer/laptop thru firewire to do it. The iPad app for remote control is basically the same as for the newer 16.4.2AI. But

where the 16.4.2 is still an awesome mixer, it is at the end of its development. Don't expect any new functionality (by free firmware upgrade) to be added.

The AI on the other hand is still a toddler expected to learn new tricks fast, the integrated computer is more capable than what its predecessor had under the hood, and it is family to a whole new product line of mixers and speakers expected to link thru utp cables or even wireless.

So with the 16.4.2 you get a road proven mixer which is what it is, with the 16.4.2AI you get the promise it will be that and more.

PS. PreSonus has a trade-in program for gen 1 mixers. So for the balance you can take your chances with the 16.4.2 (make sure it is 100% functional and looks presentable) and go the trade-in route if you feel you're missing out on something essential.
StudioLive General Discussion » What is my next step » Go to message
Something to try:
Start a new song in StudioOne, using the appropriate session template for your StudioLive mixer. This will automatically set up all the input/output routing for the mixer. Allows you to experiment, and is showing how you can configure your inputs and outputs.
16.4.2 » I must be too old and too ADD for this new fangled stuff. » Go to message
Hang in there Cajun. Looks like you have all the stuff for a great song right there
Studio One General Discussion » How do you guys do this? » Go to message
Not saying that what you want to do with your DAW is impossible, but with an 1818VSL available isn't it much easier to set up your monitor mixes there? It also avoids latency issues in the monitors, something you may encounter when you try doing it all with your DAW...
StudioLive General Discussion » Help please » Go to message
Windows sounds? That may be (part of) your problem. Windows sounds are known to reset the sample rate. You want to disable them.

Come to think of it, disabling windows sounds is part of the Windows optimizing routine. Here is where you can find the instructions.
Where y'at? » i am here » Go to message
From what I hear, soon we'll all be there...
24.4.2 » 1 FOR 1 FW Routing » Go to message
Or look at it this way:
- the mixer will always send every mic/line input to the computer. Reaper will have to route these inputs onto individual tracks.
- only with the channel firewire buttons engaged the mixer will use on those channels whatever your computer returns to the mixer.
- Reaper will have to route whatever you want to hear on your mixer channels to individual outputs.
- what remains are returns 25/26, the firewire buttons near the mixer's main fader. That's where Reaper has to return its main output to.

So most of the work needs to be done in the Reaper input/output matrix. Not my cup of tea
StudioLive Forum Community Support » 16.4.2 mixer lockup: reproducible? » Go to message
Yes, this is on a non-AI 16.4.2. I'm not aware of this problem existing on any of the other mixers. But since it's pretty easy to check for this problem, those with one of the other SL models are welcome to chime in too with their findings. If you do then please also state the firmware version number your mixer is on to narrow things down even more. Thanks!
StudioLive General Discussion » Advice for using with mics and patch bay lines in a recording studio setup » Go to message
On the SL mixers it is impossible to use the mic inputs when something is plugged into the line input. The XMax preamp is a two stage design where the first stage (only used for mic) needs to be decoupled from the second stage for that second stage to be used for line in. So yes, they might as well have used combo's if those would be as sturdy as two separate sockets.

Leaves only one option for permanently wiring up for mic and line: use the inserts. A bit of clever wiring including a shielded switch does the trick. In a studio you probably want the inserts available (half-normaled) on an easily accessible patch bay anyway. Two disadvantages:
- the inserts are unbalanced. Fine for short connections to e.g. a HQ preamp in the control room. Not great for long lines to the studio.
- the inserts have very limited protection against "unfortunate input levels". E.g. phantom power will probably zap the input. Be careful.

Using the mic inputs for line inputs too is possible, but you may accidentally end up with phantom power on your trs lines.
StudioLive Forum Community Support » 16.4.2 mixer lockup: reproducible? » Go to message
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