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Inspire, Firebox, FP10 (Firepod) » Firebox - Balance issues/Mono vs. Stereo » Go to message
Hi TheLuckiest,

Seems as if your recording/audio application has the FireBox set as a stereo input. Is there a way that you can set up the FireBox input as a mono track or channel within the application (e.g. like the first channel that you have setup)? Also the control panel/mixer for the FireBox is be included with the driver download from our website here:

Just click on the downloads tab and select the driver download for Windows. Hope this helps.

Kind regards!
Studio One Forum Community Support » License transfer help please .. » Go to message
Hi RxO,

Are you trying to register Studio One to a different computer by transferring the license? If you haven't already check out our knowledge base articles regarding registering and activating Studio One. If you still need more help send me a PM and I'll try to get you taken care of.

FireStudio Forum Community Support » One FireStudio Project and two computers? » Go to message
Hi Anthony82,

Unfortunately this is not possible. Because of the firewire limitations and a few other things you cannot connect any PreSonus interface to two different computers at the same time.
FireStudio Forum Community Support » FireStudio Mobile SYNC PROBLEMS!!! HELP! » Go to message
I've just bought the Firestudio mobile and a new firewire card...
with one 400 port and two 800 ports... 70 dollars for that.. worth it?.... dunno.. probably not..

Hi LittleTim,

The issue seems to be with your firewire card. Unfortunately it appears to be a combo card and these are not supported with PreSonus interfaces. You should check out this link for more information on approved devices.


Click the Tech Specs tab and search for the known compatible and incompatible hardware .pdf

All Other PreSonus Hardware » Faderport - Motorised Fader Not working & Query About Driver » Go to message
Hi dodofaderport,

Sorry for the delayed response. I'm not sure if you have or have not done this but you should connect the power adapter to the FaderPort. This will enable the motorized fader. If this doesn't work you should try using the FaderPort with another DAW (like Studio One ) and see if the fader works in that application. There is a demo version on the PreSonus website here:
FireStudio Forum Community Support » FireStudio mobile - can't open control panel » Go to message
Sounds like there is a conflict between the drivers and your system. You should contact tech support and inform them of this issue. Make sure you go through the knowledge base before you call so that way you can get the minor troubleshooting out of the way. It'd also be a good idea for you to reference this forum post when you call or create a ticket. If you have problems contacting TS let me know and I'll get you connected.
FireStudio Forum Community Support » FireStudio mobile - can't open control panel » Go to message
Hi Pan.Krutilkin

Sounds like you installed the drivers from the Universal Control disk instead of downloading the latest drivers from First you'll need to close all applications. Then you should disconnect the FS Mobile from the computer. Uninstall your drivers and reinstall from the website only. This should take care of the first two problems. As for problem number three you will need to open the Universal Control application (once you reinstall your drivers) and click the stereo link button between channels 11-12. There was an earlier forum discussion that has screen shots and more info if you don't know what I'm talking about. If you still have problems you may want give tech support a ring. If you have trouble contacting them shoot me a PM and I'll get you connected.

All the best.
All Other PreSonus Hardware » V-Fire driver for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard ? » Go to message
Hello all. Please note that the V-Fire is no longer supported and it will not work with any current operating system. Unfortunately there are no plans to update the drivers. Seems like there's still interest in the V-Fire even though its been discontinued. Sorry for the inconvenience.
StudioLive Forum Community Support » 24.4.2 Recall Question » Go to message
Hi Wally,

Normally when updates become available we post them immediately on our website with a notification in the news feed. This usually isn't the case with driver updates however I will pass along your suggestion. Thanks for your patience!
StudioLive Forum Community Support » Hard Case » Go to message
Hi skinfrakki,

Check out Grundorf cases. They make a case specifically for the SL 16.4.2. There website is:
StudioLive Forum Community Support » Cannot Route Core Audio Through 17/18 Montior And Tape » Go to message
Hi skinfrakki,

If on a Mac you'll need to open your computer's Audio/Midi setup (MacHD>Applications>Utilities). Once you're there select PreSonus FireStudio and click on configure speakers. Choose Stereo and select 17 and 18 as the left and right speakers. Click apply and/or done and you're computer's audio should now be controlled by the StudioLive's 2 track in. Hope this helps
StudioLive Forum Community Support » Emailing Support » Go to message
Oh and one more thing. A big shout out to guys like Monolithent and Talmen for being such a great help on the forums. You guys rock!
StudioLive Forum Community Support » Emailing Support » Go to message
Hello all. Please know that technical support is doing all that they can to assist each and every customer. The best way to connect with someone from tech support is to create a support ticket from our website here:

If you have trouble creating a ticket or do not hear from anyone within two days send me a PM and I will do my best to connect you with someone from TS. Please note that we experience high call volumes throughout the day. We apologize for the inconvenience however we encourage you to check out the knowledge base and forums first before calling or emailing tech support. In most cases your answer can be found there.

All the best
FireStudio Forum Community Support » What did you guys do to my Fitestudio? » Go to message
Hi Gentoo,

The blue light issue is a result of an adjustment with the firmware that causes the blue light to remain constant. What shouldn't happen is what you're experiencing with Universal Control. By the looks of things your computer doesn't seem to recognize the device. To fix this you should uninstall your drivers just as Monolithent suggested and reinstall the previous drivers. If you can't find them on our website contact tech support and they can hook you up. Finally when the unit is synced with the older drivers check your firmware, if its already up to date you should re-flash the firmware (ctrl+alt, check firmware) This should fix the problem. If not you should contact tech support and they can troubleshoot this further.

Thanks and best of luck!
StudioLive Forum Community Support » Presonus board shuts down during recording to Mac » Go to message
Hi JackRoach,

Do you experience this only in Capture or another DAW e.g. Studio One, Logic, Pro Tools? Is your Mac a PPC or is it an Intel Mac? Have you gone through the knowledge base and checked out the Mac optimizations?
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