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They already made some nice vids to explain the new features. Just check on Studio one web page:
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locomoPL wrote:Fantastic upgrade but first bug detected:

In compressor Auto Attack&Release makes noises and crackles
Update needed.

Are you sure about this mate? I've been testing it and I have no problems with this in every single channel. Everything working great and smooth making adjustements in Attack and Release while playback a song...
Studio One General Discussion » Steinberg Cubendo 7&6 are out, where is 2.5 or maybe v3 :D » Go to message

I like this new mixer. Looks pretty solid! Drag & Drop for everything was really nice MUST HAVE feature, imported directly from S1, wich still has the best interface ever made and its easy as fuck lol... Cubase still keeps some ugly interface wich me feel like Urghhh

The only Features that I would like to see in S1 are:

-A/B comparison and global bypass of all audio effects

-Bulletproof ASIO-Guard
The Steinberg Audio Engine has also been extended with the brand-new ASIO-Guard technology. Rely on our intelligent dropout-prevention algorithms and focus only on your sound — just like in the analog days. With this bulletproof technology our goal is to help Cubase users get the maximum performance out of their systems.

-Global collaboration with VST Connect SE
Steinberg VST Connect SE allows musicians to connect directly to Cubase 7 users, giving you the freedom to collaborate and produce together, even when you’re not in the same studio, town or country. Talkback and chat functions as well as video and audio stream in real time give you limitless possibilities. Collaborate with your musical partners when they are not using Cubase, thanks to the included standalone version, which is available as a free download.

Collaborate with your partners around the globe
Peer-to-peer solution with sample accurate sync
Video feed, talkback and chat functions

The rest in kind useless IMO!
Studio One Feature Requests » blocks, clips, session, matrix or some form of pattern based sequencing » Go to message
After reading these 16 pages, there's almost nothing to say. PreSonus has te greatest comunity ever. Users are awesome and are trying to make StudioOne best DAW in market. I really hope that PreSonus will take all advantage from that.

Market is changing fast: Bitwig, Logic X, Ableton 9... New DAW's and updates are coming to be a game changer...
Studio One Preset Exchange » My new free kick pack! *UPDATED FOR THE KICK PACK 3* » Go to message
Best! I already had the "Volume I" and now more these 100 kicks. \o/ You're AWESOME. Sounds gorgeous and I'm already making a track with one of those samples.

THANKS mate!
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Toth wrote:If I told you, I would have to kill you!

Studio One General Discussion » Vote For Studio One as the best DAW - if you like it! » Go to message
I keep voting everyday. We are almost beating Ableton and taking the second place. FL Studio is going to win as every DAW poll. TOO many milions of users. It's impossible to beat them and their community 'cause they are strong and keep supporting Image Line.

Let's do the same for PreSonus. Not bad to take a second place for a 3 years old DAW.
Made in Studio One » Trance music with S1 » Go to message
Fixed the players! Looks much cleaner now! Thanks for all feedback guys! S1 all the way!
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Made in Studio One » Trance music with S1 » Go to message
muziksculp wrote:Hi,

Any idea/guesses as to when the next major Studio One Pro V2 update is going to be released ? I would love to see them offer a new pattern-sequencing feature in the next big update.

Oh.. well, we will have to see what they offer next


I guess that we are going to see some step sequencer only in version 3 or 4. Not for now...
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Toth wrote:

Nice tunes!!

I don't think they sound dated, but I do think they are a bit long. I think you can make a song in about 3 or 4 minutes, plus a minute to mix in and mix out, so max 6 minutes. Get to the point, make your statement, and get out.

Thanks mate. Yeah, you're right. 8 minutes its way TOO long to show any ideia. Need to improve how I use the time of track to show my ideias. I'll work in this for next one.

Cheers, all the best.
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illumin wrote:Hey....nice stuff to listen to. They are very well composed and mixed! Here's some comments for each.

1st track: at parts in the breakdown where you bring up the distortion, even though that is the intention, it starts to sound much like digital distortion/ biggie....maybe a warmer distortion there instead.

Thanks mate! There is no clipping. Its a controlled distortion using Sylenth1 own distortion. But of course, maybe there is way too much, so it sounds like a little bit "overcompressed"/digital clipping. I'll consider it to my next track when using distortion.

illumin wrote:2nd track: your vocal ah's....they sound a bit thin, centered, and a little back. They should have the slight effect of a lead synth or even a lead pad, with maybe some chops and delays, swells and some panning for some motion.

Indeed. This kind of sound need to be wide using panning and need to create more movement using gates, chops, etc. Nice point!

illumin wrote:3rd track: you should change those drum fills to something more crisp and clear. They are way too soft!

Actually I guess it sounds soft because I'm using TOO much reverb by automating the DRY/WET knob. So to make it more crisp, I guess I can't go any further with DRY/WET reverb knob, by this way the sounds are going to get more defined. Hope so... Thanks for the advice!

illumin wrote:For all three, the sound is slightly dated....but not necessarily a bad thing since they are also rather mellow (remembers me of Shah), but since you have some techy percussion and swing going on (Nic Chagall, Sander van Doorn, and a bit of Tritonal), I feel a little more current sounds and effects would be nice....only my opinions though. Also, they are a bit lengthy. You have great structure, but as the track goes on, it seems more you want to just throw in one more thing, and follow the exact reverse structure of the intro as your outro. Again, just my opinions. Otherwise, again, very nice sounding tracks!

Thanks for all your advices mate. I'll consider all them in my next tracks. There is no other way to improve without asking for producers/people opinions. I need to recheck all the structure of my productions, 'cause they are sounding pretty standard (" boring").

Do you produce Trance too? Do you have some soundcloud account? I would like to check your work...

All the best. Cheers.
Studio One Feature Requests » S1 Automation is too tricky. Please consider this...Like Energy XT2 » Go to message
Made in Studio One » Trance music with S1 » Go to message
muziksculp wrote:
luiz.toniolo wrote:
muziksculp wrote:G eat Trance music (Bravo) !

Big sound, and great mix, Studio One has lots of headroom for Trance music, and other electronic music genres. I just wish they had a pattern-editing mode in version 2, but I guess we have to wait for this type of feature to be implemented.

Thanks for sharing,

I'm waiting for this feature since version 1 ehehehhe. IMO, its the most important feature that is missing in S1 to do Eletronic Music.

Let's hope Presonus does not sleep on this feature, I feel not having such a feature is the biggest weakness of S1-Pro v2.

I've been asking and supporting all feature requests related to some step sequencer based stuff... Hope they will look deep into this...
Studio One General Discussion » think its time to implement an arpeggiater?? » Go to message
jonathan wrote:We're working on several things related to this discussion. That's about all I can say right now.

Best thing I could read on friday! Hope we will get it asap.
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