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Do this is different from Duplicate Track. currently in S1 which duplicates the track with the instrument pre leaded (without the event)?
Studio One Tips and Tricks » How do i chop my samples into equal pieces? » Go to message
There is a "Split on Grid" function in Studio One.

Set the quantise to 1/16th notes.
Make sure the beat fits a single bar.
Then simply do the "Slice on Grid and it will chop them for you.

Or fit to 2 bars and set the Quantise to 1/8th.. (2 x 8 = 16 = same effect)

My example below is a 4 bar loop.
So I set the quantise to 1/4 notes giving me 16 x 1/4 over 4 bars

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Click the download button on the bottom right of the screen shot.. It will download for you.
They give you a guide you can adjust the process to your needs but that is the basic process to follow.
It is a basic Cue Mix process in Studio One. There are a few oher things you can ad etc to it but that will get you in the right direction anyway (as you said)

OK you need to get the Audio Devices visible first.

BTW Studio One only allows a single device to be used. (I mention that because you talk about 2 Blackbirds)

You can Aggregate the devices so that 2 devise are seen as a single one. On a MAC it is very easy and works just fine.. On Windows not so well.. You need to use something like ASIO4ALL to do it and latency has been reported.

I am a Mac person (and don't have blackbirds to even look at and check the process) so cant really help with the screenshots etc of that. The Blackbirds are Firewire devices right.. So maybe you can daisy chain them and use their own driver to make them look like a single device. Guess you need to check out the manual.

But once you get the ADATs visible in Studio One you have a process that you can try.

good luck and keep us informed.
16.0.2 » Frequency Levels Display All 31 Bands In Realtime » Go to message
Not possible on the mixer..
Not enough meters on the device..
Read section 5.3.1 in the 16.0.2 PDF manual to see how to show (page through) the bands in groups.

Studio One General Discussion » I stumbled across: Eventide UltraChannel FREE download . . . for now » Go to message
Great plugin..
You need too install the ILok Manager App to manage the activation/authentication..
But you DONT need the iLOK hardware..

They seem to be just using the iLOK system as the authentication manager..
You get a license for 2 computers.

(BTW if you have the iLOK hardware you also add the authentication say for one license to the lLOK hardware and one to say a computer) - effectively giving a "portable" license)

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Then on the Mixer Fader area and Outputs you will see the outputs and can manage these.
add any FX etc etc.. And manage output levels..

You can also ensure that the volume of each fader to the output (in the send sea) is managed lowering those you don't want to go to the output etc..

So Cowbell goes to the cowbell channel faster and then to the :"cowbell" output (via the send) previously defined.
Ditto sane, Kick or whatever.

If you want you can have both kick and snare and cowbell going to an ADAT to the P16 but lower the level of say the snare and cowbell but raise the level of the kick so that the kick is heard above the others..

Great for say Vocals giving say four example high vocal, say high keys, lower guitar and firm drums.. etch to create a vocal cue mix.. Or wy whatever the vocalist wants.. etc...

Studio One General Discussion » Person monitor setup » Go to message
Setup the Audio Output on the Audio Device so that there are Cue Mix's for each ADAT output you need for the P16.
You can rename them like I have to whatever..

Studio One General Discussion » Person monitor setup » Go to message
What Audio Device do you have attached?
Have you set up Cue Mix Outputs in the Studio One Song Audio Settings?
StudioLive Forum Community Support » Studio One continously sends Note-On C-2 messages to my Faderport » Go to message
All cool.. Enjoy it.

Back to making music....
Where y'at? » hello to everyone » Go to message
Yes welcome aboard Steve..
Hope you enjoy the forums.. And ask away..
There are plenty of knowledgeable folks here to help..
StudioLive General Discussion » How to connect Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2 to Creative X-Fi Platinum card? » Go to message
Are you saying the main fader (right hand end fader) doesn't control the volume of the main outs?
StudioLive Forum Community Support » Studio One continously sends Note-On C-2 messages to my Faderport » Go to message
I had a similar question when I got my Faderport working with Studio One.
I raised a query with Presonus Tech Support then became it also "concerned me"!

The answer I got from them was that the constant note on function is there to verify connection of the Faderport at all times.
This Note on "C-2" message is not linked to any necessary buttons.
Tech Support confirmed this with all 3 versions of the Faderport they had connected (from the earliest to the latest model modifications), and all 3 do this Note On, C-2 message.
So ......

What you are experiencing is normal. There is nothing to be concerned or panic about.
Studio One Forum Community Support » shift + cmd (ctrl) + mouse wheel too sensitive » Go to message
As far as I am aware there is no way within Studio One to tune that.. So the only way is to use the OS's Mouse controls.
Digital Audio Recording » Free Eventide UltraChannel Plugin!! » Go to message
You ONLY need an iLok account & the management software.. You don't need an actual iLok hardware dongle.
It is just for the authentication/registration process..
They obviously use that rather than setting up their own..

Studio One General Discussion » interface question » Go to message
Use the search option above for Digidesign 002 there has been previous discussions on this and what you can and can't do with the device.
Best to read these ..

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