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Ok, I understand. Here is what you could do as a workaround: Go to the plugin directory. I don't know, if you are on Mac or Windows. But find the Melodyne plugin and move it out of the plugin folder. Then start S1 and see, if you can load the song. This would effectively be the same as not loading the plugins at all. You can then remove the plugin from the song.
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Of course that it is possible to load a 1.6 song in 2.0.. Maybe I did not fully understand your problem. If you have a song made in 1.6, that does not load in 2.0, we would like to look at it.
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sonickg wrote:Maybe I didn't explain clearly, I want to choose to not load a plugin at song startup cause it keeps stopping the song from loading its melodyne that was put on a track before I loaded it into v2 with the new melodyne integration? I can't go back and load it in s1.5 because once you load a song in v2 you can't go back

Loading a 2.0 song in 1.6 is not possible, because the file format has changed. The plugins have nothing to do with it. Hope this helps.
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MR4Y wrote:sue with not loading plugins. If you choose to not load a plugin simply because it's not there, S1 will delete the instrument track and MIDI data all along.

If a plugin is not found in the system, the state for the missing plugin is kept anyway. If you later install the plugin and load the song, the plugin settings are back. S1 never removes any song data and certainly not the instrument track, because a plugin is missing.
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Patrick81 wrote:I dont think its a bug. they are not stupid.they are clever and good cause look at all the other features. just curious of why they let this go like this when its canceling the point of this function. weird.

We are aware that this feature is incomplete. It is very high on the list to get that right. We are collecting feedback right now, to understand how go get it right.
Studio One General Discussion » Is this possible in Studio One 2: Drawing curves in the tempotrack and the automation lanes » Go to message
I filed a bug report in our system. I can not get curve tool to work in the tempotrack either.

I agree in general, that real curves would be good to have. It is on our list, but it did not make into 2.0. Sounds like we should bump up the priority of that request.
Studio One General Discussion » No Activation license for my 'offline' DAW for V2 Demo HELP PLEASE! » Go to message
You need to create an activation for your computer. When you start up S1, a dialog will come up to help you activate it on your machine. Follow the offline activation instructions. A computer code will come up. Write this code down, log into your Presonus account on your internet machine, goto My Software and find the Activate link for S1. Click on that and enter the computer code. This will then create a license for your machine. Download it and drag the file on the activation dialog on your studio machine,.
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Thanks for posting, we picked it up and will analyse it.

There are some plugins, that do not like the way, we handle multiple songs. One example is Virus TI, which can only be opened ones.

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bigcohoona wrote:Another crash here.

Could you zip all the crash dumps for Studio One and attach them here ? On my Mac they are stored in /Users/wolfgang/Library/Logs/CrashReporter

I use Omnisphere and Kontakt alot as well and don't have these crashes.
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Being the Mac developer in the team, I am very sorry to hear your problems could not be resolved. I would like to look at the crash dumps again. It may have been run by me, but I don't remember right now. Could you attach them to this thread please ? I am willing to do a remote debugging session on your machine. Unfortunately, I am on a short vacation beginning Wednesday, but I am back next week.
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No problem, that is possible.
Studio One General Discussion » Help! Cannot save my Song anymore! » Go to message
Ok, I tried it here but it does not happen on my setup. Is this only happening with this specific song ? Could you try to save to a different folder or drive and see, if it still happens ?

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That's right, and this is the reason why you got 5 activations.
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Are you talking about a delay with MIDI thru ? Or are you looking at audio ? Zero latency monitoring only works with the Firestudio series right now and from what I see, you don't have that, correct ?
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Rangersam wrote:Johnny, can you try this with your external drum module to see if the 30ms delay disappears? I am interested to know if this is a simple problem, or an isolated issue with only some pieces of gear. Thanks mate.

When this delay happens, is that affecting how recorded events are placed or is that just a delay when playing thru the program ?
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