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Digital Audio Recording » Looking for a new Midi Keyborad to use with S1-2 PRO » Go to message
It should, but you need to check the manufacturers pages for more info. It would probably be a better place to start. I did a quick search and couldn't find a list, but I'm sure system requirements will be listed somewhere in the documentation or FAQs section.
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Weird... I have a firestudio mobie. The other night while doing a mix down of a pretty process intensive song, my meters suddenly spiked and I got alot of feedback and noise. The peak meter read something like 3645. Trying to turn off all fx and reset the meter lead to several lower peaks (interestingly 666 over and over). I restarted my pc. Reopened the song and have had no problems since. I have never experience this issue before in 3 years of owning this hardware and haven't seen the issue since.
Digital Audio Recording » Looking for a new Midi Keyborad to use with S1-2 PRO » Go to message
I've had an Evolution MK361 for years and it has served me well. I'd recommend looking at their offerings. A quick search on amazon turned up and E61 - 61 key for like $170. Anyway, hope this is helpful. Good luck with the search.
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Are you missing old custom templates or are you not seeing any templates at all?
16.4.2 » I must be too old and too ADD for this new fangled stuff. » Go to message
rgaucoin - I completely feel your pain. In fact, my 13 years of ITexperience are largely due to me becoming tired of relying on others for help with this technology. Even being in the IT field I've struggled with new hardware and software combinations over the years. What I have learned in that time is, no matter the problem, someone else has more than likely already had the same issue and if you can find the patience you will either be able to google the answer to your question or ask in communities like this for help in finding a solution.
Like the others said, Hang in there, it gets easier, just look and ask for help when neccisary.
Digital Audio Recording » Bought Studio one pro 2 and now cannot play capture or studio one sessions back through 16:4:2 » Go to message
I don't use capture and I don't own one of these boards, but I found this on youtube and thought "what the hey, no one else has any ideas". If your positive your basic setup is right, this probably won't apply, but then again a quick review might be helpful.
Presonus SL 16.4.2 & Studio One Basic Setup:
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Assuming you're using Studio One... Sounds like your inputs and outputs are not setup in S1
Check out this video if this is the case and follow along. There are more product setups like this on youtube if you need a complete overview.
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A very high level overview of version differences between v1 and v2 are listed under the FAQ entitled -
"Q. I’m still using Studio One version 1. What major new features were introduced in version 2.0?" at
The upgrade is available here -
Studio One Forum Community Support » Producer to Professional Upgrade: Guitar Center gave no product key. HELP » Go to message
You've probably already checked this out or already tried this, but there's a video and instructions on the entire process here that you may want to review prior to contacting support.
Good luck, hope you get this resovled soon.
Listen to this! » Mind Your Freedom » Go to message
Thanks for your input. I'll take a look at the drums during mixdown for the full release.
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Try watching this or one of the other videos listed in the suggested video list. Youtube is a great how to resource.
It may take a bit of investigation and tinkering on your part to get it to work with your specific setup.
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I like the track alot. Nice fades. Only thing I'd do differently is the solo section. I'd probably go with some sort of effect heavy sound and bring it back a bit in the mix. I really like the composition. Nice job.
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I prefer the first mix, the second sounds overly compressed to me, but that's just my opinion.
Listen to this! » Black Mountain Rag - Scott Szeryk - Finger Style guitar - Chet Atkins Style » Go to message
Awesome playing and nice sound. I so want a Fractal.
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This is another track from my current project created in studio one 2. Thoughts on the mix? Thanks for your input.
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