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Yeesh! the speakers have only been shipping for 3 months and you're already talking about us discontinuing them

The speakers were designed in the US (Baton Rouge and up in Mass at Fulcrum). The amps are designed in Denmark. All PreSonus manufacturing in done in China with our close supervision.

The 16.4.2 was out for almost 6 years, not 3 , the 24.4.2 almost made it to its 4th birthday, but because it was built on a DSP design that was a few years older it had a slightly shorter manufacturing life. The previous posters are right. Technology advances, but the products themselves outlast their manufacturing life. I'm using a MacBook Pro that's 5 years old. Apple doesn't make it anymore, but it's still awesome

Anyway, I think people who have been using our products for a while can tell you that we support them well after they've been discontinued.

If you have any other question about the 18sAI, let me know!
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The Temblor T10 hasn't shipped to retailers. That will start next week so it shouldn't be too much longer. Hope you like it!
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The Fat Channel settings, solos, mutes, bus assignments, etc are all automatically recalled. All you have to do is load your mix scene.

There's a cool new feature on the AI mixers called "soft takeover". This means that as soon as you move a fader to its stored setting it becomes live. This let's you just physically recall the faders you need immediately if you have to.
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That's great, Talmen! Thanks for the positive feedback. System tuning is a bit alien for most FOH engineers, so having people post about their before/after experiences is a big help in getting the word out!
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Actually s800 will also support the number of channels necessary to use two 32.4.2AI linked. However, linking will not be supported when the product initially ships.
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Only if your delay towers have moved

Even if you're setting up in a room you've played before, it's always a best practice to reshoot your delays because there's no way to be certain that you're not a foot or two off..
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mLan was a technology that we licensed from Yamaha. When we discontinued the FireStation, Yamaha took over driver support. They continued supporting mLan for a number of years, but I believe they have stopped as well. The FireStation was discontinued over 10 years ago. Even if we were allowed to post that VERY old mLan driver (we're not), it wouldn't work on any current OS.

So that's the bad news. The good news is that it makes An Amazing!! A/D. One of the guys here at PreSonus "neuters" FireStations for us employees. (so good for drums!) Preamps are awesome, converters are great. Pick yourself up an AB1818VSL and you'll have one serious set of 16 inputs.
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Delays are not saved as part of a scene, but they are retained on power cycle. Be sure you see the Store button flash before you cut the power, that's your indication that board's auto-store function has saved all the current settings to memory and it'll be in the same state when you power it back on. They're a global function, so in an install situation, they're "set it once and forget it"

This is true for the bus EQs as well. Although, Monolithent is right, you should go ahead and save those as presets in case some one decides to tweak them during a show
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The new StudioLive AI speakers should be available in Australia in June. That depends on the order cue though, which I don't have access to, but I imagine it's up on the list. They'll be heading your way for sure though
StudioLive General Discussion » 32.4.2 - Mute on Aux sends? » Go to message
Umm, or you could, if you wanted, not saying you have to..... press the cool new All On button that turns on every single Mute button on the board (channels and buses) when the band finishes their set and starts ripping out their cables without some much as a by your leave. And then press the same button again to return the board to its previous state when the next band is ready for line check
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Well, in our little mixer's defense, you get 4 dedicated FX Buses. You don't sacrifice an Aux Mix or a Subgroup to add two buses of reverb and two of delay. I'm not going to name names, but there are other mixers that may have 8 FX Slots but you've got to eat up some of those flexible 16 mix buses to add them....just sayin'
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We've implemented 3 Solo Modes in the StudioLive 32.4.2AI

Latch - Solo's latch, Monitor bus sums (just like 1642 and 2442 behave now)
Radio- Solo's are exclusive, Monitor bus sums
CR - Solo's latch, Monitor bus is exclusive. If a solo is engaged, the solo bus is patched to the monitor bus, if a solo is not engaged, you can only patch one thing at a time to the monitor bus.
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The input to output latency on the StudioLive is about 1.8ms. You're not going to notice any latency from any post converter output on the mixer.
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Regarding security on WiFi networks: Both the 32.4.2AI and AI speakers require connection to a WiFi Router. So, when you set up your WiFi Router, just set a password (both the mixer and the speakers are designed to connect to a secure network). That should put the kibosh on any yahoo with an iPad that wants to get cute

The speakers are spec'd to be stored in temperatures from -5 to 70 degrees Celsius and in humidity from 20-95% non-condensing. So, I wouldn't store them in a completely uninsulated outdoor shed during the winter if you live in Colorado or in your attic in the summer if you live over by us here in Louisiana, but for most realistic storage conditions, you're going to be ok.
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With the addition of the Aux mutes, the channel mutes no longer effect the channel sends to the analog aux buses. Muting channels before the Aux Sends was a work around for those engineers that required Aux Mutes in the current line up. We received so many feature requests for Real Aux Mutes and allowing the Channel mutes to be post-send we decided to change that in the 32.42.AI (along with adding Solo Modes, a Channel Info Page, direct control over wireless, etc....all that came from y'all )
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