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Studio One General Discussion » How do I make my Studio One mix be equal volume as a commercial release? (Song from a cd) » Go to message
Producer version of S1 really lacks some sort of Maximizer plugin (I dont know how well the multiband compressor works in that manner as it's for some strange reason in Professional edition only).
I've been trying to match the overall loudness level from my tracks done in Renoise - just make sure your mix is well balanced, especially the sub bass needs to be reasonably levelled. Then I put Compressor on master with some rather average settings, right after that Tricomp with highs boosted a little (it's better to use two compressors with lighter settings, than one with cranked up dials, sounds better). Then just a Limiter at 0db, 60ms release, to avoid clipping.

example - my latest track done in S1 v2:
it's not the sound I aim for yet, but it's close.

i'm going to buy a nice and cheap exciter plugin from to liven the final mixes a bit.

basically - you can have loud mixes in every serious daw, just learn your plugins
Studio One Feature Requests » Better Audio Wave Display (very important suggestion to make studio one a lot more professional) » Go to message
there should be some option to normalize the waveform display in clips in arrangement just for the sake of usability - most of the quieter samples look like almost empty clips now
Studio One Feature Requests » Remove Unused Channels » Go to message
parky wrote: clean up function would be good (remove unused tracks, and remove unused audio/loops etc) or is this macro territory?
you can remove unused audio clips in the sample pool
Studio One Feature Requests » an option to get studio one to listen to windows master volume. » Go to message
what Windows mixer volume has to do to Studio One? Assuming you're using ASIO driver for your interface, Windows mixer has nothing to do with it as they are independant of each other (ASIO to DirectSound/MME)
Studio One General Discussion » The new GUI look makes me want to claw my eyes out. » Go to message
I just wish the arrangement blocks would not be SO UNBELIEVABLY UGLY, and that the audio data representation in them would actually be a bit useful. Just look at Logic - it's not rocket science. Or perhaps some inspiration could be taken from DJ software like Traktor as to how to show waveforms in arrangement blocks.

Come on Presonus - this is something we look at constantly, it needs to be easier on the eyes
Studio One General Discussion » is it worth getting S1v2 producer or should i just go straight to PRO » Go to message
Honestly as a 2.0 Producer owner who tried the demo version of Professional - I wouldn't go pro unless any specific function of it is a truly must-have for you. The impulse based reverb is a CPU hog and not really that impressive, the multitap delay seems interesting but can be easily replaced by external plugin (even free). One thing i miss from pro is the multiband compressor which I think I could make use of.

The whole mastering function though I don't really think is that useful for majority of today's musicians - I mean - how many of you will really need a tool to prepare cd image when most music is being sold on iTunes Beatport etc? And if you really need to master some tracks - its not like you cannot put a wave file into regular project and just process it with some plugins.

Oh and the melodyne bundled with Pro is the simplest variant.
Said all that I still think Studio One Pro is a very affordable package, but the Producer version seems to me to be enough for majority of producers
Studio One General Discussion » Question on recent update for Studio one pro V 2 » Go to message
I could with earlier versions and still can with current, newest version do exactly what you want to do - mayb something changed in your audio configuration? Some interfaces can't play asio and directsound sources simultaneously, also wasapi tends to lock the interface...
Studio One General Discussion » OT - Kontakt 5 » Go to message
Or you can always check kvraudio marketplace for some nice second hand deal
Studio One General Discussion » Just downloaded Studio One Professional (Crossgrade) » Go to message
you definitely should always update to the latest version
Studio One General Discussion » Just downloaded Studio One Professional (Crossgrade) » Go to message
also the About screen might show some useful info
Studio One General Discussion » Just downloaded Studio One Professional (Crossgrade) » Go to message
if you have the project page with mastering tools, then it did took place
Studio One General Discussion » Just downloaded Studio One Professional (Crossgrade) » Go to message
and this is important because?..
Studio One Preset Exchange » How do I install presets into Studio 1 -v2 ? » Go to message
wel it would help if you would describe everything correctly from the beginning. basically - there is a folder where S1 stores all your settings etc and this is where they probably need to be put but i'm not at my studio machine atm so I cant tell you exactly where it is now
Studio One General Discussion » Novation releases Automap 4.3 with Studio one support ;) finally » Go to message
I cant say I'm happy with the update. For the plugins to work you need to wrap them, which is bad because one day you might end with different controller, and that may cause problems cause wrapped plugins have different dlls and show up named differently, so without installed Automap and without wrapping plugins your projects will point to no longer existent plugins. also - on Nocturn 25 - knobs and buttons wont work with unwrapped plugins with Automap on, and with mixer support through HUI loop button doesnt work (HUI limitation according to Novation support). basically - I could set up the whole thing exactly the same pre-4.3 using HUI which was there all the time, and it was just as inconvenient as it is now.
Studio One Preset Exchange » How do I install presets into Studio 1 -v2 ? » Go to message
dunno if i understand correctly, but preset for Amplitude? just use Amplitude's preset import dialogue, it should be there somewhere on Apli's interface
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