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what do you mean by track stems??full tracks,or remix stems??
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yes please
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bezier automation curves

automation clips

when you duplicate a track with events,that has automations on it,a option to have the automations duplicated too

more GUI colour options

better multichannel analysis in spectrum meter

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automation in the mastering page would indeed be very very nice
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full undo support
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a search file in the browser

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REALLY hope it will be possible to do a copy of 1 channel INCLUDING the automation in the next version,of course its not hard to do the copy slect regien/area/paste

but atleast a option to be able to copy/paste the automation would indeed be handy
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sorry if i highjack but i am also having some weirdness going on

i also have the 1602 and have my master set to channel 15/16 on the board,sometime i get crackling/distortion(not the good kind)and noise,i then have to change the master output in S1 to channel 1 on the board and back to channel 15/16 then it goes away
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actually got a few

bezier automation curves

proper multi channel analysis in spectrum analyzer

automation in mastering page
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i know you can sidechain into the S1 spectrum analyzer but i would love to see proper multi channel analysis in the spectrum analyzer
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please yes
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awesome tip thanks
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yes ive noticed that too
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ahh ok will try that thanks
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