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Studio One General Discussion » Why do you have multiple DAWs? » Go to message
Cause they all sux one way or the other we all wish there was a perfect DAW , One day it will be i guess

i currrently use all for teaching

Reason 7
Cubase 7
reaper 4
studio One 2.6
Logic x
Fl studio (pc)
Live 9 suite
Maschine 1.7
protools 10
Studio One General Discussion » Studio One 2.6 now available! » Go to message
Still no MIDI FXs, Wow....
Studio One Feature Requests » Please add an arpeggiator » Go to message
I been asking for midi plugins from day 1 (check my posts) what is it that hard to code midi plugins? screw 3rd party shame cause even $40 reaper has them

Hope my prayers are answered in 2.6 its over do already PLEASE developers hope you listening
Studio One Feature Requests » Your Top 3 Wishes For V3 » Go to message
1.Better/Tighter Midi including Midi plugins built right in every Midi channel ex. Cubase & Ableton live

2.a quicker way to Parallel compression like the new feature in Reason 7

3. A plugin that slices audio and you can play the part on midi keyboard think Slicex Fl studio
Studio One General Discussion » Does Studio One Have A Set Update Timetable? When's The Next Major Update? » Go to message
What ever the case only thing missing from S1Pro now is MIDI effects, or just more midi tweaking options.......
Studio One General Discussion » Great Chord Feature in Cubase7/Nuendo 6 » Go to message
I been saying this from day 1, I hope 3.0 will have a similar feature
Studio One General Discussion » new (almost ex-Cubase) user » Go to message
cristofe wrote:I haven't fully made the switch yet but I'm close. Again like most of you the main niggle is MIDI handling.
Are you listening Presonus?
noooooo doubt!!!!... midi plugins anyone? even reaper got a arp, chordizer etc etc
Studio One General Discussion » Midi note/s lag » Go to message
Ok when I am trying to record some midi note/s in a loop , the first notes in a loop are never recorded i have to always draw in the first note/s,

when you got nice ideas ready to lay down it is such a vibe buster when you have to draw in the first note/s in the loop every time I record

some midi, will this bug ever get addressed? I thought it would in 2.5 Ive have studio one since day one
Studio One General Discussion » Midi never records first note/notes » Go to message
When I try to record a riff, bassline, piano chords what have you and I have a 2bar loop looping, midi never records the first note/notes it drives me nuts i have to stop and use the mouse to fill in the note/notes i need, or cut the 2nd bar and copy and paste to the beginning of the loop did i miss something since v1

since this program came out it never got fixed... will it ever?
Studio One General Discussion » Studio One V2 update out in August (Press release inside) » Go to message
Nimbit Freaking brilliant Im in its no Itunes or big boy stuff but its a start submitted your track is a breeze

only problem for me is I am going to have problems with my other digital download sites I sell my music on

conflict of interest bull crap however S1P2 is the future cant wait for MIDI PLUGINS to be intergrated
Studio One General Discussion » House/Trance producers thoughts on StudioOne » Go to message
For kids with no knowledge of music theory etc etc making EDM music on S1pro2 is still cumbersome, unless you are a straight up musician.. which most EDM producers nowadays are not

Logic, Fl Studio, Ableton live, Reaper, and even good old Cubase have Midi plugins that help with your melody building they all have Arps, Chorders, Midi gates etc etc.

Why studio one dont have these essential plugins boggles my mind

However S1 is the future it has everything thing u need to make EDM music, unfortunately for me I still got to use FL, Live, Reaper, Cubase for melody/song building.

Every time I bring this topic up I get shunned about it. Let me be clear I am a Dj producer 1st, Musician 2nd these plugins will help me tremendously and then I can finally dish those other daws. My prediction 2.1 will have it we will see
Studio One General Discussion » FREE Arturia synth - Minimoog Original - TODAY ONLY » Go to message
Hey guys its legit got my own yesterday 6pm est the whole planet is downloading it so its going to be problems just keep trying
Studio One General Discussion » buy and sell » Go to message
Im selling my Licenses of

Ableton Live 8.3
Reason 6
Cubase 6.5
Fl Studio 10
Logic 9

I am selling because I am using Studio one more and more these days and find its going to be the standard DAW of the future!

Studio One General Discussion » Studio One 2.0.6 Now Available » Go to message
Thanks presonus you guys on point i love s1p2 but still cant use it fully, We are all not musicians some of us are Djs, havent u heard Djs are the new rock stars we

need help in chords, scales, arps etc etc, i mean basically MIDI PLUGINS i bought s1 from day one and it still baffles me why midi plugins are not implemented.

(i guess u dont) but do u realize alot of my dj friends will make the switch from (u know from that other pop DAW) if it just had this simple addition please include it

in 2.1 trust me your sales will triple fold

Studio One General Discussion » Is this true? » Go to message
The Avengers has smashed US box office records, bringing in $200.3 million in its opening weekend and surpassing the previous record held by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.
Directed by Joss Whedon, the comic book adaptation was scored in Studio One by Grammy-winning composer Alan Silvestri and mixed by Denis Sands, with Abbey Road Studios’ Lewis Jones as Recordist and additional recording from our Director of Engineers, Peter Cobbin.

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