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How do you know? What proof do you have?

The sales reps are given a preview of products and tentative roll-out schedules, as well as a plan for marketing and advertising in the various markets. PreSonus has to have copy to advertisers, samples to reviewers, etc by the time roll-out is near. This is a highly orchestrated thing. So, what benefit would a rep firm, or better yet someone from PreSonus lying (I have the email stating that the release will come out THIS year), be to sales if the company was not going to deliver? It would hurt them.

Maybe you are not on the sales side or understand how the software is sold to the dealer. It really does not matter, because the discs in the stores are not tied to specific keys. The software on the shelf in the store can be updated online. The stores are not charged for the discs sitting there. So, it does not benefit a dealer to say anything about new releases.

Heck, I will wager that the majority of the dealer's employees have not spent serious time with StudioOne until recently when PreSonus offered software to the employees, so that they could be familiar with it. Avid didn't go that far. Unless you are a MAJOR mover of product, you will never see an Avid rep. Most companies give one copy/license to a store with no frills, and the reps don't know much about it at all. PreSonus is making an effort to educate and motivate, which is going to build a community of users.

Like I said, if I am wrong, I am wrong. If I am not, I won't boast....much.
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I am a general abuser of etiquette. I fart at will too, Well, not just at Will, everybody.
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All I know is that I was told by a little bird (a dealer sales rep) that it should be out later THIS year. Of course, things happen. So, if it happens this year, I get an "atta boy", right?
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muziksculp wrote:Another Year ?

If that's the case, I will wait till 2012.

(Hopefully, it's not the end of the world).

You will NOT have to wait until 2012.
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sbushman18 wrote:Lowd - there is no way the psu in this board is so grossly under-designed that flicking on a few LED's is going to tip it over its' amperage capabilities. If this is repeatable at home, on a relatively clean circuit, without a band even playing as is the case in the above video there is something more happening than dirty power. Hell, even cheap switching power supplies van make usable DC from cicuits with wide voltage swings. It's why we like them.

I've said it before...blah blah blah dirty power this and that. fine. dirty power is bad, but 18 years and about 3,000 gigs later (and a lot of them were on terrible power circuits) this is a new issue Presonus owners are dealing with on THIS board.

I can assure you, it's not dirty power at fault here. I'd be willing to bet on that.

Well, let us know what happens then. We sell quite a few of these and have not had any issues with them at all. I must say, in my 25 years at this, I can solve most problems in people's systems by first addressing the basics (power, cabling, etc), so it is natural to spit that basic stuff out first. Remember, the only exposure that people in this market get is often the zit faced kid at GC who has never done a real show in his life. Let us know, will ya?
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RicB wrote:I had this problem with my first desk, I considered dodgy power at the time so went out and bought a UPS, it did it again though.

UPS's do not fix power most of the time. They provide a battery back up when there is a power loss.

SOME UPS's do some filtering, but most generally you need two discrete devices. You need a UPS so that your console and computer can stay operational when the rest of the system goes out, and you need a conditioner/regulator with spike protection that does not contaminate your ground.
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I think there is still some confusion about how digital works, specifically the differences between session sample rates and mix engine resolution. Some people also confuse the bit depth of an application assuming that it correlates directly to the quality of the audio. This is not so.

Far be it from me to say that unless you are the best and have the best that you will not make good music. I would say that some of the best music was not perfectly recorded. The energy and the songs made it. It is most often that recordings are perfect, but the songs suck. My point is that people compare their project made in a home studio to what is released on a major label, made in a state of the art room. Those studios have acoustics, gear, and a support staff with years of experience that newbies do not have. Those two will seldom sound close to one another. I said seldom. Some doesn't matter where you plug in a drum machine or computer.

Some people think gear in and of itself will yield some kind of success. That is marketing hype. There is nothing short of knowledge, experience and good ears that will take a person there. This all comes with time.
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I would bet that it is the distortion in the power and drastic swings causing your issues.

This goes back to sound 101.

First of all, most of the power distribution rack mount stuff sold at the music store is junk and does not work reliably. If you want to really condition the power, removing the harmonic distortion, and regulate the voltage to minimize swing, you really need to be using the same devices used in the computer industry and by the marine industry. Furman and the like is not even a player. Their stuff is not much better than a cheap power strip from Walmart in a couple of cases. Most of the stuff you guys have access to at Guitar Center, etc does not break the wave down into bands like we compress music in mastering. A few devices do. Those are what you want. You don't want any device that power limits. This will limit your power amps ability to produce power and will yield a compressed, if not veiled, sound. Pure Sine Wave devices sound best.

A 15A circuit, or a 20A in many commercial applications, will NOT yield a full 15A or 20A. By code, the circuit is designed to provide 85% nominally. The breaker trips at the max draw. If you are using 200 W Class A guitar or bass amps, they are sucking 100% of their rated power all of the time. Deduct that from your available power. You will never be able to provide more watts from your power amps than 85% of that 15A. When high speed switch mode power supplies and amplifiers are used (like they are in most everything nowadays) you MUST have PURE, STABLE power, or else the units may be damaged and will not perform properly, without distortion or artifacts.

You also should not be on any circuits with bar equipment, kitchen equipment, anything electromechanical (HVAC, etc) connected to it, because all of that stuff discharges EMC through the ground when cycling on and off. This will most certainly contaminate the ground, cause the system to have noise issues, and will damage processors, etc.

Presonus consoles boot from RAM, not a drive. If you guys are having boot issues and reduced gain, it is power supply related I imagine, and could not be the console or Presonus's issue, but power, static, etc related.

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This all starts with levels and then tracking.

In analog world, 0dBU is +4dBV. In digital, there is no standard reference. Some converter manufacturers represent 0dBU as -12dBbfs, -16, -18, etc. So, you might try using converters and DAW software that allows you to calibrate properly. The closer you get to 0dBbfs, the less headroom you will have, Of course, there is a point of diminishing returns. You don't need to represent a 7-bit source with 24-bits. You also have to watch your levels because you will overload the mix engine, the plug-in buses and plug-ins themselves.

Some of the best mixers now are working in a DAW and then running stems through a passive summing device or a console. There is something about high-voltage, high-headroom circuits running at +29, compressed in a SSL master compressor. THAT is what a good number of mixes go through.

Compression and limiting is best done incrementally, and not all in the same plug of hardware box. Hardware has artifacts, flavors, etc that works in synergy with specific instruments, music, etc. Plugs don't benefit from this synergy. There are some guys that might have ten comps compressing a 1/4 dB at a time on the mix buss. There are other comps like Massenbergs that allow cruching 20dB limiting with virtually no artifacts. Some comps pump and that is what is needed for some drums, etc.

The most successful mix engineers have the mix pretty well dialed in. Some of them work with the mastering engineer, providing the mastering engineer with tracks that aren't compressed, or minimally compressed. You cannot uncompress without artifacts. I completely disagree about not needing high end gear to make a pro sounding record. If you want to have a comparable product, you must get someone comparable to the people used and use the same gear that was used, in the same caliber facility. It is impossible to do in the box what is done by the guys like Mutt Lange, Bob Clearmountain, the Lord Alges, J Puig, etc.

It has been proven that there is not enough computing power available to exactly replicate some of the industries best hardware EQs and comps/limiters. This will change in time. That said, if you can't get a decent mix in the box, something is wrong. However, there is a good reason some of the top mix engineers get $5k per song all day long and have completely booked schedules. They have the chops, the gear and know the combinations (synergy) that works for the various genres of music.

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Thanks for calling and booking the demo. Look forward to meeting you guys.
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This is Brent with Advanced Sound and Communications/Big Dudes Music in KC. We are the division that sells and installs to churches, and provides training. The guys in the shop do not have the consoles running with VSL, because most of the buyers that come to the showroom are never going to use the feature or use the consoles in studios. Sib at the shop has a StudioLive in his QSC K series based rental rig, but he doesn't use it or need it.

We have three or four consoles at the shop. If you want, we would be happy to bring a console to your church, and demo it in your environment. Give us a call and we will set up an appointment.

Understand that you will need to have a computer running the VSL software and the iPad, or other laptop will remote control the computer.
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Thanks for being a jerk. The manual says that you must install your hardware drivers first, then the hardware. Once those are installed, you may install PT9. With previous versions it was the opposite. You cannot install hardware before the software.
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dsouder wrote:Have read the docs, and the pro tools install guide says to install the interface hardware and drivers BEFORE pro tools not after (Pg. 11) As for multiple interfaces, I don't have more then one active at a time. I did disable the internal audio via the bias just to see and PT still crashes when configuring the DAE .

So I installed ASIO4ALL and it works, but only 8 inputs are available. So I can switch between the sound card ASIO, and ASIO4ALL mapped to the firestudio, but if I try to switch to the PaeFireStudio ASIO driver PT9 crashes. It seems that there is an incompatibility between the presonus ASIO driver and pro tools 9. I would like to know if anyone has been successful with the PaeFireStudio ASIO driver and Pro Tools 9 on windows 7?

I don't think PT said to connect interfaces before. This is not consistent with the non HD interfaces so far.

PT needs to be on the main drive, and needs to be the only DAW on that drive. You should partition the drive, install another copy of the OS and then put the other DAWs on it. This is has been common knowledge in PT world since PT5. Go to the PT DUC and you can find loads of info there.
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You guys should try reading the manual and docs before using this stuff. You cannot have two interfaces connected and active at the same time. There is a sequence to loading PT9 into your system, which includes installing the software BEFORE your interfaces. You cannot launch PT with one interface and then change during the session. You can close the session and the reopen it with the other interface. This is common to all DAWs guys.
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It has latency too...probably more than Antares. Who would track with these things unless it is an effect? You will have to nudge your tracks back and the vocal groove and timing will be off.
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