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Bub wrote:
jBranam wrote:as for getting plugs to work with other DAWs is unlikely. X2 came with TH2 amp sim but would ONLY function in X2... so i suspect the new additions will probably be the same way.

Tell me about it.

Every once in a while I'll accidentally click on the TH2 Amp Sim in Studio One and it crashes my computer ... hard. I get a message saying it only works in Sonar, then when I close the box ... KA --- BOOOM! I lose everything, and I have to reboot my PC.

I'm sure there is a way to edit the VST list in Studio One so I can get it out of there, but I haven't got that deep in to it yet.

I moved the 'SONAR only' plugins out of my common vst plugin directory (Steinberg/VSTPlugins) and into a new directory that I created, then set X3 to scan the new directory along with the common one. Worked a treat. The 'SONAR Only' plugins do not show up in S1 anymore, but are still available in X3.
Made in Studio One » Hangin On (MASTERED) ft. Mac, P, JLeft » Go to message
Not my genre (not something that I typically listen to), so I don't really feel qualified to comment, but nice work! Sounds great, with a tasteful arrangement.
whitePhazer wrote:Funny

Agreed. And not so far from the truth.
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jrossignol01 wrote:I got a new copy of the Studio One Artist addition and there is no Product Key at all located on the box, cd or material inside! PLEASE help as I've been wanting to try this program for so long!

Your product key may be on your receipt or in an email. Be sure and check those.
Made in Studio One » My new Song! "Just For a While" (Handmade Music) Acoustic Rock (original) » Go to message
I liked this very much. I'm an old country boy, and this opened my eyes a bit. Very creative. I sure hope you do well with it. It certainly deserves some attention. Thanks for sharing, and good luck!
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Rodney, if you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7, try running Studio One as 'Administrator' and see if that cures your problem.
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Love this tune. Great voice, and nice recording. Well done!
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Vahevahe wrote:
R.B.S. wrote:Welcome to S1 man everyone is excited about the direction that S1 is going.. S1 is made for everyone.. Freeloader or heavy spender, the reason we all found S1 is because we wanted a better DAW.

Be sure to check out the latest updates

What did he mean by freeloader? I liked the product so I bought it. I like the direction it's going as well I'm looking forward to diving in. Latest updates? I'm up to date with the software version. Did you mean something else?

I wouldn't take personally, Vahevahe. Presonus have been having to deal with S1 v2 being plastered all over the pirate sites. I assume that the username you originally posted with (NU-tra, if I'm correct) was not registered on the Presonus site as having downloaded the demo of (or purchased) Studio One. Eike may have jumped the gun a bit, but i don't blame him. He is part of the development team, and they work very hard at what they do, and are very passionate about it. As you might imagine, it is quite a slap in the face to have your hard work being spread all over the internet for the 'free-loaders' to download at will, which does not 'pay the bills'.
Studio One General Discussion » how do they want you to invest more into their product, if you can not use it.. » Go to message
Loopbeatz wrote:Motoko

Loopbeatz wrote:I tried calling tec support for 2 days to see if they could help me figure out why i can't register my Studio One Artist.. I was left on hold for an hour both times..and no do they want you to invest more into their product if you can not use it..

Can you give us a step-by-step runthrough of what you're doing?

Ok here it is the step by step...I log in to my account on the presonus website...I go to register my software(Studio One Artist)..i type in the registration code..when i press submit..i get..invalid registration number..

Be sure that you aren't mixing up 'O' with zero, etc.. Best to copy and paste, if you haven't tried that yet.
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Welcome anthony31,

You can have both versions installed, not a problem. I have done exactly as you are contemplating, and everything works great. You won't use up an additional activation. Simply download the current activation file from your user account and use it to activate the 32 bit version (although, I don't think that you'll even need to do that with version 2, as in version 1).
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Hey Bobby, if you're on Windows, you can close a window with Alt+F4 if you can't get there with the mouse. Not sure that helps you, but thought I'd throw it out there in case it does.
Studio One General Discussion » Studio One v2 has been released, but some hopes have not fufilled.. » Go to message
tyacko wrote:Much of the effects I use with any of the DAWs I own are third party FXs. I'd much rather find and use 3rd party vendors who are working to make the very best FXs and leave the DAW builders to creating/enhancing the workflow process and integration with these FXs.


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dirkpitt36 wrote:I am running a G5 Mac with OS X 10.5.8 and it says that it does not support Studio One 2 files or applications. Can someone tell me what I should do to rectify this? Thanks!

Yes.. Get rid of the Mac.

Sorry. Couldn't resist.
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kelldammit wrote:What i took out of it from intel was that the onus would actually be on all of the parties involved to make sure they're not calling the legacy library (v4), which is only there for compatibility purposes and will be removed altogether at some point in the future.
since the issue only involves a handful of 3rd party offerings, I'd assume it's on them at this point. when intel removes the legacy library as they apparently intend to, i reckon we'll find out for sure.
of course, my understanding of such things is pretty limited, and at least there's a workaround for the time being.


This is the way I understood it also. If it's IK that is calling the legacy library, it could be a very long wait for a fix, as they have a large number of plug-ins to re-code (if I understand things correctly).
Studio One General Discussion » V2 crashes trying to load Amplitube 3 » Go to message
lackatee wrote:
Madfloyd wrote:The message:

OMP: Error # 15: Initializing libiomp5md.dll, but found libguid40.lib already initialized.

OMP: Hint: This may cause performance degredation and correctness issues.
(message continues for some time, but don't feel like typing it all).

I'm getting this too with other plugins.And its never happened before in S1 V1.

I found this info on how to perform the work-around mentioned in the error message. Note that they say this work-around is not recommended. However, it works for me without any apparent side effects. The instructions are down the page in the comments section.


"The quick workaround is to set environment vairable KMP_DUPLICATE_LIB_OK=TRUE in system, genereally, by click Control PanelSystem property or right click "my computer"=>Properties=>Advanced System setting=>Advanced=>Environmet Variables =>System Variables=>New...
Variable value:TRUE
Then restart your application."
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