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That's kind of what I figured, and I haven't tried it yet either.

Can anyone give me a really good bottom-line explanation of the differences between UC1.60 and 1.71 and any really compelling reason to only use 1.71 from now on and never connect my XP laptop?

Because if I don't have a really good reason, I may just put 1.60 everywhere and put the console at build 188 and leave it alone.
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So, you're saying I can no longer connect my console to my XP laptop?
Is this really true?
Can you back-rev the console to build 188 for use with UC1.6?
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Allright, here's my update.
I checked with the DPC latency checker and really didn't see anything alarming.
The only time it got out of the green zone was when the console sync'd up or at the moment it started to lose it.
So I tried updating the driver to the lates for UC (currently 1.7.1) and it actually got worse!

I got on my motorcycle and went down to MicroCenter one minute before they closed an picked up a Gigabyte motherboard, B75m-HD3, that still took my i3 CPU and ram, but had a B75 chipset rather than the H61.
After playing the drivers game with windows, I got it up and running.
It now works perfect. The latency is slightly lower than the other motherboard but this is so far rock solid.
I'm going to bet that it's just 1394 PCI compatibility with that H61 motherboard.

It's late now, and everything seems to be working. I'm happy now and maybe I can get some more recording done tomorrow.
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I currently have UC 1.5.3 on all three computers I've been using the SL on.
One of them is a new PC and it has firewire issues, so one troubleshooting step I am going to try tonight is the current UC1.7.1 driver.

BUT! I still have one older high-end laptop that I may want to connect to, and it is still running XP.
Can I run UC1.6 on the XP machine and still connect to the SL that has been updated with the UC1.7.1?

Everytime I've updated the UC, it wants to update the firmware, and I am VERY nervous every time it does that. Its not broken, so I don't want to "fix" it. But I do need to trouble shoot this firewire issue.

StudioLive General Discussion » FireWire woes!! - Fixed - Changed motherboard from H61 chipset to B75 » Go to message
Hey thanks for the response. No worries, I can't get to the machine right now anyway.
I have a band rehearsal studio, and that's where it is, and where that is, there's no internet. I can't really do anything more until I go there and retrieve the PC and console.

So for now, I'll answer some of the questions to get them out of the way...
RAM isn't an issue. Before attempting to build this PC, we were tracking with Nuendo on a cheap Windows Vista Laptop with NO RAM (exaggeration) and a very slow Celeron CPU. I just couldn't run any plugins and expect any performance out of it. But for recording and playing back tracks, it worked fine for the last year.
Now, we have this new PC which I described already. I Installed Windows7/64 and the same older Nuendo we've been using this whole time. And that's when we ran into this problem. Like you I wondered if it could be a problem with Win7/64 and my 32 bit software, etc.
So, we went and got a version of newer Cubase (compatible with our already-tracked projects), and the exact same thing happens.
So, then I thought maybe its the hard drive (a fast 7200RPM SATA Baraccuda), so I moved all the projects to a different drive (an old slow laptop 2.5" drive) and had the same problem.
So, then I installed Win7/32 on a completely new drive, and just installed the Cubase we have, and used the projects off another drive (different from the original) and exact same problem.
Now, if I don't use the StudioLive console to playback, but instead use the built-in sound card, it works just fine.
I almost installed Studio One, and I have both Pro and Artist, but I didn't want to burn a license since I'm pretty positive at this point it's FireWire related. (I know, there's Free)

Now, there are two points I failed to mention, and I'm thinking to myself now, you're going to say "and you didn't try that BEFORE you posted", so I'm sorry! =) I really should know better, as I work in the Pro Audio industry and had to support a custom version of the Firebox for audio measurement software for many years. So, I'm not new to this either... =)

#1 - I have not tried the latest Universal Control. The last one I'm using on all my computers that connect to this console is version 1.5.3. I just got tired of updating one and forcing me to update firmware, then when I connect another computer I'm hosed unless I have the right version of Universal Control handy. I suppose that also will be on my next "to-try" things.

#2 - I have not run the latency tool. (I've made others do this too) But, I've had no issues with any other machines, and even on this one that locks up, I get no drop outs or clicks and pops, so I'm inclined to think that there isn't something that the latency checker will tell me. But again, I have not done this, so I could be completely full of it.

..To add, yes on the drivers for the system, they are all the latest.
This PC is intended ONLY to run Cubase connected to the console for mixing purposes. It's not connected to the internet, there are no anti-virus software programs installed, no firewalls, no auto-updates, no other non-essential services running.

I will try the two things above later this week when I can get to the machine/console. But I'm suspecting in the near future that I'll either be buying another different firewire card or another motherboard.
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4GB. Tried swapping with two other completely different sets of RAM also.
I have really exhausted hardware troubleshooting.
Let me walk you through what happens... I use my 16.4.2 with Cubase, start doing some overdub recordings through it, (it is also my playback device routing Cubase Stereo outs to the 2Track-LR out on the console), and we work FINE for about half hour or maybe even an hour, doing overdubs, listening playing back, etc, then all of a sudden the PC freezes. No mouse, keyboard, nothing. The video is still on the screen, but completely frozen. Requires forced power switch off/on.
We've checked all event logs, and there is NOTHING there.

I've swapped ram, swapped a couple 1394 cards, but there are only two PCI slots in this system, and it happens in either one.
I have tried disabling all other devices sharing IRQ's (one slot is with USB, the other is a couple other system components).

Now, remember, I do not get ANY drop outs while it is working. A while ago I figured out how to quickly duplicate the issue without waiting an hour:

- Open Cubase, open a multi-track project, the only outputs are stereo-2Trk, press play, then if I solo/un-solo a channel with the mouse over and over, the audio will stop within 1-3 minutes (Cubase is still rolling though with no audio and no meters) and if I keep clicking, the PC will then freeze hard.
If I don't keep clicking, and I just pull the FireWire cable out of the PC, then the PC recovers and Cubase just gets pissed off that the audio driver went away, but everything otherwise is all good at that moment. If the PC hard-locks, pulling the FireWire cable does nothing at that point.

This motherboard also has a PCI Express slot. I was thinking of buying an approved PCI Express 1394 card, and trying that, and if that doesn't work, to get rid of this motherboard, and buy a different one with a different chipset on it.
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So, I built this new PC with some basic parts. It's a Zotac H61 motherboard with a new generation i3 CPU with the integrated video.
I have tried a few different 1394 cards, the startech one with the TI chip on the approved list and a couple others with the VIA VT6306 which is supposed to barely work. They all do pretty much the same thing.
Using Cubase, the PC will eventually hard lock freeze after 15-20 min of attempting audio playback through the console.
I use the same console with the same cable on two other laptops just fine with no issues.
Ive ruled out everything else and narrowed it down to the 1394/console.
I've tried both normal and legacy drivers.
This is win7, I've tried 32 & 64 bit, same issues.
Anybody have any compatibility knowledge with this H61 motherboard and i3?
I'm stuck. Been working on this for two months now.
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I tried 3 things:
Moved 1394 PCI card to other slot
Tried completely different RAM
Check Dev Mgr

In Dev Mgr, it was sharing IRQ with two things, one is a USB host, the other was a system component, so I left them alone.

I restarted and played around in Nuendo, within 5 minutes it hard locked up.

I then started poking around the BIOS looking for ANYTHING. I found the SATA hard drive mode was set to IDE emulation instead of AHCI. I don't really know if that affects anything serious in Win7 or not, but I changed it to AHCI (you have to first change a reg key before changing the BIOS otherwise it will not boot), so now it's running in AHCI mode and AHCI drivers in Windows.

I played around some more in Nuendo, and I was able to use it for about 40 minutes without a lockup.
It doesnt' mean anything to me YET because I've successfully used it for periods of up to 2 hours without lockups so far.

I can tell you this, that it seems that EVERY time it locks up, it is when Nuendo goes to start playback. The timeline cursor moves for a second and stops and the whole PC is locked. This seems to be the recurring symptom. It can happen in any project at any timeline point. I have seen no other clues.

But, this AHCI mode is interesting. I don't know if it will solve anything, and I have my doubts. I would imagine that if it were really a hard drive/bus issue that I would still get an event log error or a blue screen.
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Thanks Miltondavis, I guess I have not really "game tested" the system. I was only playing 1980's MAME games... haha.. I don't think that counts.
My point to that was just that the computer can be used for other stuff for long periods of time, and hasn't shown any other lockup symptoms. It seems that when I playback a multi-track project in Nuendo on the StudioLive, I am rolling the dice each time and sometimes it just completely locks up.

I haven't checked for shared interrupts, but how exactly would you "un-share" an interrupt in Win7 w/PCI? I think it's all hardware-based and I don't know that there's many options for it.. The motherboard has only two PCI slots for the firewire card. I'm not sure that I've tried the other slot, but I will try that as well. I have already completely "stripped" the PC and disabled everything that isn't being used, including the network port. I have also stripped down all Windows services so there's no automatic scheduling services running, no auto updates, or any other non-essential background monitoring services.

StudioLive Forum Community Support » PC Total lockup? » Go to message
Please, any suggestions welcome!
I just put together a new recording PC:
Win7/64 Core i5, Zotac motherboard (Intel H61 chipset).
Star Tech PCI1394MP firewire card.
Nuendo 4 software
StudioLive 16.4.2

I'm very computer savvy, and this one I think must be a hardware issue, but its still a little odd.

I'll be connected to my StudioLive, recording in Nuendo, playing stuff back, and out of the blue the machine will hard lock instantly. No mouse, keyboard, nothing. No bluescreen, no errors. I have to hard-power-off the machine to reboot it. After rebooting, I've checked all the system logs and can't find ANYTHING logged at the time of lockup or just before it. I've even tried disconnecting the StudioLive cable while it's locked up and I still can't get it to come back to me.

I've tried using the TI 1394 driver, and the Legacy OHCI 1394 driver, no difference.
I am suspecting RAM or hard-drive issue to cause it. But, I've been using that same hard drive as an external drive for months with no issues, so I'm suspecting more RAM being the problem. BUT, if I never launch Nuendo, I can use the PC all day long, play video games, office apps, whatever, and I've never seen it hard-lock like that. Only when I open Nuendo, and start to play back a multi-track project through the StudioLive.

Has anybody experienced anything like this?
Any suggestions welcome. I have another machine with "extra" RAM that I intend to try out next week, but I really need to get to the bottom of this.
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You described it perfectly, thank you. No offense to all the S1 users, but if I were running a professional studio environment for RECORDING (not just music production), this would be a very important feature to me, and I'd really want this to work as described in this thread. I don't want to record to another track, I want to use the original track and punch on top of it wherever i want. I want to hear the original recorded audio sometimes before the punch and only hear the "punched" part while in record mode. Then I want to be able to easily manipulate the punched parts on top of the original audio track. I want to do this on the fly, I don't want to set loop points.
Studio One General Discussion » Record Mode - Overdub (Can't make it work like I think it should) » Go to message
Okay, I've got that to work now, and I can send each overdub forward or back, but now the next thing I can't figure out is how to "tab" through them to get, say, the one behind to come to the front. I guess I can click on the foremost overdub and send it back. Its just clunky.

New problem found -
With Audio Engine setting "Play overlapping events" UN checked, it splices the underlying audio track.
With it CHECKED, it does as AC showed, it overlaps takes, but it always plays all of them!? If I go back after the fact and UN check "play overlapping events" the takes behave exactly as I'd want, but any new recording overdubs now splice underlying tracks.

I'm thinking that since this didn't seem to work in an older version that I had, that this might be buggy behavior.
Can anyone confirm this?
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To both of you guys... Please don't be afraid to tell me, "hey dummy, its over here..." Honestly, I'm trying all I can to figure everything out, but some things are just not obvious or not doing what I think they should do.

AC, If I can make my S1 do what you just did, I'd be very happy. But I can't! I tried to set my options like yours and thats when I noticed it... holy crap. Mine looked different! So, having just downloaded the latest update... guess what???

It friggen works now.... Just as I want it to...!

And to themusic, yes, I own both S1 Artist and Pro. Its a long story, but I got the spiel from a high up at Presonus when I was getting my StudioLive, so I thought it sounded interesting, I wanted to support and give it a shot. I'm trying!

Honestly, if it weren't for you guys in this community forum, I'd be giving up very quickly.
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Okay, please help me understand, because I just watched that video, and it make my ass pucker. That seems to me like going completely backwards in how I want my DAW to behave. I have done punches in vocals that are actually on mid-word consonants manually on tape many times. There's no way I can work at that level of detail by using the takes, comp track functions and split tools. It just makes no sense to me and seems to add incredible amounts of work to manage overdub takes.

I'm doing NO midi or sample instruments, just acoustic recording...

What am I missing?
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Sorry if my post was wordy. YES, like Cubase. overdub just overlaps on top of each other. how do I make it like that? Or is there a better way I don't know about?
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