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Thanks Scott, I had to go in the FX fat channel and select the main output. Don't remember having to do that before. Just one more thing that got lost or screwed up with the upgrade. All is good now. Thanks again!

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Thanks for the quick reply Scott. Knobs of full and channel sends alll the way up and nothing. I thought the FX were automatically assigned to the mains and you could go in and assign to the auxes. If there is a way to assign it to the mains how do you do it?

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Hey guys, been a while since I've been on which means a while since I've had a problem. I upgraded my Universal Control to the latest "released" version about a week ago and now my FX A&B aren't working on either my xp desktop or my 7 laptop. All my fat channel presets work but not FX. They show up when I drag them in with VSL but nothing is coming thru. Any ilaws? Prolly something silly I'm overlooking but I need to figured out quick. I have to play a Casino privTe conference Wednesday and I'd like to at least be able to put some verb on the vocals. Help me out please!

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Did you use any characters in the track name? Capture won't stop you from doing it but it won't export if you use a character and maybe even a number in the track or file name.
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Maybe the first recording was made at 48 and you are playing back/mixing at 44?
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PhilG wrote:Why not just run a rack of 31band eq's in studio one?

im still to try this live I would like to use it for ringing out fold backs with some kind of analyzer plugin.

not sure if it will work

It is doable and I've experimented with running VSTs on in dividual channels through Nuendo like Compression, eq, and autotune without problems so far. I haven't tried anything with an anylizer yet... It would be alot more trustworthy and stable if the eqs were in the SL tho and takes the worry out of a DAW crashing or locking up in the middle of a song. Does S1 have a 31 Band Eq VST? I'd prefer using a fully parametric for ringing out monitors and I'll be experimenting with using a VST soon but still would feel safer if it was in the SL...I upgraded to pro a few weeks ago but haven't spent any time with it yet. Finishing up a couple of Nuendo projects before diving in...
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gbam55 wrote:Hi guys,

If I really needed the functionality of the 24 port board, I would save up and buy it.

I would really prefer that Presonus spent time on making Studio live 16.4.2 a hw control surface for Studio one. This would just blow the possibilities sky high. I believe that they already have layed the ground work with VSL.

What do you think ?

Why not Both? and while we're at it how about integrating the other fire studio family to be recocnized and work with VSL...
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Big Joe Daddy wrote:
rickhebert wrote:I hope I am not stating the obvious here but on your SL, do you have the FW inputs lit up on the tracks you want to record?
Those have to be switched on to FW input for the channels to record on ch 17/18.

Sure Rick, I've got all the firewire buttons enabled and I've also checked to verify that 17&18 are being mapped correctly in the setup screen. No luck.

Hey Joe, you've probably already tried it but I've had that problem and had to reboot to fix it. Also, I assume you've listened to play back to verify nothing is recording. I've had some wave files that barely showed up on the master track screen...
StudioLive General Discussion » 16.4.2 Hardware/firmware upgrade Gimme Plz! » Go to message
PhilG wrote:not quite sure how it would be done - the processors are hard wired into the main board of the desk, this would mean total pull down of the desk to replace the main board meaning 2-3 hours of labor + parts + freight - not to mention 2 different sets of firmware to code meaning more dev's that im guessing are still working on a usable version of vsl ?

would probably be more financially viable to sell your 16 and just buy a 24

I do agree that firmware would be the biggest challenge in getting Presonus on board with an upgrade but it might not be too bad since they might just be able to strip down the 24 firmware instead of starting from scratch...

As far as the labor time I'd probably question the 2-3 hours labor for an experienced tech however, I can imagine a user going in for the first time taking that long. I worked as a manufacturing engineer for Peavey electronics for a few years and never saw a piece of equipment (and they manufacture a large variety of equipment) that a tech with the right tools couldn't tear down, replace a circuit board, and re-assemble in less than 45 minutes and most could have been done in 15-20 minutes or less.

If it were a circuit board swapped for an upgrade alot of users could do it themselves. If an additional processor had to be soldered to a circuit board or swapped it could be more involved. Sometimes a processor plugs into a plug soldered into a circuit board and some might have just a few pins that have to be soldered. Unfortunately some can have many points that are wave soldered into place. These should not be attempted to replace by a novice and the vast majority of users would have to send the unit in to Presonus for the upgrade unless they had an authorized service center nearby. in that case a circuit board swapped would probably be more financially feasable...

As far as getting a 24? I opted for the 16 beacuse I could go to 32 track recording later by getting another... Now when the 32 comes out I'll definately be ready for a move! and I'm pretty much holding out for it!

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Monolithent wrote:That's brilliant. I'd pay for it. Heck I'll help Beta test it if they want. Rick, Wes, Jon!!!! My wallet's can have the money for this upgrade!!!

I can't imagine it would be too difficult to create. Maybe to make it fit but there has to be space in that housing somewhere.'re a genius. Give this it's own thread I think?

Why thank you my friend. I believe I did just that!
StudioLive General Discussion » 16.4.2 Hardware/firmware upgrade Gimme Plz! » Go to message
Ok gang let's all get on here and ask for something that should be doable and definately usable.

I'm confidant that if Presonus get's the inclination to, they can produce and sell us a processor upgrade for the SL 16.4.2 that would allow at least some of if not all of the additional features found on the SL 24. It could be changing the processor for a more powerful processor or adding a second processor as an upgrade that could be installed by the user or possible even a tech.... I've had several music products that offered such an upgrade for $200-$300 and I imagine that many of us would fork that over to get some additional features like Graphics for all the auxes and subs and even tho there are knob limitations on the 16 perhaps some of the other features could be peformed via a VSL upgrade to go with it....

Ok, so get on board and let's ask for it and mak suggestions on how to get the most out of it guys!!!
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You know, it seems that if Personus were so inclined, They could provide a processor upgrade for the 16.4.2 either adding an additional processor or a swap for a more powerful processor for $200-$300 that a user or tech could put in and add some of the 24 features....
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Way to Go Big Joe! Amazing that you pulled all of those changes on the praise team at once and got away with it. You are now "My Official Hero"! Super Joe! Maybe it should now be "Big Bad Joe"... Are you scary in person?
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You might check out the Event 20/20 BAS bi-amped powered monitors you can pick them up for around $250-$300 on ebay used and they are really a Great Buy. I've loaned mine to a couple of engineers and almost had to call the police to get them back. They represent very well and if you like what you hear on them you'll prolly like it anywhere you listen. Just my 2 cents.
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RDUB wrote:Did the gig yesterday afternoon, and all I can say is YAHOOOOOO!!!

I used a really compact system - the SL1642, a pair of QSC amps, and four Yamaha monitors with 12" woofers. Put two cabs on poles, and used the other two for wedges. It was a small room, and not much reinforcement was needed, but everyone raved about how clear the whole system was. I've never had so many people come up and tell me how great it all sounded. Vocals had some air, and keys were full and lush.

The room had a nasty low mid hump that was really easy to pinpoint and tune out. Our guest artist made some special requests for his guitar tone and monitor balance - all very easy to tweak quickly and precisely.

I recorded the whole 2 1/2 hours of the show - that'll be tonight's project. On that subject, does anyone have suggestions for a smaller Presonus interface for those times when the board is in the case and going out again, and I want to some mixing in the PC? It'd be handy to have a second unit.


Hey Rob, gald you had a great time with it! Anything in the firestudio line would work well as a second and give you an opportunity to add more channels if needed. The Firestudio mobile would be the lowest cost... I'm hoping to pick up a Firestudio Tube before too long so I'd also have 8 more channels for my next festival... You won't be able to run thos on monitor mixes but you can run them through a sub or two and be able to record them and hear them in the mains. I'll just used mine for things I don't need in the monitor mix like Drum Overheads and Toms...
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