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Ok I hooked up a drum machine to Aux B and let it play a pattern.
Pressed Select Button for Aux B and assigned signal to Main.
Turned up the Aux B pot.
I could see the signal on the "Selected Channel" meter, as well as the output to the mains.
I don't have speakers hooked to my mains so I soloed the Mains to verify I could hear the signal.

I screwed around with the FAT channel settings to see if I could kill the signal... yep... many ways to kill it. Just verify that your FAT channel settings are ok.

I'm still wondering if Daisy Chaining the mixers may be part of the issue. again try it with one mixer by itself (a shot in the dark)

Good Luck
16.4.2 » using the aux inputs (stereo A & B) » Go to message
Did you try it without the desks chained together? (I'm not sure if chaining affects the Aux usage or not)
When you press the SELECT button for the Aux do you see any signal on the Input meter?

I'll go test the Aux in on my SL24 to see if anything else comes to mind.

16.0.2 » Using "Phones" main mix output as 5th In-ear Monitor, need "More Me" (?) » Go to message
You did not mention the type of monitor your using. With the Shure PSM there is a splitter built into the transmitter. Mike plugs in the front and signal to mixer comes out the back.

You should be able to do the same thing with an external splitter. I use one, made by ART, to split a mike signal (Dry to mixer and input to vocal processor then Wet to mixer).

I'm not sure if just splitting the signal, without using an electronic device, is a good idea (Noise or loss of gain). Someone else should chime in on that.

Another way may be to...
Take the House Mix from your Mono Out (if it's not in use, and if it is not too hot of a signal).
Use the Control Room Out (or Phones) to Solo "ME".

Either way you will have to get creative with signal routing and cables.
Let us know the final configuration.


16.4.2 » using the aux inputs (stereo A & B) » Go to message
HI Darryl,
It sounds like you may not be totally familiar with the signal routing in your mixer, or just didn't provide us with enough info on what you are attempting to do.

Are you trying to get a signal out to your monitors or the mains or both?

You may have tried some of these....
I believe the Kronos has multiple outputs so make sure your plugged into one that has sound.
Try a different cable (Use a TS not a TRS cable)
Try plugging into one of the 16 input channels just to make sure you have a signal.
Make sure the Aux A is routed to the Mains
Make sure the Aux A Gain is turned up (you will not get a signal anywhere if this is turned down)
Check that the FAT channel is not killing the signal. Turn off all dynamics processing.
Also when you press the Select button for Aux A you should be able to see a signal on the Input Meter.

Let us know if you need any details on the above suggestions.
Oh yes, as SwitchBack suggested, you may want run the stereo signal from the Kronos.... even if your running your system in Mono. Some of the Kronos patches may sound better depending on their panning in the Kronos..

Let us know what finally fixed the issues or if you need more help.

Live Sound » Channels 1 and 2 » Go to message
The question that I wanted answered is if those two channels can be used for other equipment.

They can, but not at the same time as the music.
When the firewire return button is pressed (so you hear the music) the inputs are bypassed.
You would have to turn off the firewire returns on these 2 channels to use the normal inputs.
This is covered in the manual.

I also want to know how I can listen to music via headphones without the same going to the FOH.

And as gadget pointed out, the music would normally be returned on channels 17, 18 (2 Track In I believe). You can route that to the mains and/or Auxes, Plus you could Solo it like you want without sending it anywhere except the Solo Bus.
This also is discussed in the manual

FireStudio Mobile & FireStudio Project » Slapback and other issues...this ain't right! » Go to message
Each Output on the FSM has 2 modes it can function in. These are selected on the virtual mixer in Universal Control.
There are 3 tabs down the right side of the Virtual Mobile Mixer (Main, Phones and SPDIF). In these tabs is the MIXER ON/OFF button (This controls the 2 modes for each channel). Clicking each tab will allow you to set up an independent mix for each output (if the Mixer button is ON)

1. When the MIXER is ON you can use the Virtual Faders to set up a mix (live and/or DAW) to the selected output (Main, Phones, SPDIF). This is the mode I use for zero latency monitoring. I make sure that what ever is being recorded is not coming back from the DAW to the DAW Inputs to avoid slapback. I like to set it up this way because the FSM remembers the mix, even with no computer attached, so I can use my piano without booting up the PC. This mode also makes my workflow the same no matter which of my DAW's I'm using.

2. When the MIXER is OFF the selected FSM output should be under complete control of the DAW. So you should be able to record enable a track(s), turn on Zero Latency monitoring in your DAW and have little or no slapback.

I'm not sure, but something in the back of my mind tells me that in order to take advantage of the Hardware ZLM feature of the FSM you need to use Presonus StudioOne. I know Logic X Pro does ZLM through software by disabling plugins during recording. Logic can't take advantage of the hardware abilities of the FSM. Anyway since I use both StudioOne Pro and Logic Pro X I use method #1 which works for me. I'm not sure how the monitoring in DP functions, but it sounds like your slapback is a latency issue.

Hope that helps
StudioLive General Discussion » how to take apart and rebuild a 16.4.2.? » Go to message is for a 24.4.2, but may be useful to you. I'm still looking for another thread that had more pics is the original post I was looking for, but the photos are all gone
The text may be useful to you though.

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Sorry I may have confused you.

It's in VSL under the Setup Tab...
This is where you set the privileges for each device. You should see the connected devices (iPads, iPods, iPhones). For each device there is a button called "CH Rename". Just click it to turn it on. Depending on your screen resolution you may have to scroll around a little to see all the devices and property settings.

Hope this helps
Pre-Sales Questions » Firestudio Mobile Output Question » Go to message
Yes you can set it up to have totally different mixes on the Mains and Phones.
I do this when recording. The Phones get the mix the singer wants. I get to monitor what I want.
StudioLive General Discussion » Bad memory » Go to message
I just tested this with the iPad app, SL Remote, and iPhone App, Qmix.
Both had "CH Rename" turned Off in the Setup Tab of VSL.
Once this was turned on I could change the Channel names from VSL, SL Remote and/or QMix with no problems.

Hope that sjc193 (Steve) tip helped you out.

Pre-Sales Questions » StudioLive AI Block Diagrams lack Fat Channel on Aux Inputs A and B (correct?) » Go to message
On my SL24 (non AI) the FAT channel is available on the AuxA and Aux B inputs. Hopefully this is the case with the AI versions as well.

Those Block Diagrams have had many errors and are still not perfect.


16.4.2 » Just bought this 16.4.2 » Go to message
The interface to the computer is Firewire and you must have one of the recommended Firewire interfaces on your computer.
The Audio Interface will allow you to record/play back 16 tracks (plus a few more that I won't get into here).

The mixer is mainly for live use and cannot be used to control or mix in your DAW software. However, you can send the recorded tracks back to the Mixer from the PC allowing you to Mix down to a stereo track using all the functions of the Mixer. There are lots of videos on this subject.

To answer a few of your questions:
This mixer does seem like overkill for a bedroom situation (unless you have a large bedroom and want to record a full band). I personally use the FireStudio Mobile for my home recording, but use my SL24 when preforming and recording live shows.
It is great as a live mixer.
It is an audio interface.
It is NOT a DAW Control Surface (you didn't ask this, but it's good info).

I suggest you download and read the manual, and watch the videos while you are waiting for your new mixer to arrive.

Hope that sheds a little light on the subject for you
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The Hot Keys should already have default mappings (see Help - Keyboard Shortcuts), but the Hot Keys will not function when the PDF is running in the foreground.

You could try 2 monitors (one for Studio One and one for the Sheet Music).
my favourite.. buy an external controller for StudioOne. The FaderPort works great and does not care if Studio One is running Minimized or in the Background. Pretty cool

I'm sure there are other options as well....

Sorry I can't help with the Tooltips issue

Cheers Wally
FireStudio Forum Community Support » Firestudio Mobile on mac pro not syncing » Go to message
My FireStudio Mobile works fine with my Mac Book Pro.... sort of.

About a week after upgrading to Mavericks my mobile died the same fate as the others in this link. I tried a few things, but what brought it back was clearing the PRAM in my Mac Book Pro. Now Logic X Pro, Studio One Pro and iTunes seem to work fine, my problem is with Quick Time and WEB sites that use QT for audio. Audio is all garbled when trying to play through the FS Mobile, but works fine through the built in speakers. I don't think this is a FS Mobile problem because users of other Fire Wire audio interfaces are experiencing the same issues. It looks like Mavericks may have broken something in the Fire Wire drivers. Not sure if this would be part of the reason all these Mobiles suddenly stopped working
Pre-Sales Questions » FaderPort compatibility » Go to message
My FaderPort is working great with Logic Pro X and StudioOne Pro in Mavericks.. No complaints with any of the functions.
You have to download a driver file specifically for Logic "FaderPort.bundle" and put it in the proper folder.

Note: Logic keeps deleting this file when it does an update... so keep a copy handy.

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