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This is a similar question to mine. I have an Akai MPK49 keyboard which is set up to control Arturia CS80V. In standalone mode it's awesome, with tactile control for every knob and slider, but in Studio One all of the links are broken and (I presume) have to be recreated from scratch with Control Link.

If there is some setting that allows MIDI controller data to pass through Studio One, could someone in the know please help us out?
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None of your screen shots show the bottom of your project where the meter is visible. Is your project in 7/8 or is your project set for 4/4? If the master meter is set for 7/8, and the loops you're importing are 7/8 loops, it should line up with barlines automatically.
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Do you mean reassign every knob, button and fader inside of Studio One and save as a Studio One Preset or reassign controller mapping within the CS80V as a VST and save?
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I edited the title to (hopefully) lure someone who can help
Studio One General Discussion » Help with MIDI Control within Studio One » Go to message
So I recently acquired an Akai MPK49 with lots of knobs and faders, and own Arturia's CS80V soft synth. When I run the CS80V standalone, the "Arturia" preset on the Akai is set to control all of the major parameters in real time. It's freakin' awesome.

When I open the CS80V in Studio One, and set the Akai to control it, none of the knobs and faders are controlling the parameters any more. Is this just the way it is, or is there some setting that allows MIDI control to pass through (and be recorded?)

I know I can set up the parameters within Studio One, but since they're already done, I'd prefer to use them as is.

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Did you originally record to a click? Is the drum track lined up with bar lines in your project? If so, it will be easy to do as illustrated above. If it was not played to a click, you'll have to do a bit more work to get it done.
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You can go into Kontakt and edit the patch to not change samples at that velocity. It can get louder without changing timbre, but you'll have to find and edit the notes you're using in your song.
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You don't say anything about system specs, but I can assure you that I use Reaktor A LOT in Studio One and do not have the issues that you are facing.

What is your latency setting? Does your CPU run way up where the audio will stutter? Raising the latency settings should ease the load on your CPU if that is what's causing the issues.
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If one of the tracks is "correct" you can use it as a groove template and its transients will create the groove for the other tracks. My only hesitation would be that the variations are a big part of what makes layered guitar tracks sound so huge. You don't have to quantize 100%, I guess.
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Go to "Options/External Devices" then add the Faderport. No extra setup should be required if you're using it with Studio One. I love my Faderport!
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Or groove quantize to keep it from the robotic 80's quantization. There should be plenty of ways to add a little soul to a mechanically quantized track, but it doesn't look like there's any way to "unquantize" as in your original post.

Depending how long and complicated your song is, you could play the rhythm of the parts on a new instrument track without worrying about the notes, and then apply the new rhythm as a groove to the old tracks and they should effectively be unquantized.
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Can you use the "Restore Timing" command? It should "unquantize" if the parts were quantized with Studio One.
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With all due respect, after hearing you all criticizing what you believe to be too many similar posts in the same forum, forcing people to read the same threads over and over again, all of this sarcastic posting is bothering me more than the OP ever did. If it is really inappropriate, don't do the same thing yourself in jest. If you're OK with multiple posts that don't do anyone else any good, maybe stop being so critical of others who do the same.

I understand it's supposed to be humor, but it seems mean spirited and unnecessary to me and clogs up the forums just as completely as the posts you're complaining about.
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When I had a similar issue it was event overlap. When two MIDI events overlap each other, they seemed to play OK, but when I tried to render them as audio, the event on top would take precedence, and the overlapped portion of the other event would disappear.

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At the risk of taking another potshot...

My response to your original question (which seems to have disappeared) was to click the "inputs" button on the mixer to view the actual input coming into Studio One and add the plugins to the input channel instead of to the mixer channel. You can set it up to actually monitor and record the effected signal of your guitar, rather than recording a dry electric guitar and processing it live. Step by step:

1. Select "mix" to view the mixer window
2. Select "Inputs" on the left of the mixer to see the inputs from your audio interface
3. Drag and drop the amp sim or effects that you want to run through onto the input that your guitar is plugged in to. (you may need to make the mixer taller to see the inserts on the inputs).
4. You should be able to monitor and record whatever effects settings are active.
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