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Just throwing this out there could it be your video card causing your issue ?
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Hey MR4Y, just curious what presonus hardware do you use as i see none listed ?
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Very nice video, looking forward to seeing more. Thank you for sharing.
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Are there different optimized settings for usb based hardware vs. firewire ? I have a great running firewire studio set up

but i am looking at the usb set-up for my laptop for some mobile recording.
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Totally agree with LMike. I have been here for almost 2 years and from the beginning he has always been helping

however he can. Ya i am a Bat Fan
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Thank you for great video's. They were a big help.
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rventle wrote,

" ( Studio One! ) General Discussion, I have to Agree this is the PRESONUS Forum NOT Pro Tools, Cubase, SonarX1,Reeper or any other DAW related Forum other then Studio One! As well as any presonus Software or Hardware or Software and or Hardware being used in conjunction with Studio One. Customers come here to learn how to use these tools in conjunction with Studio One. I come to this Forum to Learn From other Great and Talented Musicians and to help others in any way I can. I am a Christian and a Registered Voter If I want to learn about other topics there are pleanty of other places to get more then enough information on all topics. However there is only 1 Presonus forum dedicated to Presonus Hardware and Software and The Consumers of those products. I for one would like to keep it that way. I Highly Respect ALL of the people who have made Tutorial Videos, Screen Shot Demonstrations. Found Hidden Tips and Tricks to help us all use Studio One More Effeciently! Those same people do not work for Presonus but they are all members of this forum and through there time and efforts they have shared these things with all of us out of the kindness of there hearts.Thank You ALL for your Help and Guidence! "

I am on this forum a lot, and i have learned so much from themuzic, LMike, Motoko bedstrom, and others (thank you) let's keep the

OT out of the forum . It's been working pretty well with out it . I am just thankful there are people here willing to help others out.

thank you members,

neal turner
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Has anyone heard of any complete package deals with the new usb interfaces. You know all the cool PreSonus stuff like

Mic, headphones, interface and Studio One software at a great Christmas price!! Please
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Joined: 28/07/2010 15:38:49
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Location: Texas
Happy Bat? Not even a hint of Grump, tonight !

Waiting for the vids to start rolling out. Dude, we are all happy for you! Even a tad jealous . Daddy want now!

Can I shake any negativity out of you this evening or is that just a no go

"Diner's ready, Johnny? Johnny? Johnny?". No one can blame, here.


Now that is funny!!javascript:emoticon('');
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A big thanks to those who listen and see a need for someone else. It's a sign of great character and also
a great community. neal turner
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Johnny , Your a stand up guy . You are such an encouragement here in this forum. Thank You.

Neal Turner
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Hey Johnny, Good see ya back up and doing your video's. Thank you for all your efforts that you put into helping the community.

God bless ,

Neal Turner
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Voted !!
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Bump for the cause.
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