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mwright137 wrote:
Mostwest wrote:If you have already try it, why are here? If you think it isn't enough good stay on PT. Just my opinion

Dude - lowdbrent has been a part of this community far longer than you have. Why are you being so rude?

It's no big deal. No offense taken.

SO has it's place. Since I sell PreSonus, I still set up new church customers with SO. These people are learning audio from scratch, so learning a DAW from scratch is not a concern.

For me personally, I am too far gone to change. I have used PT before it was PT. I actually sold a PTHD rig and replaced it with SOP2. I hope they continue to perfect it. Like I said, I still use it, just not from start to finish. I can't edit and mix with it. I have to use PT. For me, it is better for preproduction and indie mastering work. I still use legit mastering engineers/studios for that.
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When you have solo'd your channels and set the input gain and want to make EQ adjustments, you must adjust your gain when adding or decreasing gain with EQ. So, you can't get the channel set for -15 on the meters and then boost 60Hz 10dB with a shelf without increasing gain.

I do not subscribe to having all faders at "0" all of the time. You need to have gain for monitors, effects, etc. If you are mixing with gain controls for front of house, you will be screwing people on stage.
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I have been using SO since it was released. It has been more than a month.
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PT has drag and drop. I can drag and drop files from the browser to the track window. No, it does not create a new track and all on it's own. No, I can't drag and drop plugs, but that is ok. I don't work that way anyway. If I do need some effect or processing, I create a copy of that region, put it on a new layer, and process that region by itself. If I choose to get rid of it later, I can without jacking the original file. I prefer the aux bus layout and routing of PT.

I will admit that I can use more Waves (and other) plugs in a SO session than a PT session.

It's all what you know and how you like to work. I don't use folders. There are some big draw backs to folders IMO. It would be very easy to jack your session if you had a brain fart at 2am.
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Elastic faster in PT.
The whole mono/stereo file thing is not good in SO.
Editing is faster in PT.
Try editing out a mid section of track in SO. What happens? What are your options? In PT, I can have the rest of the track snap to the edit or stay where it is. What if I want to insert something into a track. I can't just split a track in SO and have all following regions scoot down.
There are lots of little things like that.
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Here is the deal, if you are in a small boat, the acoustics are going to make any mic sound bad. The boundaries are just too close for you to get a good sound. I would stick with a dynamic. It will be less sensitive, but if you choose the right one, you can get a decent sound in close quarters. The Shure SM7, EV RE27, etc should do it. If you do a cheap condenser, and $200 is cheap for a condenser, you are going to spend more money trying to make that work for you.
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I was hoping it would do some simple things ProTools did without me having to think. But, this software is not for the type of user that I am. I have gone back to ProTools for editing, it is just faster for me. For laying down some ideas and tracking from the console live, I use StudioOne.
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This could kill someone. If you are not an insured, certified rigger or have stamped drawings from a structural engineer, save yourself some prison time.
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Roland REAC. They just rolled out a 24-channel stage box that is a stud.
Waves has the Emotion mixer that will work with Peavey's high end SB3126.
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You can buy forged shoulder M10 eye bolts from Grainger, Fastenal, Western Extralite, KenForging, etc.

For permanent dead hangs, I use Gripple brand rope and fasteners with M10s studs. The studs screw in and the install looks allot cleaner with no eye bolt and shackle. There are lots of options like Gripple which stream line the look of the install.

There are lots of suppliers. If you buy from JBL, QSC, any speaker company, you are going to pay double, but it is convenient getting it all from one place.
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They have not released the cards yet, so who knows? If you are sending audio to the computer via Dante, you will likely not need the FW anymore anyway.

I am running Mavericks 10.9.2 with the latest firmware and Universal Control Ai. The console I have has issues. I have generated a service ticket, submitted pics, video, etc. They have issues with the RTA and SMAART software showing 20Hz activity, even when there is nothing patched to the console. There is some activity at 20kHz as well. There is distortion and noise with nothing patched. This particular console is more noisy than the 24. It sounds like I have open mics under air conditioner vents, with all inputs and outputs muted. They say it is firmware related and updates will fix it. They do not have an ETA.

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rjanwalln wrote:Hi!

I'm creating a radio studio and the task is to get "on-air" lamps to light up when the faders are up.
As the mixer don't have a GPI interface (AFAIK) I thought using MIDI control change would be a solution.
The question is: is it possible to get the mixer to send control change messages by moving the faders?
That way it would be possible to send control changes to a MIDI relay and use that to turn the lights on and of.
Or does someone have some other idea of how to do it?

Örjan Wallén

Buy a radio console. That is what they are designed to do. Not only that, you need cueing and stem mix functions that a studio/live console does not offer, especially in this price range.
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danaskew wrote:I am looking for personal monitor mixers for our stage singers. We have floor wedges now, and they all receive the same signal. I am looking for a in-ear wireless monitor system. Each singer would have their own device, like an ipod or android, and they would be able to mix the sound on their device. We would send them 16 channels and they can adjust what they want to hear. We have Aviom I and Aviom II systems in the Worship center now. We can add 1 Aviom that would be connected to an FM transmitter and the singers would wear a headset, but they would like their own control. Is there such a device?

Since you have Aviom now, would they be happy with one mix? All you need are personal headphone amps on their mic stands, or wired body packs. There are tons of options for this.

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roblof wrote:Why does dante sound more and more like the future interface to support...

It is not the future. It is the present. The MI companies are just now catching on. We install contractors have been using Dante for years.

No, you will not have to tweak anything. Dante is just the interface. There is Virtual Soundcard software and a virtual patch bay, allowing users to route anything on the network to go anywhere, any number of times. There are many Dante devices out there, in various forms, allowing users to get as little as two channels on and off the network.

The drag about Cobranet was latency. Latency increases with network size. Dante does not have this limitation. Dante will work on existing networks with off the shelf routers, switches, etc.
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Apple no longer puts Firewire ports on the computers but the Thunderbolt to FW adapter works.
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