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KC's wrote:In the end with the amount of searching and difficulty getting quotes online for the DAS gear I gave up on it.... NSL sent back an email saying that they don't deal with them anymore, so I guess you have to actually go in and see them. Can't do that from here.. some companies just didn't even reply with a quote. I must say thats pretty poor, I thought the idea of going into business was to move gear and make a profit...
Anyway, in the dead of the night after making phone calls to the U.S and getting a bit peeved I bought four EV ZX3 60/60's. Same brand as my subs. If they don't work out as mains I will use them as monitors and retire the Yammies. At least my back will thank me for that....
So I have these ZX3's powered by two Crown XTi 4002's. Next to tune them for flat response in the Driverack and get some info on setting them up best for two per side operation. I am looking at making a bracket to pole mount them two per pole at the right angle to try and minimise comb filtering. The poles handle the Yamaha 15's O.K, and there won't be too much difference in weight beteen two of these cabs and one Yammie 15 (these are stand alone poles, not the plug into the top of the sub type). Not by my back o meter anyway.....

Sorry to hear the DAS situation.... They have a location in Miami but that is pretty far for you. They "had" great service for me when one of the crossovers blew out a cap..... threw the frequency response out of control..... sent it in and they replaced it NO Charge.... no issues whatsoever since..... I love them and they were right for the price at the time I got them.... probably will never sell them because they can move to the floor and still be kick A$$ monitors..

Don't forget your Xti's have built in processing .... could be used without the Driverack OR supplemental in the PEQ department... plus a few other things..
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sjc193 wrote:Thanks guys!

I guess my main question here, and maybe Jerry already answered it, is that when I take my single stack of speakers outside in a field/park to tune them, should I use the VSL Smaart as the tool, or should I use the AutoEq within the Driverack as the tool? I figured it would be easier using VSL Smaart because you can see the changes in real-time.

Another question, should I do this on grass or blacktop? does it matter?

Just for reference, I have a single 18" sub with a 3-way PASSIVE fully horn loaded speaker on top (Turbosound TMS-1), so I'm just using the driverack as a 2-way active crossover. These tops literally say 1980 on the back of them, and the Subs say 1985, so you can imagine that they do need some tuning and they are definitely not in the driverack's list of speaker presets. For their size these speakers are rediculously loud! Love em! But there are a couple mid frequency that just rip you head off if you're directly in front of them.

The thing that I was talking about with the delay is that it would be nice if I could examine the 3-way passive Top speaker and make delay adjustment to each driver within the single encloser without actively crossing over each driver, that's what my BBE Sonic Maximizer does although you can't change any settings, one in one out, and it delays the lows most ,then mids, then highs, I always leave the Contour and Process knobs all the ways down (those are probably similar to the Subharmonic Synthesizer in the Drive rack)

You could try both but here is the rub: Using the auto EQ requires you use the graphic in the DR over the 9 band PEQ.... Well at least initially... Since you are going with a two way XO - you only get 4 PEQs to tune the top with.... Not a whole lot but it is better than just the graphic alone.

Auto EQ takes more time and probably will have to be done at louder volumes. Smaart can be done at lower volumes so you don't bother anyone in the neighborhood.

If it was me - I would just use the Smaart program in the VSL..... Configure the DR to use the PEQ on the Input side rather than the graphic.... Set your mic straight out on axis in between the horn and mid woofer. On a 3 way top....?? Probably somewhere out far enough to where you get a balanced spray from all the drivers..... Usually 8 to 10 feet out....

Fire up and look at the trace.... Take down peaks and don't fill dips ( not yet) . If the trace falls apart at the crossover point.... Do Not fill it with a PEQ boost.... This means it needs delay on way or the other. You add delay for fun and see if that dip POPs up out of there.... Concentrate on taking out peaks. There are several contour shapes in the manual you should shoot for as a starter. Outdoors - mine looks exactly like the shape with low end extension..

Once you are indoors - repeat.... You will see build ups and cancellations.... Use your main PEQ on the VSL and take down the buildups.... Play music to confirm..... Go ahead and make further adjustments as needed to make the system sound correct even if it looks like you mangle the pretty trace...... The BIGGEST mistake people make is not allowing the trace to deviate once flat. Do what you need to do....

Good luck Steve! Oh !- I honestly know nothing about the Maximizer..... The delays on the DR are on the outputs and cannot be activated if the configuration is Full range otherwise it affects the entire full range box.... Not individual drivers... Then there is Tri-amping.... Hehe
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sjc193 wrote:Howdy!

I just ordered a Driverack 260 and an RTA mic. I'm trying to think through how I want to use it. I'm just now realizing that the delay features are only to delay the outputs from the crossover, that bums me out because I thought you could delay the drivers within a single enclosure even if they are passively crossed, but that's OK, baby steps (guess I have to keep the sonic maximizer in the path), I would need the full version of Smaart for that anyway I assume.

Back to my question, I was reading an old thread where Jerry was explaining how to take one set of speakers outside and tune them up using the parametric eq's, I believe he would run the auto eq feature, that would set the graphic, then he would translate those settings to the output parametric eq's, and do it again and again until the response curve looked good.
My question is, now that Smaart FFT is in VSL, can I do this same thing using that instead of the Driverack AutoEq? I'm thinking, I 'd set a speaker stack up outside, flatten out all settings on the board and driverack. Then I believe I could run the Smaart Wizard and just sit there adjusting the driverack output parametric eq's until I got the graph I'm looking for in Smaart VSL. Once done, I really would never touch the output eq's again unless I got new speakers. Is that Correct?

At that point when I got to a venue I could do the same thing, but adjust the input parametric eq's on the driverack to adjust for the room.

Please let me know if I'm on the right track here, Thanks!


P.S Thanks Presonus for fixing the bugs in this forum site, so much easier to use now

Hey Steve - nice purchase! Just to let you know.... The 260 can do many things. There is an Input A side and an Input B side to the unit. This of course can be used for stereo use or two totally Independent sides or like two 260's in mono.... There is delay on every output of the crossover..... Instead of using the 31 band graphic - you can select the 9' band Parametric. This is on the INPUT side of the Driverack. For every output there is a 4 band Parametric. Oh... The input side has delay as well to align the FOH to the back line.

I never use the Sonic Maximizer and I am not sure why DBX put that in potential I suppose. The AFS wizard can help but seems to make the system sound Hollow... For my inserts - I use the Limiter (brick wall) and the Notch Filter. The Notch filter gives you 6 more PEQ's to handle feedback in a very specific way. Very powerful

As far as using Smaart on the VSL to tune with..... Absolutely! Instead of making changes on the console - make them on the Driverack..... You will see the changes on the screen in real time.

The standard for Parametric use goes like this: OUTPUT PEQ's are used for Driver correction.... This takes care of each component in the box. INPUT PEQ's are used to combine An array or side by side cluster...

Setting delays require more skill and so far we don't have that ability with the Presonus software... We have what is called the "Magnitude" trace... To set delays we need the Phase trace.... This stuff gets way out there but for now go ahead and experiment and have fun.... Always check with music and a vocal mic.

Basically - to tell if your system is in the ball park...... You should be able to pop a decent CD into the system with NO EQ on it at the channel strip or auxiliary input and it should sound good. That tells you immediately if the system is in the ball park.

This is the first test I do on a system when someone needs help... Often there is all kinds of channel strip EQing going on to make the CD sound good. Let the system EQ turnings handle that.... Ie... Driverack

Well Steve - I would like to see you take your system to the next level... Hit me or Gadget up if you need more help..

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terry93 wrote:I'm just wondering how the RTA mic will work with 1.7. Is there a pink noise generator involved? Is there some automatic feature?

I'll probably start with a DOD RTA mic, so Just trying to understand how this all will work. Excited to have something this cool.

A side note: When I name the channels on my Mac, when I start it up again, all the names have disappeared. It does'nt retain them?

Hook the mic up to the talkback input. Open up the VSL and select the Smaart tab in the middle of the screen at the top. Follow the directions.... Your board will do some goofy stuff like default to ch1 and pan hard left...... Don't worry bout it.... It is supposed to. You will see a virtual fader and all you have to do is raise it up and you should have pink noise coming thru. The generator is built in.

In order to save the channel strip names or the scene - you have to select the scene you are currently working with and then hit the PLUS "+" sign at the top right of the screen. It will ask you if you want to overwrite the scene.... Select YES. Done!

Next time you start up - open VSL find your scene - highlight it with the mouse..... Drag it out onto the mix screen and drop it..... Bam! It should load perfectly for you with the names intact how you left it last....

You got to get into the manual bro..... And watch all the videos.... There is so much to learn but it is all worth it. Have fun!
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talmen wrote:Thanks guys. I'm late to the party getting started with Smaart, but I have to say I really liked using it at my last gig. Worked like a charm, and between that and the spectral waterfall in the graphic EQ I was able to achieve much higher gain before feedback that I was able to get at the same venue/event last year.

I sort of figured it was just a limitation of the 16.4.2. My new understanding is that when you are in Smaart room analysis mode you are just setting a FAT channel EQ assigned to the output that is being analyzed. In theory then, the narrow/wide selection on the mid bands and the shelf state can be still manipulated to help achive the flattest trace, if I understand you correctly. And you are saying that this has to be done from the console, not VSL? Not too big of a deal for me, and certainly not a deal-breaker. I'm just very pleased to have such a great tool at my disposal.

Thanks again for chiming in, guys. I knew one of you Smaart-y-pants around here would have the low-down.

Yes & Yes - from the console. Not sure why it isn't on the software. You could also make adjustments to an outboard DSP device like a Driverack and see the result on the screen as well.

If you haven't already done so Talmen - take a look in the manual that pertains to Smaart and look at the sample traces. I go for the trace with the low end extension Outdoors..... Take the system inside and re-measure... Which will show buildups and cancellations. I take down the peaks so it is smooth again.... And as a finalizer.... Pop in music thru the system while using my headphones as a guide for proper balance and a second opinion to my tuning strategy... Ie. The Dave Rat Method. This works so dang well It is ridiculous.... Loads of fun!

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talmen wrote:Does the 16.4.2 allow for 'Q' control of the parametric via UC/VSL under the Smaart system? When I called it up to use it for the first time over the weekend I had the four bands I could adjust, but there was no 'Q' as shown in the demo videos I watched in prep for using it the first time. Do I not have the latest drivers? (I thought I did.)

Like Gadget stated BUT you could have engaged the Q @ the mixer and then watched to see if the change was what you wanted.....

I know .... The point is to not walk back to the mixer but the Q does have an impact on the trace.
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gadget69 wrote:Ummm... Jerry.. I would suspect since it says in the headline 16.4.2 that perhaps THAT is the mixer ??? Just a thought

Oh and...
1x Shure SM58
1x Shure Beta52 (kick)

Well.... I"ll be... Yes it does...haha. Hey- it is the long winter here.... Really messing with me... Looks like he has plenty of tools to get this this thing going. Yeah the spectrograph would be quite helpful here.
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There are a lot things going here but you basically don't have enough space. Don't subject your ears or anyone else's to that. The drums alone would be enough to damage your ears.

What do you use for a mixer? What do you use for equalization? Do you have a system controller (DSP) device? These things can help to get the system setup properly.

Give us some more info....
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I have read many stories where individuals argue over the quality of certain sound systems...... I have heard: " Meyers suck" or those Danley's aren't all that.... On the surface - maybe they did BUT I would never write any of them off until I knew the full story.

For example: does the sound guy like to use his own processor or is he the type that has to have the crossover set HIS way? There are a lot of stubborn people out there from the analog world and can't get a grip on technology and it affects the way they do things.

Did the Danley system have the proper processor and amps for those particular boxes? Did the Meyers system have the proper DSP and amps for those boxes? These things matter.... Did the system tech optimize gain structure? This falls under his or her responsibilities.

I love how Dave Gunness explains the realization that not all DSP's are equal. So at Fulcrum they have a list of the processors and amps that are known to be tested thoroughly for optimized turnings with their boxes. They also explain the difference between Level 1 and Level 2 DSP in which one of them utilizes FIR Filters for the absolute BEST Phase accuracy.... If you choose to step outside those recommendations - don't blame it on Fulcrum.

So to conclude this rambling: If a top of the line speaker seems to have issues - I bet we aren't getting the full story.... Sometimes it is a financial issue and shortcuts are taken so the correct processor isn't selected.... .?? Idk

Robert Scovil has been known to ask techs to load ALL intended manufacturer turnings before stepping up to the board. He doesn't allow himself to decide what needs to be done on the Output side of the Parametric.... The manufacturer knows what is best. However the Input side is free game..

These things matter in the final outcome of the system and it is rare that I get to see it followed through completely...... It is dang expensive!
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nukeguy wrote:Hello
I'm kinda new and straight user of studiolive 16.4.2 and still playing around with it. Simply loving it. Yesterday i was messing around with it in one of my nuendo's project. I wanted to use 1/2's stereo compression/limiter on my master track and render it out. I added the external plugins, playback from MONITOR is perfect, but when it renders the audio size is in mb's but there's no audio in it, its like and empty track :/ .... I know m wrong somewhere in the routing process. Please help me out here.

Are you using the board for playback or are you completely in your software program? It has been a while since I used the board for playback but while using Capture - I had to bring up the Master Fader while in record mode on 17/18 to get audio to drop to it.

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Some have asked how the UC Smaart program compares to the Original Smaart program....... Meaning - if you measure with each software program - how well does it compare?

My Answer is: VERY well. The exact same room anomalies I found with UC - I found with Smaart v7. Feel free to measure with confidence....
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SwitchBack wrote:Out of curiosity and slightly off topic:

Has anyone worked out a way to use the Smaart tools in conjunction with aux fed subs? Would be a real bonus to have a tool at hand to tune the balance and the crossover settings...

Switch - Smaart views the Aux fed sub as contamination. What you could do is through trial an error get it close but you will have to set it up as a normal setup and take snapshots then proceed to aux fed sub configuration and try to duplicate it. The level of the sub will have to stay consistent otherwise you having a floating crossover point that could actually make things worse..... Who knows - might make it better... Lol

I have a buddy who has a method for this to get it close. Let me get back to you on this a little later...
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mwright137 wrote:Where do we sign up to beta test the speakers

No kidding! I would love to test them... Not the 15's though.... I am really interested in the 328's

Subs as well..... They look just like my Fanes...
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Just received an update for my iPad for iOS 6.1. Are there any known issues with VSL or Capture...etc. before I update?

When I updated to iOS 6 - everything worked fine but my iPad itself got a bit slower. More like it had to think about what you wanted for a few seconds...... I would like to update to see if that part improves but don't want to render it useless for any SL stuff.
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I too was hoping for a rack mounted set up. I love the iPad and actually hate standing at the mixer now. I set the gains (trim) and check my meters ( comp, GR...) there but that is it. You pretty much have to.

I am still hoping Presonus will have something else close by other than the 32. The real benefit in all of this is the Package..... The board is part of it..... The new speaker line is the other AND how it is integrated. It is a complete system where there is essentially nothing else that needs to be done to achieve optimum gain structure, linear phase, magnitude and alignment. The system side will be complete and the room side will be left up to you your mixing skills. Currently - most novices deal with both sides of the issue and often make decisions on the wrong side.

This is Huge! Can't wait to hear more on this...
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