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Studio One General Discussion » Anyone using Maschine MK2/2.1 with Studio One Professional these days? » Go to message
I don't have Maschone so can't comment based on personal knowledge but quiet a lot of users have it and use it with Studio One.

There is a Maschine Extension freely available on the Studio One Exchange site.
I don't know a lot about it but I understand it is there to help with the integration of Maschine with StudioOne.

Might be worth looking into?

Studio One General Discussion » Korg microKEY-25 USB MIDI Controller » Go to message
In case you are interested. There is also the Masterkey range of keyboards.. There are various sizes.

They must be fairly reasonable as they are the same keyboard as used in the Presonus Music Creation Suite...
(look at the images of both you will see a strong similarity)
And they have to be compatible with Studio One as they provide Studio One Artist in the box!!

Amazon sells them for US$59 but they might be cheaper elsewhere

Digital Audio Recording » Free Eventide UltraChannel Plugin!! » Go to message
BTW you also need to have Studio One Producer or Studio One Professional to see and use 3rd party plugins.. If you are running Artist or Free you cat use 3rd party plugins.

Just in case people having issues are using the wrong version of Studio One!!
Forum / Website Design Feedback » Let's start a Notion forum here, please. » Go to message
Yeah I like the idea too..
Studio One Forum Community Support » Mixdown completely different from sound in project page... » Go to message
Try listening in something like Audacity or whatever and not Windows Media Player or even maybe try Quicktime and see what it sounds like.. That will confirm whether it is Media Player or what!!

We are assuming you are listening on the same speakers and through the same audio device etc!!
Studio One General Discussion » Softube Saturation Knob » Go to message
To a Folder..
It asks you basically to tell it what you want to install and to point to a installer file..

If you download direct from Exchange via the S1 Browser it will normally automatically install..
If not then the files normally get downloaded to the default downloads directory and you can "manually" install them yourself.

If you download from the Web version of Exchange then you have to manually do the install.. By either drag and drop or using that Install button..

Oh and if you manually install you may also have go push the Enable button.

When I instal Manually I also usually go out of Studio Oe and restart it so that it will pick up the installed extension properly. Just a habit I have gotten into.

Give it a go...

Studio One General Discussion » Yamaha Hybrid Kit Kontakt 5 FREE! » Go to message
Might have been a good idea to put this in the Special Deals and Freebies Thread.. ( ) rather than creating a new thread for this..

Just saying or suggesting!!
Studio One General Discussion » Softube Saturation Knob » Go to message
It might also have been possible to Open Studio One at the start Page go to the Studio One Menu and Opened the Extensions Dialog and ran the Install from there.. There is an Instal Button on that screen..

Studio One Forum Community Support » Volume/Effects automation » Go to message
A handy trick is once you have the automation line showing.
You can select the Range Select tool.
Then hold down the Option key on a Mac (Alt on a PC) to select a start and end point range. (if you like an exact range you want to affect)
When you do this also shows a box with handles ..
Grabbing the centre handle at the top will allow you to drag the line up or down for just that selected area..

BTW the Transform Drawing Tool can do the exact same thing.... In fact holding Option down on the Range tool effectively turns it into the Transform Drawing tool..

FireStudio Mobile & FireStudio Project » Glitchy/warbly audio in OSX 10.9 Mavericks » Go to message
Did the Update to OSX 10.9.2 Mavericks solve the issue?
ref.. re audio distorsion etc.
Studio One Tips and Tricks » Combine MIDI instruments? » Go to message
And if you want them "together" with similar FX applied etc then send them to the same bus.
Pre-Sales Questions » A few questions on what to get » Go to message
So you will get a 24Ai?

Pre-Sales Questions » A few questions on what to get » Go to message
BTW there is a guy selling a 24AI over here.. Even has a case..
Might be worth chatting with him..

Don't know him or anything about him or it so do your homework but worth checking??
Pre-Sales Questions » A few questions on what to get » Go to message
You can always buy a 16 now.. See how it goes. And if in the future you want or need to buy a 2nd one ..
Then if and when Presonus release an update to link them then you can double the 16 to 32 or whatever

BTW the Fat Channel on the actual desk of the 16 is slightly smaller (because of less physical space) with slightly less features (less knobs and meters etc..). The 24 and 32 have the same fat channel. Check the images

The 16 is still an awesome device.. But buy what you can afford - you know if you buy the 16 you will end up needing the 24. That is "the LAW".. So if you can afford a 24 get it..

Studio One General Discussion » Multiple installs of sound sets » Go to message
hibidy wrote:Awwww, shucks guys!
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