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16.4.2 » 16.4.2 Subs have no output, HELP » Go to message
Yep,,,that was it! Thanks for the help guys. Problem solved.
16.4.2 » 16.4.2 Subs have no output, HELP » Go to message
Hi, I have a Studiolive 16.4.2 that has the newest version of the firmware updated. Recently all subs have stopped working. I can get output signal through the "main" but if I post a channel to any of the subgroups, I get no sound. The meters show that there is sound coming in,,,,but no output from that subgroup. Silence,,,,

I'm at a loss,,,what could I be missing? Is this a common problem? Help!
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Good info! I guess either method makes sense if you have a Leopard disk. If you don't, you've got a bigger problem.

I have endlessly read forums with folks having similar problems/challenges. Seems like there are quite a few people out there with un-updated devices. And there are lots of solutions for different scenarios. I tried several different approaches and the one above was finally the winner, none of the others worked. It took a year on/off for me to wrap my head around what needed to happen and actually be motivated to spend the time doing it. Trial and error aint no fun, LOLjavascript:emoticon('');

Im glad Ive got the update. Its like having a new unit.

Now I'm struggling with the ipad/iphone connection. The mixer sees the iPad and iPhone, the iPad and iPhone see the mixer. When I tap connect one each device they just go into the spinning flower/thinking mode but never connect.javascript:emoticon(''); Eventually they time out.

Can you help me with this?
16.4.2 » 16.4.2 firmware update from 1.12 or below to 1.2 "Solution" » Go to message
Hi Folks,
I'm an early adopter of the Presonus Studio live 16.4.2 and have used it for years without ever updating the firmware or getting much use out of UC. Until recently when my home became practice space for the church worship band. At that point I reviewed the Studio Live's features and realized that the wifi-Ipad-iphone remote capabilities were available if I performed a firmware update. And I wanted these features.

Long story short, I had long since upgraded my OS on my Macbook pro from Leopard to Lion and the firmware update that I needed on the SL was so old that it required "Leopard" as the Macbook OS to process the update. Something I no longer had.javascript:emoticon('');

I have spent the past year in a vexed state as to how to get this update. Do I delete Lion and reload Leopard? (this would delete all of my files) Do I buy a PC with a firewire jack?(expensive) Do I ship the unit back to Presonus for the update? (expensive). There were no good solutions, and I had hit a wall with the update on the other side (and all of that great wifi stuff there too).javascript:emoticon('');

The solution:
Because I had the original boot disks for my macbook pro, I had a copy of Leopard on disk. I created a partition on the hard drive of my Macbook Pro, loaded Leopard to the partition, downloaded the SL firmware update to the partition and loaded it to the Studio Live,,,it worked beautifully. Here is how to do it (assuming you have Leopard on a backup disk too)

On the Mac. Navigate Applications>Utilities>disk Utilities, Select the top choice for drive (not Macintosh HD).
Once highlighted click the partition tab on the right then at the bottom click the (+) tab. Highlight the second partition and rename it something you'll remember. Choose the size of the partition by dragging the divider up or down (it can be very small, like 15GB). Let the computer run its resizing computation, this takes a while. Once done navigate out and reboot the machine while holding the Option key. This will pull up your old OS and the new partition that you've created. Choose the partition.
Once in the partition, load the Leopard disk and go through the install menus.
Then download the update to 1.2 from the Presonus website.
Connect to the board, open UC, ask it to update and viola!! you're done.

This took me a year to figure out. Presonus would be wise to post instructions like this on their troubleshooting page. The solution was simple,,,but it took me a long time to figure it out. And literally minutes to do it.
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