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Universal Control - Public Beta » all my mixer is empty no effects no fat channels no thing » Go to message


i did the last update to the universal control 1.7.2 and to may studiolive 24.4.2 and after that all my effects and fat channels and the Graphic Equalizer is gone.
the scenes are existing but the graphic eq is flat
all the things that i save except the scene (the eq on the scene cannels )is gone. and all the build in fat channels that where on the mixer from the firs day are gone to.
where can i find all this information and get it back to my mixer .

thank you for all your help in advance
24.4.2 » my ipad not connecting to the universal studio » Go to message
i connect my pc to the studiolive 24.4.2 with a firewire cable
i connected my pc and my ipad to the same wifi router
my ipad see the studiolive but when i press connect it just think and nothing happen

what i'm doing wrong?
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