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Based on the lack of a response, encouragement, input from the devs or any the Presonus staff clearly demonstrates that they don't give a rip about users or even their software. It pretty much evident to me in all these pages, support forum etc. - it's sycophants alley here, a scattering of a self help group and Studio One? Flogging a dead horse.
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Studio One. Have been along for the ride from the beginning...

There have been times the program was not usable for professional recording. Frustratingly unstable and buggy. On Windows and Mac platform at different phases. Made me seriously pissed off, having forked out good dollars.

Fortunately it is stable in the current version and is a pleasure to use. Makes one forget the hard times somewhat.
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Thank you, Presonus. Your work is appreciated.
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Not stable on Retina MBP at this stage. Most crashes are display related.

Stable alternatives are Logic Pro X and Reason.
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1. Logic Pro X
(Drummer, Flex Pitch/Audio, Stability, Aesthetics, Midi Features, Sounds fantastic)

2. Reason 7
Stability, Just works, Sounds good, Aesthetics, Excellent support

3. Protools 11
Stability, Just works, Sounds good, Aesthetics

4. Studio One 2
(Instability, high CPU, Fast workflow, not easy on the eye, Midi Jitter)

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LMike wrote:Oh, never mind,

I don't come here much anymore, but when I do Mr. Passive-Agressive is EVERYWHERE!

"Thank you for your opinion kind Sir"
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You realize that there is a 2mb limit on images at SC?

SkylineUK wrote:There's competition elsewhere, they'd better pull their fingers out. I only have the free account, I'd be bloody livid if I'd paid for a pro account.

It's the age of entitlement
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LMike wrote:Nothing like that sir.
I have a few minor issues with 2.6 myself actually but I'll put in a support ticket.

Sorry to the original poster for the hijack.

I guess you're right Mike, it's perhaps a bit self righteous and doesn't really serve a purpose at this point.

Be well and may we all have stable platforms to work in. Over and out

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LMike wrote:Seeking out drama huh?

Hmmm. the comfortable smugness of not having been affected, Mike?

Not being able to use the Software for more than 6 months, no acknowledgement from the company and an expectancy to 'for goodness sake brush it under the carpet and not make waves' by the fanboy choir *did* have a dramatic impact in my studio..

Admittedly, given that after the 2.6 version fix S1 now works flawlessly on Retina MacBooks under the same hardware, OS and plugin scenario is a miraculous and dramatic vindication.

But look! Oh my goodness, I'm daring to speak the truth again, noooo! Shhhhhhhhhhh........

(Better vote down another of my former 5-star forum Karma points LOL)
Studio One General Discussion » 2.6 Mac Crash when quiting » Go to message
Looks like they fixed the Retina issues and introduced instability elsewhere?

While I'm really happy to personally have a functioning S1 now (with the release of 2.6), I sympathise with you and would urge everyone having trouble not to hush it up for the sake of political correctness.

And yes, while it may look like you're being ignored by Presonus, and blamed for faulty code personally by the S1 fanboys, submitting crash reports to support and here on the forum does help in the long term....
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kingkarnovbeats wrote:There are some instabilities with s1 now but I'm sure they are working on it. Cheers

Cheers to you too...

For many Mac users S1 (2.4/5) especially those on Retina displays it took more than 6 months for this DAW to become usable for making music. Record dropouts and system crashes related to the GUI galore...these things have just been fixed with the latest update 2.6. Well done, but -hey- it took a looong time and they did not have the courtesy to communicate with those of us left stranded all that time.

Did you expect those affected users to silently cease making making music or something? And you wanted them to remain cheery, proper fanboys throughout?

Naw, let's get some perspective and stop chewing the cud, please. S1 is all right (when it's fully working) but there are plenty of excellent, in some ways, superior alternatives out there. They all have their pros and cons. I've not taken a KKK/Masonic oath of allegiance with Presonus. I take offence at being lectured about ship jumping, honestly reporting problems and assisting others in finding music-making tools that work.

Rock on.
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Yes, I can confirm/reproduce this

Crash Log attached.....

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Sometimes it takes many many months for the fix. I'd recommend multi version installs. Keep the one that works for you AND install the new one. They co exist seamlessly...
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- [OSX] GUI issues with a lot of 3rd party plugins

Finally a veiled acknowledgement from Presonus that S1 2.5 had become unusable as a DAW due to instability on many late model Macs. Submitting all those crash reports must have put them on the right track. You're welcome.

A few hours testing and it appears that S1 is usable for tracking, mixing and mastering again

Lots of improvements on window and general application handling as well. Your product appears to be performing as advertised.

(Perhaps next time this happens some official acknowledgement of the issues and an announcement that you're working on it will avoid that horrible sense of aloofness and lack of openness towards customers? I must say -like many- I was severely dissapointed.)
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That's right. Use the drummers groove and intelligence to lay down the track and then, if you prefer an external sample library, it's a snap.

Agree also, the mentioned SOS article is excellent.

Some other things to consider, you can set the articulation from GM to v-drum and record some frilly fills manually with the Roland kit ( if needed)

Also, very cool is setting the Drummer track as the project's groove track, enabling flex audio and ticking the respective tracks. Such audio tracks (bass, keys etc) will miraculously follow the groove the drummer does. Incredible timesaver for a songwriter/one man band...

It's the very reason why I consider the Logic drummer better than a live drummer. Judging by some of the responses above, my statement is controversial, however no live drummer could deliver the mentioned actions without interrupting the workflow.

Lastly, the Logic Arrange Track. Anybody agree that is the coolest and most ingeniosus way to arrange song sections? Just drag them around. (If labelled intro, verse, outro etc the Drummer will give the appropriate thang to you.)

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