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Hello Studio One Users,

Studio One 2.6.2 is online!
We are proud to present our new update with some very useful features.
And we are introducing the new support for our Add-ons.

Please find out all news on the website or in the release notes down below.

best regards

Studio One 2.6.2 Release Notes

Studio One 2.6.2 has the following new features and enhancements:

- Support for Studio One Add-ons
- The last ten autosaves are now automatically archived into the versions list
- Optimized ARA data-saving to speed up autosave
- “Remove unused files” command in the Pool now removes associated Melodyne data
- The Activation window can accept email address instead of user name

Studio One 2.6.2 fixes the following issues:

- Melodyne plays sound only inside of an audio part range
- MIDI tempo import rounding error eliminated
- Tempo info only writes as a Wave file on mixdown when this format is selected in Options
- “Send to Sample One” slice order no longer inverted when sending from audio track
- [Windows] Studio One window now always on top
- [Mac OS X] Audio-device selection no longer lost after system reboot
- [Mac OS X] Plug-in GUI stays on top of detached mixer
- [Mac OS X] First drag from the browser now working
- [Fat Channel plug-in] Improved visibility of parameter values

This update is free to registered Studio One 2 users.
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We confirmed this issue several times before.
Michael knows that. But he cant remember his own requests and messages after one week.

He wrote that (and many other suggestions) in lot of other threads ever and ever again.

This thread does not help!
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Hello Studio One Users,

Studio One 2.6.1 is online!
This maintenance release contains some fixes and improved support for OSX 10.9!

best regards

Studio One 2.6.1 Release Notes

- [OSX] Window handling may be broken on 10.9 Mavericks
- Function keys for browser pages do not toggle browser
- Transport controls removed on 1280 pixel wide displays
- Midi preview player does not stop when using external devices
- Optimized MCU Sysex handling
- [OSX] Crash when quitting Studio One via Dock
- [OSX] Missing button bar in UAD plugins
- [OSX] Cursor only correctly drawn
- [OSX] Crash when closing performance monitor
- [Project Page] Strings converted to uppercase
- [Project Page] Phase meter not working
- [FatChannel] LM HM Q settings not restored
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