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Ok thanks.. will send detail in 3 or 4 minutes.


Studio One General Discussion » Anyone having Issues with Studio One 2 v2.02 Crashing? » Go to message
I bought a new copy yesterday online. Installed a fresh and full installation a iMAC running OSX Lion 10.7.2. Also got the latest Melodyne 2.01 installed.

Now from day one this application has crashed constantly when trying to use the bend tool. By constantly I think it has been about 9 time sin the past 6 hrs.
Really getting me grumpy! So much so I have gone back to Logic for this job - and maybe others until I get the issue fixed?.

BTW I have logged a Tech Support Ticket with Presonus but was wondering if anyone is having similar issues and maybe had a fix or suggestion?

I am getting these errors showing in the Apple Crash Dialog .

<Data clipped for brevity...>

Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x000000003afffffc

<<< Lots of data clipped Clipped...

Thread 19 Crashed:
0 com.presonus.elastique 0x13b386c0 InstFreqProc(stPVData*) + 384
1 com.presonus.elastique 0x13b3c785 PVProcessVecLib(void*, float**, float**, int) + 2085
2 com.presonus.elastique 0x13b37410 CElastiqueMC:rocessData(float**, int, float**) + 1424
3 com.presonus.elastique 0x13b26b21 CelastiqueProDirect:rocessData() + 2369
4 com.presonus.elastique 0x13b24b98 CelastiqueProDirect:rocessDataIntern(float**, int, float**) + 56
5 com.presonus.elastique 0x13b1f381 CelastiquePro:rocessData(float**, int, float**) + 289
6 com.presonus.elastique 0x13b0af9f Elastique::read(Media::AudioData&, int) + 889
7 com.presonus.elastique 0x13b0ac20 non-virtual thunk to Elastique::read(Media::AudioData&, int) + 34
8 com.presonus.studioone2 0x004fd721 0x1000 + 5228321
9 com.presonus.studioone2 0x004fd835 0x1000 + 5228597
10 com.presonus.studioone2 0x00216c83 0x1000 + 2186371
11 com.presonus.studioone2 0x0021726f 0x1000 + 2187887
12 com.presonus.cclsystem 0x015ee003 CCL::Threading::WorkerThread::run() + 73
13 com.presonus.cclsystem 0x015ee0cd CCL::Threading::WorkerThread::run(void*) + 17
14 com.presonus.cclsystem 0x015ecf01 CCL::Threading::NativeThread::callFunction() + 43
15 com.presonus.cclsystem 0x0163254d _ZL11ThreadEntryPv + 52
16 libsystem_c.dylib 0x98717ed9 _pthread_start + 335
17 libsystem_c.dylib 0x9871b6de thread_start + 34

<<<Lots of data clipped Clipped...

Thread 19 crashed with X86 Thread State (32-bit):
eax: 0x00000067 ebx: 0x13b38554 ecx: 0xffffffff edx: 0x0000007b
edi: 0xfffbf680 esi: 0x3b000000 ebp: 0xb0b2a4a8 esp: 0xb0b2a380
ss: 0x0000001f efl: 0x00010206 eip: 0x13b386c0 cs: 0x00000017
ds: 0x0000001f es: 0x0000001f fs: 0x0000001f gs: 0x00000037
cr2: 0x3afffffc
Logical CPU: 0

etc etc etc.... More data clipped...


Studio One General Discussion » Studio One 2 and Melodyne get out of Sync » Go to message
Sorry Graema oops Graham.

And I hope they fix the sync soon then because it is quite frustrating when trying to beat alight different instruments & vocal lines.


Studio One General Discussion » Bounce or Export Track drops audio randomly » Go to message
Yeah plan on that update.. But I have a feeling about this one that is is not gonna work but heck gotta try right!!

Studio One General Discussion » Studio One 2 and Melodyne get out of Sync » Go to message
Hi Graeme.

Yep good to see Kiwi's here.

The new integration with Melodyne is interesting as basically it is integrated into S1v2 almost as though it was an alternative editor.
I understand how Melodyne words as an external tool or or as say a plugin in Logic etc . However with the ARA they say or claim it is a tight integration and that for example you can take a section of a track at track level. Copy and past it elsewhere or duplicate it and all of Melodynes items are takes as well.. You don't even need to load it as an FX.. (although it does so itself in the background).

It works sort of like an application extension rather tan an audio FX plugin.. It is quite different than in Studio 1 v1 or when using an older version of the Melodyne system.

That said the as I was pointing out the integration isn't as tight as I would expect or hope. That said it is still brilliant.

Anyway.. You shoudl try teh new ARA system.
S2v2 dem o is available as is Melodyne singletrack demo.. Fully operational for 30 days.

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I have also posted this to the Celemony forum as the issue also involves Melodyne - so consider this effectively a cross post and for an FYI for S1 Users.


When I attempt to align a vocal track to a beat in either the integrated Melodyne Editor (up to date released version) and/or in the actual track using the Studio One V2 transient adjustment (Bend) tool. They get out of sync with each other. So when I look at the notes/blobs in the two halves of the screen (track lane and Melodyne Edior) they are "visually" totally out of sync. And in fact if I play the track with Melodyne Disabled it plays differently than with it enabled - and I am talking beat not tuning.

Surely when you fix/optimize the beat using either they should keep at least visually in sync if ARA was working correct?

OK Let me try and explain. This is gonna take a bit so please be patient!

imagine a single vocal part sung by a single person.. It is something that Melodyne "translates" into blobs very easily and accurately. I check and all is OK. All notes and words are showing as expected in the Melodyne edit window of Studio One. If I move a sung phrase in one or other part of the screen (tracks/Arrange or Melodyne Edit) to align up with a beat on the ruler (grid) the move is not reflected in the other half of the screen.

Lets say a phrase or some words are sung a little late and I want to align them with the beat. I can, in Studio One, use its bend tool to adjust or timestretch the start of the words (transients/formats or whatever you wish to call them) onto the beat getting it inline. I can also move any subsequent words I wish so they all align correctly and everything is sung in time and in correct rhythm. Standard beat alignment tricks that Studio One does very well (as do most DAWs nowadays) .

I can do a similar thing in Melodyne. That is I can move the words (or in Melodynes terms the note blobs) around so they all line up with the beat or grid..
This therefore is just two ways of doing more or less the same thing or to get the same outcome. That of getting the singers track singing the exactly on the beat.

However. Once I have opened the track in Melodyne, at the bottom of the Studio One screen, in edit mode and then move a Blob, as described above, this change does not visually automatically show up in the track (ala the transient/formant markers etc) in the top of the screen s don't move so visually they look out of sync. A pain if afterwards I want to line up a backing vocal or other audio or midi track with the singers track.

Ditto if I decide to move or timestretch the transient/formant in the top of the screen (in the track area in the arrange space as previously described ) because I might find it quicker or easier to do it that way. Then those changes do not reflect automatically below in the Melodyne Blobs.

So the two halves of the screen do not show the same passage that has been adjusted as having the same alignment ala they get out of sync visually..

OK I will give you a couple of screen shot examples.
FYI - In the examples the Melodyne Blobs are right and the track plays fairly well.. The singer sang very rubato and I wanna bring the notes back to a more strict rhythm.
This example is just as a test using an old audio file I had hanging around.
No tuning has been done as you will see from the example - the tuning is in need of some work. I expect Melodyne to handle that fine so that is not my issue so ignore tuning.
At the moment I am interested in the alignment of the notes with the beats. Time is 4/4 and approx 150bpm. I say approx. because the singer sang very rubato in style so I am making a judgement on that based on an approx. average bpm I measured..

Shot 1 is just the track inserted and the transients or maybe more accurately formants identified with the bend tool as shown in the track (top) part of the screen. These I would normally use to move the "words" into correct relation to the beat. Melodyne also accurately (as expected) shows the note blobs correct (and in sync with the track lane view.)

Shot 2 shows the screen after I have moved things around in the track (moved transients/formants) to place the words on the, more or less, correct beats . Actually maybe more accurate to say ensure the right word starts on the bar marker than exactly every beat correct but you get the idea I think. So check the bar marks rather than the exact 1/4 note beat marks.
I have done no Melodyne note position editing. All the editing has been done in the track lane area using the bend tool.

1/ The Notes in Melodyne in the bottom window are still sitting in the same places relative to the bars as they were originally even though in the top part (track area) I have moved them.
2/ You will see that the two halves of the screen are therefore not longer in sync. The top part being now adjusted to the beat is out of sync with the Melodyne area which shows the original note positions (not on the beat)..

So my comments about ARA not keeping things in sync in realtime is displayed.

BTW> the reverse is the same ala if I move them in Melodyne the Track doesn't seem to adjust to reflect this. This would be a real pain if I had used Melodyne to do the moves and wanted to note align backing vocals etc to the adjusted singers track.

Based on the ARA integration theoretically you are not switching between Melodyne and Studio One.. They are, for all intents and purposes, the same using ARA!! That in some ways is the selling point of ARA! So it is not just a visual thing in reality... After all you can copy and paste a section of a track from one place to the another, at track level, and the Melodyne Info moves with it. You can chop bits out etc at track level and Melodyne does not force the playback of those edited or muted parts. You can repeat (duplicate) a short track clip or loop and Melodyne's edits follows the repeating etc

What would be nice is if you
1/ Move a series of Formants/Transients in the track, Melodyne picks it up and adjusts.
2/ Move a note here or there in Melodyne and Track picks it up.. (at least visually)

My guess is that this is likely even more valuable in Melodyne V2 where additional editing will be available in Melodyne so people are likely to use Melodyne more.

I personally think this sync issue is a problem but then maybe I am the only person

I also understand that one could bounce the track and then use the bounced one afterwards ensuring that both screen are back in sync
use Melodyne in standalone and then use the output form version in the mix (seems a liitle pointless however of ARA).
There are probably other solutions but the best one of course would be to keep both in sync!!

Ah well something for Celemony and Presonus to think about and work on.. (I hope and pray).

LOL I look forward to the day when all things in our world was perfect

(Again sorry for the long explanation and any typos)
Studio One General Discussion » Bounce or Export Track drops audio randomly » Go to message

I have a single audio track (Vocal) that I have been quantizing and tuning using Melodyne Editor.
The process itself is easy and fairly quick.
The file is not too hot and plays well in Studio One 2.

However when I try to bounce the track or do a Mixdown export of the track the resultant output WAV file has missing chunks in the audio.
I don't get an exact replica of what I hear when i play back. It just seems to glitch during the process and leave "holes" in the audio.

Now If I do a realtime Mixdown Export ( by ticking the realtime tick box on the Mixdown dialog box) all works just fine no glitches or missing bits .

Anyone else experiencing this?

BTW I have Studio One 2 v2.01 and the current Melodyne singletrack Editor version 1.3.0. I am running on a MAC

Studio One Feature Requests » FR: Freehand Track Level Gain Envelope Drawing (2011) » Go to message
Cool thanks.

Yeah Studio One is "marketed" as being a product where things get done quick efficiently and in one or two mouse clicks etc..

Well I think this request fits into that category I think. Ala quicker and more efficient. (maybe anyway) .

ps.. Subject Title Adjusted
Studio One Feature Requests » FR: Freehand Track Level Gain Envelope Drawing (2011) » Go to message
All good ideas & workarounds for now. Thanks for responding.
But as a future request an "editable" gain would be a really nice feature I think.
So my feature request stands as a valid request and one that would make Studio One more powerful..

I assume you don't think it is a bad idea just one that the current release has alternative, albeit maybe more time consuming, workarounds.


Studio One Feature Requests » FR: Freehand Track Level Gain Envelope Drawing (2011) » Go to message
I generally prefer to use automation after I have added all the FX etc and then use it to do a final adjustment to things. Doing so at the event level earlier cleans up the track so I get a better or "cleaner "start" point etc. I guess all about cleaning up the track before the mix.

Yep could snip up the event into smaller ones and do it that way but drawing it would just save time etc.

Just an opinion.. Also just the way I like or would like to work.

Other DAWS have various methods of adjusting the gain and some better than others or easier to use than others. Actually Protools 10 just introduced it (bit late in the game really but wont go into slagging other DAWS!!) and I like the way that works. If you haven't check the AVID Video of how they do it.. Quite nice really.

Studio One Feature Requests » Tap Tempo key command » Go to message
I'd like to see some sort of tap tempo tool that, for example, allows one to take a rubato audio file and tap the beat as it plays and the tempo gets adjusted on the tempo ruler so that it truly reflect what the actual tempo of the song is at any stage..(without changing the audio file playback)

Fixed tempo songs running to a strict beat are fine but a lot of artists sing with amazing skill and emotional/lyrical rubato.

Would be nice to match the tempo ruler to this so that any additional accompaniment etc can be then matched to that varying tempo.

Quick way to do it is to enable a tap tempo feature that is then "recorded" to the tempo track...
(an option to either align the tracks to that tempo or to leave the tracks and just change the ruler would be nice.)

Studio One Feature Requests » Track sheets! » Go to message
Brilliant for mix documentation.. Great idea.
2 thumbs up!!
Studio One Feature Requests » FR: Freehand Track Level Gain Envelope Drawing (2011) » Go to message

I am aware that Audio region (or clip) events can have their gain adjusted by pulling down the handle in the center of the region. That is cool.. But this means all of the selected region/event has the gain adjustment done all the same. I also understand that fade in and fade out can be done at each end of the region/event.

What I would like to see is for the gain to be "drawable" using the drawing tool so that it can be adjusted and different throughout the region/event (just like you can do in automation) . Sometimes just a word or note or something pops and you want to just change that or maybe a small section of a vocal needs adjustment but not the complete vocal.

I have had issues where a vocalist cant stand still when tracking a vocal and they get annoying volume increases in the actual audio file. The performance quality and energy etc is brilliant just the fluctuating volume is annoying. I would like to be able to adjust that at track level as a "clean up" operations.

Now I know automation can be used as well but I would like to do the adjustment pre-fader at the audio event level rather than as an automation event.

BTW I know I could also do this in Melodyne but doing it the event gain would also be a cool and helpful idea.

So please enhance the gain adjustment to allow the gain line to be drawn!

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