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Hey man! Thanks for the feedback. Truth is, 3 + minutes was way too long for me too. I knew this track wasn't any good. It was a big experiment really. I was attempting to work as if I only had a 4 track recorder. So I was trying to experiment with doing my drums live and try to do some testing on getting a better bass tone. It ended up being surprisingly okay as being just an experiment. That's why I posted it? Basically I was trying some workflow enhancements. I was controlling my Xiosynth with Renoise, to see how Renoise would work as a sequencer for external synths in Studio One. It was an interesting effect and I was happy with the result even though it was terrible simply because everything was an experiment. I tried doing all my drums live and that part WAS a failure. So I ended up saying fuck it and quantizing them. My finger drumming skills still aren't quite up to par yet to do it all live. I'm basically just trying to find a way to mix all the different stuff I do. Maschine, Renoise and bass playing. I'm getting closer, and my next tune should be better I hope.
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Studio One and Maschine work great together. I use them both. I'm not sure what you're looking to get out of it but yeah, they work fine. A lot of Maschine users use Studio One.
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I got a Remote SL, and I'm having kind of a love hate relationship with it at the moment. In some ways, it makes editing midi-mapping a fucking breeze. In other ways, it's a freaking nightmare! It seems, as far as I can tell, there is no way to delete an individual parameter. I looked through the book and nothing is said about this. WHAT??!! Are you kidding me? Not to mention, the Automap editor is crazy buggy! For example, often when I minimize the mapping editor then bring it back up again, the GUI is all messed up, with each knob, button and slider missing! I just take my mouse and scoll it over them and all is well, but sheesh!! Who's developing this crap??? It's almost like they've taken no time in making sure things just work. No software that is championed by the company that makes it should be THIS buggy. Other weird crap: for some reason when I map a button as a toggle switch, it maps it backwards! So when I turn the button, it say's off on the screen. When I hit off, it say's on. Oh my gosh, what the hell?

In fairness, in the end, automap is WAY easier than mapping a midi-controller with some custom template editor. It's so confusing to have to remember what CC you've used and which Midi channel. Man that gets confusing. Automap takes all of the work out of it, at least on that end! And that sense, it's a breath of fresh air. It's just the template editor that's a pain in the ass. They need to fix that thing!!

Okay, anyways, on to my question. It doesn't seem to recognize Studio One's stock plugins. Wtf? How can you claim that S1 is fully supported if it can't even map the stock plugins? Part of the reason I bought this was because it was said to work with Studio One. And yeah, it maps it's transport controls and volume. But that's about it. It reads the mixer, and that's about it. So am I missing something? I really wanted to get more hands on control of my plugins, because for me, that's just more intuitive than working with a mouse. I've already spent two days trying to map as many plugins as I can. I've gotten NI Massive completely mapped and a couple of effects plugins and some of the Tal stuff. It's a beast, but it's getting done. But what I really want is control over S1's plugins. Is there anyway to do this?
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I don't expect everyone to want black on orange, but I like it and would like the option if I wish.

The ableton color schemes don't change the UI whatsoever, they just change the colors. That's how I'd like to see it.
Studio One General Discussion » Skins for Studio One? » Go to message
I think some simple color options are not too much to ask for. I'm not big on general theming as 90% of REAPER's themes are god awful, or are a variation of the same 5 or 6 themes good themes. Totally agree about Imperial. Totally not function. It looks fantastic, but just not realistic on 90% of monitors out there.

I think it would be good to have options outside of the generic blue grey in S1. Honestly, it's just really dry and boring. I think the color theming could be similar to the way it's implemented in Ableton. Just throw in some simple color options so those of us that don't like the blue grey can change it if we please. Plus more variation in the tracks! Seeing 5 shades of blue doesn't make it any easier to navigate my tracks.

Personally, I'm a fan of dark themes. I like the combination of black and orange, similar to Ubuntu, Bitwig and this Ableton theme:
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dr4kan wrote:
Yes but most of the EDM producers don't buy mixers, external gear, high-quality studio monitors etc...all things that Presonus produces.
I think the smart move, from the financial point of view, is to invest in a tight integration hardware-software in order to sell more mixers, etc...
and why not a DSP hardware from Presonus...?

So, it's very unlikely but it can happen: I don't agree with you on something

Studios on a budget are studios on a budget regardless of genre. The average EDM producers isn't any less likely to buy external hardware than the average guitar player. People make do with what they have. If they have the bucks to spend they'll invest in high quality gear. If they don't then they'll use whatever they can get their hands on at an affordable price.

You're correct in saying that Presonus has an invested interest in using Studio One to push sales of hardware. However, EDM producers are just as likely as anyone else to buy said gear if they can afford it.
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Turns out it was on Renoises end! A bug with the Beta. Looks like it's already been fixed for the next Beta release.
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jemusic wrote:I am not sure I would be trying to run a complete DAW inside a DAW! You may be asking for trouble. Why not use it stand alone and then export stems or mixes etc to import into Studio One.

Curious as to why you wnt to run both together at once that is all.

For various reasons.

First, Renoise has a truly unique instrument editor and I've made my own instruments in it. I wanted to use a specific instrument that I made that can't be used outside of Renoise (that is until REdux comes out).

Second, Renoise has a very unique way of working with Samples that can't really be replicated outside of it. However, Renoise is crap to work with Audio tracks. Since it's a tracker, it renders everything to a sample that you use as a playable instrument. It doesn't convert this into an audio track that I can later edit. It's a pain in the ass. When working with acoustic instruments, Renoise just isn't the way to go.

Third, people run Renoise rewired ALL the time. That's like asking why I would rewire Reason and not just use Reason. What's the point of Rewire if not to connect various Daws together? There are things that Renoise does that I'm not going to get out of Studio One. Studio One deals with Audio better and Renoise works as a great way to do some crazy sample manipulation. I can make my own instruments and I can do some crazy neat sample manipulation that I can't do in S1. If you're not familiar with Renoise or a tracker environment, then you won't see the advantage, but it's not your typical DAW. It's very unique but has some serious limitations. I rarely use it alone. I prefer to work with samples inside of Renoise. It would take serious editing in S1 to do what I do in Renoise in just a couple of seconds. This isn't like running REAPER into S1, that would obviously be counterproductive and kind of silly. Renoise is an entirely different animal.
Studio One General Discussion » Looping Rewire issue, Plays first note of looped region in Renoise rewired to S1 » Go to message
Not sure if this is a bug on Renoises end or Studio One's.

Basically what happens is, pattern looped in S1 and Renoise, and when I start from the beginning of the piece it attempts to play the looped region in Renoise! It plays the very first note. If I turn, "follow" on Renoises end, I can watch it quickly play the beginning of the looped region then jump back to the beginning. Where ever I put the loop at, Renoise attempts to play that region. This could be a Renoise issue, but I'm not sure. Going to post in both forums. It's a pretty annoying bug! I feel I should post in here anyways in case it is an issue with S1 and could be solved. I never noticed this problem before, so I think it very well could be a problem with the Renoise Beta.
Studio One General Discussion » Are any S1 users using Notion? Any thoughts you can add on it? Compared to Finale or Sibelius » Go to message
rjplus wrote:I bought notion 4 when they had their sale price after presonus aquired them. I have sort of mixed feelings about the pruduct.

1. easier to use than sibeius or finale
2. midi import into s1 works really well
3. musicxml export works well
4. the live conductiong/tempo feature is neat -- but I don't use it much
1. some really fundamental stuff if still missing ie. cross staff beaming and slurs
2. printing page layout while usable is quite clunky -ie. you can't print out between rehersal marks, there are only global settngs when breaking out individual player scores etc.
3. working with separate voices on a staff is clunky ie. you can't select just voice 3 on bars 8 -12 you have to select the notes individually.

The sounds IMHO are about equivalent to GPO4. Some samples are better and some I don't like as much. You can use other sample libraries with notion 4 but the included ones will give you a reasonable interpretation of your score. The workfow that has worked the best for me is to export the midi to S1 and to manipuate my orchestral samples in the daw. (these sample libraries aren't cheap though). This is the same workflow that I used with sibelius. If I need a good printed score I import the musicxml file from notion into lilypond (beautiful scores but high learnig curve) and tweak it there.

In summary I'd say that Notion 4 feels 85-90% complete, but what it does it does pretty well and it is very easy to use. It doesn't have all the power of sibleus or finale and its price represents that. I have found a couple of bugs in the program but nothing I couldn't work around. I have heard that the next release will address some of the outstanding notation issues.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the accurate response! The no cross staff beaming and slurs is totally an issue for me. Think I'm going to go for Finale. I don't really care about the rewire all that much. More want a fully capable score writer for school.
Studio One General Discussion » How do you get a good tone on bass guitar? » Go to message
In a way, it is a bit of an orchestration issue. Too much on the bottom end competing for frequencies! Thanks for making this such an exciting thread!
Studio One General Discussion » How do you get a good tone on bass guitar? » Go to message
Hey thanks for all the insightful responses everyone!

I'm starting to think that the problem is a multiple issues stemming from how I eq my bass on the bass itself and the input gain I use on my interface. The bass I use has a natural heavy bottom end. The frequency stack (which is freaking killer!), could probably come down a bit. However, when ever I drop the low end on my bass I always feel I have to much mid range. So it seems I'm either clipping, or too tinny sounding.

I think the slapping is definitely in need of a compressor. That's the only I can imagine recording it and making it work. Slapping is just hugely dynamic. I can't seem to get it to record without it clipping here and there without dropping the volume to a point where it's too low in the mix and I have to maximize the volume.

The problem is dynamics. I'm always sacrificing somewhere and it's frustrating. Thing is, I don't always want to record at the same volume. It seems like to get the volume noticed at low dynamics, I've got add gain somewhere. So when I want to drastically change for effect, I can suddenly find myself clipping. I just can't find the balance between the tone of my bass, and my interfaces pre-amp. Somethings always missing and I'm constantly searching to make it right.

Now don't get me wrong, I've done plenty of successful home recordings with my bass. However, I'm never satisfied with the end result of the overall bass tone.

I'm admittedly not the best engineer. Being that I'm a bass player, I probably get to carried away with the low end. I'm always competing with the damn kick! In my home recordings I'm a big electronic music hobbyist, so I'm using lots of electronic drum sounds. Lots of synths and all of this is probably just not fusing right because of my lack good engineering skills. I'm starting to finally get better with EQ and understand better about what I want. I usually do a lot of my writing in Renoise then doing any live instrumentation in Studio One. Generally my setup is Renoise rewired into Studio One with Maschine running as a VSTi. I've got to just find a good balance on how I want all this to work.
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One thing that would be really awesome to see in the add on's, would be a really high quality orchestral sample library at an affordable price. Considering the acquisition of Notion and the inevidble inclusion of it in Studio One, this excellent addition to anyone serious about composing in Studio One. Obviously not everybody would want this. If they included it free with Studio One, it would most certainly be a sub par library. At least thats how I would imagine it being.
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Thanks for all the feed back! This is all great advice!

To start, my bass. I have an excellent pro-quality instrument. I play a Carvin LB75A Fretless model. I think part of the issue is the frequency stack on the pre-amp of my bass. The exact specs of my electronics in my bass:

"18V active/passive, volume, pickup blend, stacked concentric bass and high frequency, stacked concentric mid frequency and sweep"

So the thing is, I use a variety of tones on my bass to get various sounds. Sometimes the bass frequency stack is great for jazz and getting a good low end tone! Perfect for walking lines or really smooth low end. This is one of the issues that causes serious clipping. It will be fine for the most part, then suddenly I hit one note and for a brief moment I get a clip.

My playing is not the issue either. Not talking up my playing, but I don't have these issues in any recording setup except my own. This only happens when I'm working alone. Part of the issue is that I'm very picky about my sound since I work as a freelance bass player and it's part of my monthly income. So getting a good tone is necessary for me!

Slap by it's very nature is a VERY dynamic style! You're slapping your strings against the finger board and then popping the strings up!! There's no way around it, it's difficult to record.

I get clips now and again however in any tone setting. They're brief and small. I'm thinking the solution is an external compressor or some such thing. Any good compressors for a home studio?
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