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Hey guys,

The other day I was visiting with the sound guy from my old church, and mentioned to him that my band might be looking at moving to a digital board. So far, I have only heard the pros of going digital, so I was surprised that he cautioned me. He said that a digital board running at 14400 will compromise the tone on the high end. Is there truth to this?
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I'm using mine for metronome on/off. I suggest that you create your question as a new topic instead of resurrecting this old thread.
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Hey there,

I have a SoundCraft MPM 12 mixer. I plug my iPod in at live events using generic Radio Shack 1/4" cables. Last week, I did a gig, and there was no signal on the iPod until after I turned phantom on. Every now and again the iPod faded out and wouldn't come in again until I flashed the phantom. The next night, I had no problems whatsoever. Was this a freak event, or do I need new cables, or is my mixer starting to go bad? I sincerely hope that one of you guys know what the problem was/is, and that it is not the third option.

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Hi all,

I have a guitar track that involves a lot of sliding on the neck in the rythym track. I like some fret noise but with the reverb channel going, it is just too much. My spectrum meter is not helping me to pinpoint the problem frequencies, and it is going too fast for my inexperienced ears. So the $64,000 question is, what frequencies should I be looking for? Any help would be appreciated.
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I am kind of bothered by the color scheme on the waterfall and sonogram settings of the spectrum meter. It's this weird purple-y color that I can't even see on my monitor. Is it just my monitor? Is it just me? Is there any way to change it?
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Thanks, don't know how I missed all that on the website....
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If I install S1 2.6? I probably missed alot of discussion, but we're getting ready to make another album. Sooo..... What say you? Will my life be better if I install 2.6, and if so, in what ways?
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Hey guys put this together yesterday with my Taylor guitar and the drum package in S1. Check it out, it's just a backing track, no vocals any comments are welcome.
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tkk's the man. THAT is a good idea.
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You should be able to set start/end marker parameters in the "song setup" window.
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Noob question here, one thing I didn't quite catch is if the dongle actually broadcasts an off-the-grid Wi-fi network for your tablet to connect to. Some of the places I play are in the middle of nowhere and Wi-fi is not an option. So if what I said above was true, this mixer would be very attractive to me.
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Thanks guys for the tips. I've already finished this project, but I will keep your comments in mind for next time.
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My first post to delete me!!! *bows*

Ok, guys, here's the deal. A friend of mine is trying to sell a 67 Gibson Hummingbird, and she's asking $2200 for it. From what I could see on Ebay, that's the high side. But this guitar has had the fingerboard replaced, and has a crack in the face. She's also had the braces re-glued at least twice. Now, I know I don't know much, but my gut is telling me that this guitar is not nearly worth $2200. Does anyone have thoughts? I would love to be wrong in this case.
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