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Studio One General Discussion » Anyone using an Eigenharp with S1? » Go to message
I have a Eigenharp i've been using on my Analog synth rig. It's probably the most expressive controller i've come across. The keys on that thing are amazing. That being said the software is not very easy to use. You have to learn how to operate everything from the instrument itself. Also Its not really design to integrate into a DAW. What you will have to do is create a midi setup for it then use a virtual midi port to route that into S1 or any other DAW out there. Its a bit of a pain but the way it plays is really impressive.
Studio One General Discussion » Project File - Pause between tracks? » Go to message
Are you on StudioOne version 1 or 2?
Studio One General Discussion » How routing click from S1 to Studiolive chanell » Go to message
Every output channel in Studio One has its own click toggle and level. Just go to the output channel that you want sending to the StudioLive and turn it on.
Studio One General Discussion » How do I playback in Capture and hear the sound?? » Go to message
Capture is setup 1 to 1 with the mixer. So if you enable all the Firewire returns (firewire icon buttons at the top of the mixer) then each track in capture will come back through the channel it was recorded on.
Studio One General Discussion » Track Editing » Go to message
Create an track group. Select both tracks (not the events) then right click and select group selected tracks. Now when you select or edit any event it will effect both as the same time so they always match. Another way is to pack them into a folder track, It has a group edit button you can toggle on and off as needed.
Studio One General Discussion » Need recommendations for drum plug in » Go to message
The NI Abby Road stuff always blows my mind how good it sounds every time i play them.
Studio One General Discussion » is this a feature or a bug? » Go to message
It's a feature, and one I personally use all the time. You can click anywhere on a track where there isn't a button, not just the wave icon. it will open the mixer view, locate to and expand that channel. If the mixer is already open and you preform this action it will collapse the previous channel, scroll to the new channel in the mixer and expand it. Thats extremely helpful when you have a large track count and using the compact mixer, it eliminates excessive scrolling and allow you to move around the mixer in context of your arrangement. To close the mixer just hit f3 or double click on an event to replace the mixer with the editor.
Studio One General Discussion » Stupid Question » Go to message
Here is a tip. I never liked having to turn snap on or off. In S1 you can leave it set on and override it with the Shift modifier. So while dragging hold down shift and it will move as if snap is turned off. Let go of shift and it will start snapping again.
Studio One General Discussion » Strip silence??? » Go to message
there is an icon for it in the top panel near the quantize and bend marker pannel buttons
Studio One General Discussion » Group Editing Drums » Go to message
You can also just pack them into a folder track and toggle the group edit button as needed.
Studio One General Discussion » Studio One 2, Capture and the Mackie 1640i with firewire 400 » Go to message
As long as it uses a standard Core Audio driver Studio One should be able to use it.
Studio One General Discussion » beat slicing tips? » Go to message
Easiest way to do that is just select a range with the range tool. You can get that to come up quickly with a Ctrl/Cmd modifier while using the arrow tool. Once you swipe the range you want then just drag it in to Impact. I also use the range for making quick duplicates in a loop.
Studio One General Discussion » Analog Synthesizer » Go to message
I just bought a Moog Slim Phatty. I have to say i'm blown away by how huge this things sounds.
Studio One General Discussion » Before and After Merging to Audio » Go to message
Audio parts are just containers for multiple audio clips. This allows you to work with heavily edited clips as one big event in your arrangement while still keeping the individual edits. A audio part has different attributes then audio clips so the right click options would be different, but if you double click on the part all the audio clips are available in the editor down at the bottom.

If you want to create one big audio clip instead of a part use ctrl/cmd - B this will bound an event down into a single clip.
Studio One General Discussion » Need help finding.......... » Go to message

What exactly are you trying to do?
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