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Actually, if insurance companies, building inspectors and unions are involved, rigging cannot be done by just anyone.
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M10 bolts are not M10 bolts.

The fact that the OP posted this question tells me he is not a rigger, does not have the proper credentials, insurance, etc. The OP should not be attempting this on his own.

I understand some people are in the sticks and do not have an industrial hardware supplier in their area, but anyone with a Fastenal near them will save 75% buy buying their hardware there, instead of an MI store, where the product has been marked up big time. If you have to buy your rigging hardware at a music store, you most likely should not be flying anything over people's heads.
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Now, if we are talking about monitors on the stage thrust, I have flipped polarity and delayed them. The only times I have done this was when the stage of a church was built out 15' from it's previous location, and the church was too cheap and uneducated to move the mains. To keep all of the noise in time for the first couple of rows, which were now closer to the monitors than the mains (like within 6'), I delayed the monitors. Other times, I have flipped polarity to help with a build up of bass frequencies. Most of the time, this is not the real fix. The real fix is moving subs or monitors by hand, because the polarity only fixes on frequency and messes up everything else.
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salvadoredelle wrote:yea put em on a sub and run smaart and set the delay...
are you using a studio live console?

If the venue has "fills" firing from the rear corners of the room, you do not want to delay them. You would want to turn them off. They are already physically delayed roughly one millisecond per foot away from the mains now. What you need is a time machine to digitally push them back in time to the same time period as the mains.

Sorry, I am coming into this discussion late.
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ClearCom is probably THE de facto standard, wired or wireless. There are others. People often use two-way radios with headsets too. Don't care for those. There are no guarantees those will work everywhere. A ClearCom base station hard wired to belt packs will work everywhere, every time.
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Unless something has changed recently, I sure can. Multiple people at PreSonus and my rep told me so. Aside from not functioning as one console, they cannot be controlled as one console with the app. The app see two different consoles and you will not be able to be connected to both at the same time with one iPad/app. There are other 48+ consoles that will be better choices if you to control them with one app. A Soundcraft Performer or Expression have the ability to multitrack all 80 outputs and you can control them all from the app.
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Dude, the words I give come from manufacturers and manufacturer's reps themselves. What I said is true. Obviously you are not on the MI side, where companies like Gibson, for example, want the retailer to pay them $50k or so to have the line. Then they shove product down the retailer's throats. Obviously you have not tried to place product yourself. There are numerous blogs and sites from former GC purchasing guys telling what goes on, telling of the inferior quality of the big name brand manufacturers, and how much better products could be had for less money.

There is tech in our city who used to work for Gibson. He told me how QC goes out the window. They have to ship "x" numbers of guitars per day. If that doesn't happen, the final QC guys get fired. There were lots of great guitar techs who wanted to be a part of a legacy, trying to make guitars the best they could, but they were rolled because they kept holding up the line, refusing to pass guitars. We used to have guitars arrive with the frets not yet filed, without being set up. These were $5k Les Pauls. Come on. Just because it is in GC or any other store, and it sells, does not mean it is any good at all.

What sells for GC walk in customers is under $200. I used to work there. That is their bread and butter. $199. They know they can pop that cheap crap like candy. So, it IS about what sells and much of what sells SUCKS. We could go into the their house lines of speakers, amps, etc as examples. The JBLs I was referencing were just for conversation. But since you want more, consider the PRX600 series. It got lots of good press and a big push. People on the forums praised it. These were people with little exposure to anything better and little money for anything else. JBL had a HIGH failure rate. They didn't sound that good. So, Harman fixed it, sort of, with the PRX700. These are not $250 speakers.
Look at low end Alto, Harbinger, Behringer, Casio, etc, etc. It all sells because it is cheap, not because it is great.

PreSonus may place AI's in GC. But, like I said, other people are pulling out. GC likes to get their gear in for free or on terms and then wants to take a while to pay. The big boys want COD because GC's credit is now junk. GC is cash lite right now. I just don't see it when GC can't keep some of their bigger product lines.

The review comment I stand buy 100%. I know of manufacturer's who have had products reviewed. The reviews were stellar. The product was said to eliminate the need for "this and that". The product was tested and praised by industry pros. The manufacturer was stoked. He geared up for it. The manufacturer was told the review would go unpublished. Company "Y" has threatened to pull ads. They need to sell the very gear the reviewed equipment endangered. And so it goes.
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Ha. I have relatives there. That isn't really the mecca for live sound. It is going to be hard to find a demo unless you call the local rep. Contact PreSonus, see who the rep is. The reps have samples.
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If you need a 48 channel console, there are other options that work and work now. Even when StudioLive Dante card is released, the consoles will not be configurable as one large console. You will only have two discrete front ends to your DAW or hard disc recorder.
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darrellross wrote:Well hello again folks Darrell here to melt some minds....

I am wanting to get the best sound of my custom triple driver IEM's especially on the vocals but it still sounds muddy and can be all of the place. I have a 16.4.2 that we really only have room for mono IEM sends and at the minute I have some serious reverb and a short slap delay on the vocals to try and make them more clear!

Will ambient mics help much with this? I've just got some cheapo behringer c2's (not the greatest) but how much will this help? Anyone got any top tips to help? We have used the presets on the desk for eq with minor tweaking to suit the FOH, so I am unclear what else I can do to make this sound good? I would love to hear what a good mix sounds like mixed by a pro!

Custom molds do not guarantee quality of sound unless you have been to an audiologist and the elements and curves have been designed to match your hearing. If you went and got fitted, or sent a kit in without being tested, it is entirely possible you have something that is not the best for your ears.

The last thing you should do is be adding reverb and delay to "make them clear". It does the opposite. Reverb will certainly make you feel less like you are singing with your fingers stuck in your ear canals. It can muddy things up.

Ambient mics will help with adding dimension to the sound, but if you room is crap, your mics are crap and the placement is crap, it will not help either. It sounds like you need to really get to a point where you can have a stereo mix. The stereo mix will allow you to have your vocals centered and your music hard panned L and R. This will help with localization and will clean things up dramatically. The best in ear mixes are not going to have the input sources dry, with no processing. On the flip side, you do not want what they are having to do to the input sources for the house mix. They are mixing over and above the acoustic noise created in the room. They may have something high passed super high because they only need the highs to round out what is coming from the stage, for example. Then you need EQ, compression and brick wall limiting to protect your hearing.

Inverting polarity is not going clear up vocals. Well, that's not the purpose of it. If it does clean up your vocals, you have huge issues elsewhere.
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Yeah, where are you? If you are close, I will get you a demo.
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The Ai is a top teir MI product or lower end pro product. I also sell Fulcrum Acoustics. If I have an application where the budget doesn't work for the Fulcrum + high-end power amps and high-end DSP, then I will work the Ais in. InfoComm is coming up. PreSonus will be there. I am going to go by and ask about white or unfinished boxes. I sell those.

I would not put too much stock in "professional reviews" in trade publications. There are so many products reviewed that never see the light of day, because Yamaha or some other mega power threatens the publications with pulling ad revenue. This happens all the time. PreSonus is a mom and pop compared to Harman, Yamaha, etc. They don't have the cash to throw around like those big machine companies. Ever wonder why a JBL whatever sounds like crap and has a high failure rate but has been pushed heavily and praised loudly? That's why. It's all about duh mo-nay.

You may not ever find them in Guitar Centers. Who knows? You are not going to find much of anything soon at Guitar Center at some point. They are having money issues. Manufacturers like Behringer, Fender, etc are pulling product or pulling out completely. Fender laid off 1/3 of it's labor as a result.

Here is what you need to know about box houses. Because it is there doesn't mean the product is good. It means the palms have been greased. Manufacturers have had to place inventory in those stores for free on the front side. They take all of the risk. All of the returns on them. The unsold merchandise is on them. Then, manufacturers pay for space on the floor. If I were PreSonus, I would not want to be sold in GC. Too much cash outlay and risk.

MI stores are going to stock what walks. Right now, EV and QSC have the two best selling hiss and boom, two-way speaker lines on the planet. That is what the majority of MI shops are selling the most of now. The Ai line is new, not completely finished (cards for Dante networking, etc) Ai is in a different class. It is going to be a harder sell to the MI walk-in customer because of the professional features and it sounds better. You read it right. It sounds better than the hottest selling two way boxes. It has midrange. Ask Community how MI sales went for boxes with midrange. It didn't. They no longer offer MI boxes to MI stores. MI store sales people didn't know how to demo and sell full -range speakers with mids. Most stores do not have adequate demo systems or practices. Salesmen will sell what is asked for and what is easy. EV and QSC it is.

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AVB is a non-issue IMO. The video part of AVB is still up in the air. Therefore, there is no need for the rest of it. With Dante, you do not need to link from device to device. You can home run from a switch. I would do this instead of a loop. Otherwise the potential for one cable killing everything downstream exists.
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andy15 wrote:Hi guys. I've just bought the above mixer (new) and no matter what I try I can't get it to connect to a router!

I've tried with the dongle... power cycled the mixer with the dongle inserted, performed a scan but it doesn't pick anything up.

I've also tried it with an Ethernet cable, mixer to LAN connection (it is a dedicated router not connected to the internet) It will then detect the Ethernet cable and show an IP address but it won't see the network.

My Macbook and Ipad connect to the router fine.

Also, I have another router in the house which is connected to the internet and the mixer doesn't see that neither!

I've confirmed I'm using the latest firmware.

I'm at a loss at the minute so any advice is welcome, thanks.

Yep. I did a rental this last weekend with a new SL24.4.2Ai. The SL24 never saw the USB adapter. The SL24 would sometimes connect to the wired router. When it did, it would not keep connection. I could never get UC remote to see the console even when the iPad and console were connected (albeit briefly) to the router.
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The new PA2 has more filters. You don't need 31 bands of graphic in a PA, especially on the very extreme high and low. Most horns are going to drop off at 14 to 16k, and you will most likely high pass the subs at 40Hz. The parametric EQ is where the real tuning power is. The feedback and problem room frequencies are likely not going to be on the ISO centered graphic frequencies.
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