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Thanks for the tips drummerj08.
I can never get the Bass drum to sound good without overdriving the channel and amps (I don't leave it like that in the mix). I can bet a better Bass drum sound slapping my vocal mike. Even recorded and played back through studio monitors the bass drum sounds like cardboard. I tried all of the presets on the SL Fat channel with no luck. I know crap in = crap out. The tuning of the drums is great, but I'm wondering if we have too much deading in the drum (one pillow against both heads cutting out most of the boom of the drum). Our drummer's mikes were one of those sets you buy for $300. I expect you get what you pay for. I'll try borrowing some good mikes and use your suggestions. What do you suggest for a decent Bass Drum mike... and the reset of the kit as well?

PhilG - I couldn't do the speaker flatening outside where I live, but I have other remote locations. One question about that, what is the position of the RTA mike and how loud do I run the pink noise? I'm thinking things like wind, birds singing, road noise would affect the results unless the system is cranked. I assume I do one speaker at a time... It's been awhile since I've been on the DBX site. More reading is in my future.

Thanks for the replies
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Is there a Firmware update with the new UC?
Is it of any use to us if we don't use the iPad app?

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I'm not too worried over my SL24 becomming obsolete with the death of firewire... if it ever happens. If USB3, or whatever, replaces firewire I'm sure vendors will come up with a Firewire to whatever interface. Just like the Serial to USB interface I use on my DBX DriveRack 260. Of course the whatever product and interface would have to handle the bandwidth of firewire and not hog CPU resources like USB 2. Most indications are that USB3 is falling a little short... at the moment.

Bring on the future... with interfaces
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Thanks for the feedback everyone.
I'm going to stick with the current gear for a little while, but will start researching new tops.

I have tried using the RTA to "Flatten" my speakers, as per the DBX forum, but the result seemed harsh on the ears. We had a studio engineer do our sound check the other day (I normally run the mix from the stage... set and forget). Anyway he undid, most of the PEQing that I had done on the Speaker Flattening. He also truned off a lot of the signal processing in the SL24 (I used presets for the FAT on each channel). It sounds better now. I guess my basement was not a good place to try and tune the speakers. Back to the drawing board on that one.

You are right that our mix is a little muddy. My crossover is at 100hz now, but I'll set it up to 120hz and use your suggestions to tweak it. I have the frequency response sheets, but don't have a clue how to use them. I'll post them when I figure out how. I'm a guitar player forced to learn mixing because I own the gear (gigging on the South Shore of Nova Scotia don't pay enough for a full time sound engineer).

As far as spending the cash on new gear, that's not a problem. I'm at the point in my life where I buy what I want... my wife is in the band , but I do not want to go overboard for what I'm doing. My current gear was bought when we were doing a 3 piece acoustic gigs in small pubs. Our current band has outgrown the gear. I am anal about wanting a great mix, hopefully with your assistance we'll make it.

I welcome anymore feedback...
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Hello everyone, we are a weekend Rock band.The following is a list of our PA gear.
We are currently set up to run in stereo, but seem to be way under powered at some venus. (Most are pretty small so its ok)

Just wondering how you guys would set this system up for max. efficiency.

Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2 (No problem here I know)

Drive Rack 260 (where would you set the crossover for the following Tops/Subs)

Tops Peavey TLS-5
Power - 150 watts continuous and 300 watts program and 600 watts peak
Frequency response - 60 Hz to 17 KHz (+/-)3dB
Impedance - 8 ohms
Crossover frequency - 1800 Hz
Dispersion - 90 degrees H (X) 40 degrees V
CD HORN - 70777196
Woofer - 70777198
14XT driver. 1.4" diaphragm w/ 1" throat

Subs JBL JRX118S
System Type: 18" compact subwoofer
Frequency Range (-10 dB):1 38 Hz - 300 Hz
Frequency Response (±3 dB):1 47 Hz - 300 Hz
Sensitivity (1w/1m): 96 dB SPL
Nominal Impedance: 4 
Rated Maximum SPL2: 133 dB peak, @1 m (3.3 ft)
Power Capacity3: 350 watts
Peak Power Capacity3: 1400 watts
Recommended Amplifier 350 - 700 watts
Power: @ 4 ohms
LF Driver: 2043-G

Power Amps
Peavey CS3000 (Subs)
Peavey PV2600 (Tops)
Peavey PV900 (Monitors - this actually works fine)

What would we have to upgrade to get enough headroom for a school gym?

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During live mixing it would be much better to get the first Aux Mix function every time you came from another pressed function back to AUX Mix.

This has caught me a few times as well, but it does have it's up side and I believe it was done this way on purpose. I'm not in front of my board right now, but I believe this is how it's supposed to work...

If you have an AUX or channel selected, then select the output metering, you can tweak the FAT channel parameters without having to re-select the Aux or channel. The meter bridge reverts back to the FAT channel display as soon as you move one of the FAT channel encoders.

Like I said, this has caught me more than once... grabbing a knob, seeing the display change, then realize I aught not to have done that Maybe this could be a selectable option in a future update "How the AUX Select behaves when returning from metering mode". I think this is only an issue with the SL24.

Just a matter of getting used to the board I suppose.


PS I'm still trying to figure out how to link the GEQ's so I don't have to copy from Left to Right after each adjustment. I know it's possible in VSL, but I don't use a computer when giggin' (yet).
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When the Scene is recalled, which fader positions are represented by the locate function?

I hope the ones that were set by the software, not the physical locations at the time of the save.

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Yes that card looks like it will do the trick. I think it has the TI chipset as well
Good luck
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I think I misunderstood one of your posts. I thought you had an express card slot in your laptop, your link to the esata express card is why I thought this. If you do have an express card slot you should be able to find a firewire express card for it. If you do not have an express card slot you will not be able to use that laptop.. sorry if this is the case.
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You need an expansion card for firewire not esata. Make sure its using the TI chipset.
Read the other posts on this subject for more info.
Good luck
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My SL24 has been working great. I have only had it about 4 months and it has only gone to a couple of gigs and practices. I still take a spare mixer to gigs... just in case
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Like daniel1974, I used the presets to set up my board before our 1st gig with the SL24. I normally mix from the stage, but we were fortunate to have a local recording engineer drop by during sound check. Before he arrived we did a rough mix which sounded harsh and had no definition. No feedback though. I was disappointed when I watched the engineer go through each channel and shut down most of the dynamics processing on the board. He tweaked a few EQ settings (including the ones on our DriveRack 260) and the sound was amazing. I guess the point is too much of a good thing can be bad for you. I think I was expecting the channel presets to do all the work for me.
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We have not used the unit live yet, so I can't comment on the fader positions.

I was sure the recall scene was working fine when I first did the firmware update, but I didn't power down the unit at the time. I just recalled different scenes to make sure they recalled and some parameters changed. When I powered up a few days later this is what I saw on my desk
- All of the channel Pans were hard left (all the ones I checked anyway)
- There were no LED's lit in any of the FAT channels (except for the intermittent flasing of random clipping LED's)
- VSL displayed the Scenes on the HDD, but not in the desk (even though they were in the desk)
- I was unable to recall any Scenes, either from VSL or the desk.
- Tried powering down/up a few times with same results.

It was practice time so I reconfigured our practice room scene and fx with VSL and the desk. I saved the Scene.
After practice I tried to recall another scene and nothing changed???
That's when I discoved that all of the recall parameters were set to off. This confused me and may be the reason I thought I had to redo my presets. It explains why I was unable to recall my scenes properly, but does not explain the strange settings on the board when I powered up the 1st few times. Power up seems fine now.

Anyway I was able to get the desk back to normal and practice went without a hitch... from the SL anyway

Hopefully everthing is back to normal now. Using the desk live for the 1st time this weekend.
I'll be taking along a backup desk
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Thanks John
StudioLive Forum Community Support » 24.4.2 Recall Question » Go to message
That was amazingly fast. Downloaded and installed the update tonight. Firmware flash and preset restore went without a hitch.
Didn't get a chance to test the bug fixes yet (due to major house rennovations).
Thanks to the PreSonus team for keeping in touch and supplying the bug fixes so promptly!!!


It would be nice to be informed of updates. I just happened to stumbled on it. Shouldn't registered users get update notices? Reading release notes to see if my firmware is up to date is a little... old school. If there is an easy way to check for updates on the site, could someone let me know how.
Thanks again
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