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If you click the "Profile" box in the lower left below one of your posts, you should be able to click "show my posts" or something like that.
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Dropbox has become indispensable for my little studio.
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I just tried it here and it works fine. The only thing I wonder, is what will happen if you drop GuitarRig on a MIDI track that has different notes routed to different outputs? Which mixer channels will GuitarRig be inserted on? I'll fool with that later to see.

I would personally drop GuitarRig onto the insert portion of the MIDI guitar's mixer channel, rather than onto the MIDI track, but it seems to work your way too, as I tested here.

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I use an old Johnson J-Station with a dry model of a Twin on my guitar before it goes into S1, but once that signal is recorded, I have been liking Ampire a lot. I use mostly "cleanish" sounds, and often use the Trem Fun patch to start with, and then tweak the pedals, gain and EQ until the sound fits the song.

I have GuitarRig and some other deep modeling software, but end up killing too much time tweaking, and so like the simplicity of Ampire for that.

On my Jazzmaster, in particular, I find the results are quite useable.
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The "Left" input you see is probably just the "default" mono input on your interface. If you want to record new audio to that track, you would plug something into the "Left" input on your interface, and it would record to that track. You should be able to change it to "Right" if you want to, but it won't make any difference on playback.

As for the other question, I'm just guessing that putting a stereo chorus effect on the entire mix is causing some weird stereo phase issues on certain tracks that are panned center. If you like the effect on many of the tracks, you can create a bus and send those tracks to the bus, insert the chorus effect on the bus, and route the bus to the main output. This way, only the tracks sent to the Chorused bus will have the effect on them, and the rest (Drums and Bass) will be uneffected.

I hope this helps.
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Opcode Studio Vision used to have a "Legato" function for selected notes that had a % assigned to it. Setting to 100% would make each note end at the exact moment the next note begins. Setting to 60% would make each note end 60% of the way between it and the next note, etc. You could also set notes for greater than 100% Legato, letting each note end after the next note began. Not bad for 1990's technology.
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For me, step entry of MIDI data using a MIDI keyboard would be my number one request.

In my old program, the number keypad would control note value (1= whole note, 2=half note, 3=triplet, 4=quarter note, 6=sixteenth note, 8= eighth note, .=dotted, etc.), and the keyboard would play the pitch. Current quantize values would control swing and durations, and I could set constant or "as played" velocities.

I could quickly and easily step enter odd notated passages, arpeggiator-sounding parts, bass lines etc. I used to use the feature all the time.

I use the pencil tool and the grid in S1, but it takes much longer than what I was used to. I would love to see a similar step entry feature added.
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While it's still a workaround, you should be aware of It will convert just about any format of audio or video file (including .m4a) to just about any other format (including .wav) for free. It has saved me a couple of times when people gave me oddball formats that I couldn't use in a project.
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You can simply drag the new effect onto the top of old effect and it will replace it.
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You are already in the keyboard shortcuts window. Simply scroll down and you will see all of the commands that are or may be assigned to key commands. You do not need to assign a keyboard shortcut to open the keyboard shortcuts window. Unless you want to, of course.
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You can also use Dropbox to store them in one place and access them from anywhere, or share with other musicians.
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It simply means that you have your levels (or master level) set too high. If you like the way everything sounds, you could insert a limiter on the main fader to keep everything below "0" on your mix, or you could back down the rest of the channel levels until it no longer clips.

If you watch the master meters as your song plays back, you should be able to see where it is clipping and adjust accordingly.
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I think you need to download the Studio One Impulse Responses from your software download page, and then drag/drop the impulse you want onto Open Air. I haven't done it yet, but it looks like that's the way it works.

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MID carries no audio, so your MicroKorg track will record the performance (note on, note off, mod wheel, velocity, etc.), but the audio will be replayed on the MicroKorg each time you hit play in S1, as though you were playing the MicroKorg live. If the MIDI track was recorded correctly, and the Korg is connected correctly to your computer or interface, you should be able to put headphones into the Korg and hear what you just recorded played back by the Korg. You need to connect the keyboard's audio outputs to Studio One and record the audio from it, as you would record a guitar or vocal part.

You can use MIDI tracks to edit (quantize, transpose, tempo change, etc) your keyboard performance before you commit to recording the audio.

I hope this answers your issue.
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