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I've got the shure pg27, love it combined with a sm57 on guitar cabs. I never liked it on vocals, although it's cardioid it seems to pickup alot more room than my other cardioid mics. Got the rode m3 a few months ago and that was nice on acustic guitar but really super on hihats. My first choise on vocals is a sennheiser mk4

EDIT: This is a great thread by the way....nice to see what people use and where anyone up for a preamp thread?
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Yesterday I encounted another reason to have this.

When you are mixing and realize that it would be great with say some aaah on the chorus of the song, then you'll have to disable all plugins to get the latency down to an acceptable level to record at. And THAT is timeconsuming.
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I've started thinking about putting some synthsounds to my bands live gigs, some stings, bells and shit just to fill out the sound. The bedt sounds are in vsti for this and since I'm not looking into spending all to mutch I figured it must work to go midi insted of a synthiziser or keyboard. So now I need to get some opinions if this actually would work.

so I have a laptop with studio one, planing to get a cheap usb midi keyboard and runt that out to our PA system. Would I need an interface at all or could I just go windows audio and run the 3.5mm plug to y-adapter to our PA? My signalchain would be: keyboard via usb to computer, instrumentchannel with say precense strings, monitor on and computer output 3.5 plug with y-adapter into two channels (panned hard left/right) on out mixer to get stereo sound. Would this work? What about latency if I go with 64 buffer?

Thanks gor any thoughts on this
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Fantastic guys! Been waiting for this for sooooo long! Thanks for this post!
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Come on guys, I said I was thankful for you trying to help it just doesn't help me in the specific matter where I seek help and that is tweaking ampire. Don't misunderstand, I love this forum because of guys like you that REALLY try to help and don't just frie one for asking an obvious question. But I need to lead this thread from this wrong path that it is heading so to speak
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Yeah, so...Thanks for trying to help but really what I was trying to ask for was presets to the metal expansion for ampire. And yes, the tone in the video is what I look for but who can afford to go buy an axe-fx 2 just like that? Not me. I don't even want to put out money on another plugin.

I just wanted to know if somebody else on this forum has had any luck with a metal tone with the ampire metal pack and if so, could they share the presets/signalchain. Nothing else. I'm not looking into getting the tone with anything else but the tools I have. As presonus had their 5$ sale earlier this week I figured atleast someone else than me hooked on it and plays metal.
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Yeah, but I'm down at drop c

as I posted I really suck at tweaking in distorted guitar tone...that is the reason for this thread, to get peoples settings to maybe get some ideas of where I sould be at.

When I record people in my studio I get to capture the tone from an amp with mics and pres, that feels mutch "easier" altough timeconsuming. But when I am by my self and start from scratch to record ideas I'd like to just plug in the guitar, choose presetchain and press record. When I got the metal pack earlier this week I started with some new ideas, but now I can't get the sound I want so I'm a little stuck. It kinda goes hand in hand inspiration and sound?

Well, anyways...I just thought there where other people on this forum that plays metal from todays timeline that also have the ampire xt metal pack and maybe wanted to share some presets.
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The preset "biz power" was a great 80's heavy tone, but as oldblood said, it's not what I'm hunting for right now.

something more like this Asking Alexandria - The Death of Me (OFFICIAL MUS…:

but I got a tip on recording di and it seems that my problem was to low incoming signal. Mine peaked at around -8db, but as I cranked it up to around -3db it opened the highs more.
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It actually sais in my post that I have an ibanez grg170dx-ca and it is with standard pickups. It also sais that I go with signachain gate, tube screemer and ampire xt metal pack. Everything processed in the computer that is.

The tone I'm looking for is kinda the bullet for my vallentine, avenged sevenfold typeish...todays metalgroup tone?
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Ok, first, I suck at guitar. Always have, always will....

Now that we cleared that out of the way I also suck at dialing in tones on guitar. Always have, hopefully not always will...

So now that we cleared THAT out of the way I'll post my question.

I'm looking to get that nice metal tone of the guitar, I got th metal pack with the 5$ sale and been messing with it since. I see alot of people using this chain: gate->tsb audio screemer->ampire xt metal pack, and bang! They get the most awsome tones ever! Here's my problem...mine sucks! Like alot! I can't seem to get that clean distorted metal tone, I just get a dirty one no matter how I try. I understand it has probably alot to do with the guitar itself and as I saidI suck at guitars, but my bands guitarist is quite good and is picky with his gear. He uses a les paul custom with axe-fx 2 into an egnater 4×12 amp, so not the cheapest gear around...well, he tried my guitar (ibanez grg170dx-ca) with his gear and it dounded pretty decent, with that gear most guitars probably sound good but he thought it had more metal charecter to it. So that seems to me yo be a somewhat decent starting point.

Now, I can't get the tone I want so I was wondering if any of you guys would be so kind to share your settings with me. Ampire settings and ir if you use non stock speakercabinet.

This would be great if someone would post a screencapture of their settings so that I could get atleast a good starting point and try to tweak it from there. I checked exchange but it doesn't seem to incluede any presets for the metal pack


EDIT: forgot to say that don't be afraid to share your epic bass tones, I can get pretty decent tones without ampsim but it would be cool to try going that route also sometimes
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I have never opened the manual, I don't even know where to access it as I never have even looked for it
Studio One Feature Requests » insert/remove/dissable plugins on multiple channels at the same time » Go to message
Still hoping to get this in the next version so I'm BUMPING it
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That would be cool, but I have never seen that done in it even possible? I love s1 with my bcr, first program to have transmit value and so easy to configure to do almost every parameter on a plugin or vsti. I bought mine while still in cubase and almost smashed that thing to pieces just to get it somewhat programmed. I stoped using it after a while but hooked it up again after getting s1 and suddenly I actually got huge use of it! I use it all the time now and it works perfectly.
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No, it's all my failure in knowledge from the beginning. I've always mixed with the highest buffer possible as I had problems editing with melodyne at some point. But it's no point in going higher in audio buffer when maximum is 512 in s1 for me. It was just one of those fell into bad routine stuff that I never expected to do any harm even if set at overkill. But I learned my lesson
Studio One General Discussion » any idea why UAD plugins is so hard on s1? » Go to message
I can't remember really...since I started using the slate stuff the cpu meter in s1 always seem to bounce around 80-90% but after checking with windows performance meter I figured it was fine as I have never noticed any problems exept for the numbers in s1 performance meter. So I have just left it as a "don't worry about it" problem. I have never had any problems I just opened the performance meter in s1 in this song and noiced the uad resource usage. I have a slight memory of asking something about this in another post but can't remember witch one.
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