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[quote=Dougnval]Hi, I have a Studiolive 16.4.2 that has the newest version of the firmware updated. Recently all subs have stopped working. I can get output signal through the "main" but if I post a channel to any of the subgroups, I get no sound. The meters show that there is sound coming in,,,,but no output from that subgroup. Silence,,,,

I'm at a loss,,,what could I be missing? Is this a common problem? Help![/quote]

You may have to route the subgroups to the mains as well... When you update ... It can reset the board.

So you have routed your channel(s) to the subgroup but you also have to route the subgroup to the mains as well....double check that.
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snapnt wrote:Playing a small venue with house mains and "side fills" (actually back corner flying).
Since these fills are tied in with the mains... and everything will be coming out (hopefully we can control the volume on them... I'm bringing a ladder).... Our vocal monitors.... should I invert the signal? or just run them straight? tnx

Well I am not crazy about side fill monitors in the back corner but for simplicity's sake - put some music thru the vocal monitors and invert the signal. Did it get fuller sounding or thinner sounding?

Repeat for the vocalist. Have him sing and then invert the signal and listen to see what is better. I have personally never inverted a floor monitor. Good luck!
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dreamweaver2187 wrote:
Jerryd wrote:Out of board with mic cables to speakers done! I think it can even go wireless... No racks of amps that weigh hundreds of pounds no external crossovers, no piles of speaker cables...etc..

Some food for thought: The board can only get you so far... An optimized system that is tuned correctly is a good place to plug any board into. I guess everyone has their reason tho...

I'm sorry, I thought you could do that with ANY board and ANY set of Active speakers?? Or am I missing some feature of my board that I should be utilizing???!!! I'm all about learning new missed features to make my life easier.

And most definitely a poorly tuned system and it won't matter what you plug into it, it will sound like poo.

I've only had experience with the yhamie app, and it is no where near the same amount of control as what PreSonus enables. I only use the iPad to mix FOH if I absolute must as I dislike not being able to grab my handful of drum channels and boost them and the few drum break outs that occur each night. BUT I absolutely love that I can hand my brother the iPad and he can have it next to him while he's doing lights onstage and make minor monitor adjustments as necessary, including changing the GEQs if feedback issues occur. And all without having to purchase a second board and transformer isolating snake to feed both of them. It's absolutely brilliant.

Sorry Dreamweaver - I know this is several months old now. I used to get email notifications of posts made but for some reason I didn't get this. Yes you are correct that ANY board can plug into active speakers with mic cables and some racks of gear can be eliminated BUT there is more here the AI mixer accomplishes....

What makes the AI combination so powerful is that you do not need any other gear. The outboard crossover rack is eliminated and has been transferred to the speakers. All of those parameters are in the software now that is controllable from the iPad. The Top to Sub alignments can be made using the iPad. No need to walk up and edit any rack gear.... Smaart on board.... All the tools you need to handle system issues before you start mixing. Too many times - we mix on systems and expect the mixer to solve system issues, expect the graphic to fix it or whatever the case may be.

In my opinion - once you step outside the AI integration - you are adding gear, cables and eliminating the freedom of staying away from the mixer. For me - it doesn't get any better than this for the price.

Live Sound » Is the new SMAART systems able to be controlled via VSL on my IPAD » Go to message
I think some guys have used the program " Parallels" or something like that to remote access another computer. In my opinion this really slows it down and is hard to stare at.

Studio 6 makes a Smaart app for iPad that has a functional Spectrograph and does various things. Check it out and see if it would help you in anyway. I have a feeling you are still going to have to walk up to the board for something tho....

We have requested the Spectrogragh to be on the iPad as well as Gain reduction meters for quite some time. Other than that - I probably wouldn't visit the console too much.
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Monolithent wrote:Good to hear from you again Doc! Missed ya around here.

You too John! Hope all is well. Just have been super busy at the office and don't get on here as much as I would like. I am excited as a puppy in a bone shop over Rational and Dave Gunness teaming up with Presonus.... Can't wait to get my hands on the new console and speakers....

Take care!

Live Sound » Question about an in ear mix » Go to message
One more thing...... The headphone amp can support 4 in ear units patched into the OUT. So off of ONE Global stereo mix - the drummer plugs into the front of the headphone amp and if I wanted to - connect 4 more wireless units off the back side for a total of 5 users.
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A stereo mix is the way to go. When you are limited on auxes as most of us are - you can set up a stereo mix that can be shared. It is possible. I have a stereo mix set up for the drummer that goes out of 2 auxes into a Behringer headphone amp. I then have two wireless units patched into the headphone amp that receive the very same stereo mix.
With a little practice - a compromise can be reached between musicians. I also use the PRE 2 setting for this as it helps to get a more appropriate sound from the channel strip instruments since the aux EQs cannot EQ everything. Don't use your aux EQs until your channel strip EQs are set the best and then use the aux EQ to finalize the tonal balance if needed.

Also, You could go out of the headphone jack on the console and use SOLO where you can actually drop in on that same stereo mix or you could select MAIN and listen to the actual main mix. Each mix can tell you different things. Since I mix from the stage with my own band - I set up the mix this way. If I run for another band - I will drop in on the mix via the Solo to check on things from time to time.

You will have to experiment with this and there is no better way than to use a recording of the actual band or your band to set it up. I do this with any new band I run for and it helps if everyone is using the same ear buds since the frequency response is consistent.
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bossman90 wrote:Sorry, but I just don't see the value in this new board. It only has 4 fx engines, no moving faders or recallable preamps. They should have went a different direction than the other boards because I really think they missed the boat. I decided to do it right and I went with the GLD-80. Hell, the new soundcraft board is a better choice than the 32AI. Don't get me wrong, I still love my 16.4.2

Bossman - that board isn't even in the ball park to the AI series price wise. Does it have 5,000.00 more features that he AI?

What the AI integration accomplishes is complete total control over every aspect of the system. If I want the left speaker turned up plus cut 60 Hz for example AND delay it.... it is a very easy fix from the iPad. You cannot do that with any other system.. At least not yet.

Out of board with mic cables to speakers done! I think it can even go wireless... No racks of amps that weigh hundreds of pounds no external crossovers, no piles of speaker cables...etc..

Very compact with minimal setup time... I don't know what venues you run at but I have very little time to get in and out and this AI setup makes all the sense in the world.

If I had a fixed install where I could leave everything and spent some time learning the room - I would like to have a 9,000.00 board too.

Some food for thought: The board can only get you so far... An optimized system that is tuned correctly is a good place to plug any board into. I guess everyone has their reason tho...
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Hmmm.... Can you play some music that comes straight off of a deck with NO EQ engaged into the console with No EQ engaged and then compare?

Speakers need to be clearly away from walls - especially the subs... There is so much more to discover here...

From the phase traces I have seen on the AI Speakers - I don't know how you get any more linear than that.
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ruanddu wrote:Thanks very much! Do you know if the 24.4.2 has to be the AI version or do the standard 24.4.2 have the feature? Thanks again.

It does not have to be the AI. The standard SL24 or first model has the ability to adjust the Q on the VSL.

If you want to adjust your Q on the 16 - use the HI-Q on the console to see if it makes any difference. It isn't in the VSL software as you noticed so walk up to your console and engage the HI-Q manually. Give it a try.

Consider this: For studio room tuning - you may want to use acoustic treatment to tame the response before grabbing the EQ. If you have treated the room acoustically - then go for the EQ and see what happens by smoothing out the response.
StudioLive General Discussion » Mixing FOH and Ear Mixes off the same board...sound quality... » Go to message
If you use the same mics, same instruments, same everything gig to gig..... Then you shouldn't have to change the board from gig to gig. With that said it would be ok to use the Pre 2 to the Auxes to gain a little more individual sound from each instrument.

I prefer a stereo in ear mix with some panning that is set according to the band mates on stage so that it makes sense. If one singer is on the left - I may pan them left a little... Not much. A guitar player on the right - put them a little to the right so that their position on stage makes sense.

Record a show and then go back and mix it. Next time you play it will sound good. That in my opinion is how you set it up.

I haven't changed my board mix in at least a year.... However, I change my Room EQ almost every gig. My Room EQ is my Driverack Input side of the crossover. It is almost always the sub region and low mid region.

So come up with a plan:

1. Exactly what Gadget said : Strive to get your system smoother ... Smaart can help you to spot problem areas. Remember - music should sound good thru the board with NO EQ on it. The system EQ should be used for that.... Ie.. Driverack. Once that is set - go ahead and EQ the show.

2. Record the show and your main out. Your Main out recording will tell you if you are getting close. For example: your main out recording sounds DULL.... This means your system EQ is too bright. Think about it... You hear sound out of your speakers so you channel strip EQ based off of that..... Then your Main Out mix sounds dull.... This means you under EQd on the channel strip.

Dull the system down a bit and EQ a little higher on the channel strip. After a few shows - this crazy offset will level itself off and be more even between your main out and your FOH speakers..... Now you can channel strip EQ and monitor mix EQ with confidence.... You can now mix venue to venue using one EQ and not touch the board. Only for the band that uses the same everything everytime.

I am able to run sound from the stage with this method and people can't believe we don't use a sound guy.

If I run for another band and I often do... I use headphones or ear buds to " tap into the in ear mix " and make sure my channel strip changes don't get to out of whack via the Pre 2 setting in their in ears. I use the Aux fat channel to bring it back into line. I love it!

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niles wrote:Yes Studio One has Automatic Delay Compensation. So the tracks will stay in sync regardless of how many plugs you have on every channel.

Excellent! Thanks Niles! I think my buddy needs to upgrade his ProTools rig or better yet - just go with Studio One.
Studio One Forum Community Support » Plugin Latency and Phase Issues » Go to message
Hi guys - I am very new to the studio side of things. Can anyone tell me if Studio One has the ability to compensate for the delay (latency) that is caused by plugin use? In other words.... Lets say I have twice as many plugins on one track and not on the other.... Is there an automatic correction to keep the tracks in line so that everything hits the Master Bus at the same time?

I have a buddy on an earlier version of ProTools where he says he has to constantly be aware of this. Seems like a pain...

16.4.2 » 4 stereo IEM with a 16 4 2????/ Use studio One for effects live? » Go to message
bdcomer wrote:4 stereo IEM with a 16 4 2???? Can this be done?

Use studio One for effects live? Your thoughts

Yes you can but the fourth one won't be a separate individual mix. It will be a duplicate of one of the three mixes. Out of the three stereo mixes you have..... Choose the one you like best and then run your ear buds or in-ear transmitter out of the console headphone jack. Engage SOLO on your stereo aux of choice. Engage SOLO on the Master section of the board.... Turn up the Phones knob. There you go.. Make sure the MAIN button isn't selected but you could toggle back and forth to hear the difference. You can also drop in on the other auxes to check on them from time to time if you want.
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AirtonPS wrote:Hi,

I have a yaaha LS9 that i use for some big events, but recently I've been doing some small clubs gigs and the ls9 is simply too big for the business. That's when the studiolive 16.4.2 came to mind. I already schrunk my channel count to 16, but the problem is with the mix sends. The band I work for has 4 members, each one using in-ear monitors, so I would need 4 stereo mixes for them. Since the SL 16.4.2 can only provide 3 stereo mixes, can I use two subgroups as the fourth mix (pre-fader)?

You could use the headphone mix on the board if you can get two guys to like the same mix. I do this to monitor the Main mix and then to monitor the drum stereo mix (solo). If everyone is on in-ears - this is a great way to drop in on them to hear what they are hearing. Yeah - never enough auxes.... Give it a try.... Just might work out.
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