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The biggest thing missing from this list for me is external gear patch management. There needs to be a way to input patch/program change name data in Studio One.
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It should work with MIDI clips, audio parts and loops. It works with everything here.

Here's what the manual says:

8.5.3 Creating Audio Parts
It is also possible to clean up the arrangement by using Audio Parts, where multiple separate Audio Events can be placed into a single container in the arrangement, while keeping the separate Events accessible in the Audio Editor. To do this, select multiple Audio Events in the arrangement and then press [G] on the keyboard, or [Right]/[Control]-click and select Event/Merge Events from the context menu.
An Audio Part can also be created with the Pencil tool in the Audio Editor, and then Audio Events can be dragged in or out of the Part. Note that an event must be completely inside or outside of the Part to enter or leave it.
If you drag-and-drop an Audio Part from the arrangement to the File Browser, you will export an Audio Loop. For more information on Audio Loops, refer to the “Editing” chapter.
To dissolve an Audio Part so that the separate Audio Events are again accessible in the arrangement, [Right]/[Control]-click on the Audio Part and select Audio/Dissolve Audio Part from the context menu.
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Your question is a little vague. I'm sure people would like to help if they understood exactly what you are asking.
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Highlight the different parts and just type "G" . It will join the multiple segments into one continuous selection.
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All my .rx2 files play and preview in sync with whatever's playing.
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I may be missing something, but your mic is NOT a stereo input. It is mono, and would generally be recorded as such. Once it is recorded, you can put stereo effects on the track and "widen" it, but a stereo track from a mono source is just using up twice as much hard disk space and has identical program material in both channels, right?

Unless you're using a stereo input source, why do you want to record a stereo track?
Studio One FAQ » Midi routing out of vst into another with keyboard input? » Go to message
I would just create a new instrument track, select the sound source again, with the same (or different) channel and select keyboard input. I haven't done it, but I can't see why it wouldn't work.
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This was one of the stunners of this year's NAMM show:

It's supposed to be released in April and street for about $500.00.

It's preset for Reason, but can be used with anything.
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a.ash wrote:So is there any way I can route this to only hear what's coming out from S1 instead of my XIO when I'm in SYNTH mode?
I'd prefer the sound to output to my keyboard instead of my computer as the quality is better. And has more volume.

Most keyboards have a setting called "Local On/Off" which turns on and off the internal sound engine. If you turn local "Off," your keyboard should still transmit data to your computer, and will play back any parts that are being sent to it from the computer.

I think this is what you're asking for.
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Visit, and work out a deal. They'll take your soul in trade for a truly black metal sound.

Or better, try downloading some different guitar plugin trials, Guitar Rig, 11, Amplitube etc., until you find the sound you're looking for.

Or best, mic your amp and try to capture the "real" guitar sound that you hear.
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It's a bit strange, I know. I had the same experience when setting up external keyboards and modules. I think the designers are thinking of "Keyboard" as a controller, and "Instrument" as a sound/tone source. Once you get past the linguistics, it all works as it's supposed to.
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You can set up your QWERTY keyboard to act as a MIDI input device, if that will work for you. You would play the keyboard keys to trigger various sounds.
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This may be obvious, but.....Do you have speakers or headphones plugged into the Audiobox? If you're using it as the audio input and output for your computer's audio, you will no longer hear audio from your computer's speakers.
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I may just not understand, but what is it that you're trying to do or see? Is it a track list in the order tracks were created? The order they follow on the mixer (which would change as things are moved around and arranged)?

Is is just getting S1 to "feel" more like an analog machine with track numbers? I'm not sure I understand.
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I assume you know that no audio travels over MIDI cables? Are you trying to record the "performance" of your drums as a MIDI track or to record the actual sound that you're hearing as you play them as an audio track?
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