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I'm sorry about the issues with the units, folks. There are many reasons why a device may not initialize - bad USB cable, software conflict, hardware conflict, improper power, and even a bad AudioBox itself. Unfortunately it requires a little bit of troubleshooting to root this out. I recommend checking the obvious things, like testing the device on another system, with another USB cable, and making sure no other programs are open that could be posing a conflict. If that doesn't seem to solve your issue, please submit a support ticket at the address below and we'll be happy to help!
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This is not something the 1818 can do unfortunately. There is no hardware-thru on the unit, so its routing is dependent completely on the software side. The 44VSL and 22VSL do have this ability due to an internal pass-thru accessed with the Mixer knob.
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Thanks Philip. You're right - for anyone experiencing an issue like this, it's best to contact technical support directly:

This is because things like pops/clicks/dropouts/static/noise/etc are more like a symptom rather than a specific event. The solution can often be different depending on the situation and computer used; but, having said that, the most common solutions are reinstalling the driver, setting the buffer higher, and replacing/checking cabling.
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I'm sorry about the issues. I'd put in a request with support if you haven't already:

It could be a coincidence, but there could also be a hardware issue here, and TS can certainly help you with that. I'd check out this info if you haven't already:
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I think I actually helped you out with that repair. Glad to hear the unit is working well! Put in a request with TS if you have any further issues and I'll be happy to help out.
AudioBox USB » Presonus AudioBox USB 48v BUZZ Or NOISE FIX FOREAL » Go to message
Thanks for the video! Yes, a USB hub can sometimes solve issues where the unit isn't getting enough power, but one thing to note is that not all hubs are the same. A self-powered hub is preferable as it doesn't draw energy from the computer, but rather from a supply. Even having said that, results may vary even when using a self-powered hub, depending on the make, model, specifications, etc.

Before buying a hub, I do recommend checking USB cables, XLR cables, mics, USB ports, solar flare forecasts, and so forth.
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Sorry about the issues with the box. A few things could be going on here; I'd put in a request with TS for the quickest solution:

These two articles can be helpful as well:
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Both units should work great with Studio One. While we'd sure like you to, you don't have to use only our hardware with our software. They're both small USB interfaces that should behave comparably in most applications.
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