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Studio One Feature Requests » Surround support » Go to message
for surround support.

S1 seems still behind regarding surround sound.

Cubase has surround support
Pro Tools has
Sonar has
Reaper has
Digital Perfomer has
Logic has
Samplitude has
Studio One no multichannel sound, only stereo

Studio One Feature Requests » FR: Track Templates » Go to message
for a well designed track preset feature in S1.

Currently (2.6) it's possible to store something like a small version of track presets by using musicloops. Import a musicloop, that can be a small empty event in an instrument channel, recovers the instrument channels with the loaded inserts. But all routings, fader settings are lost.

So please improvements in this area.
Studio One Feature Requests » Keyboard entry of variable click track mapping to tempo » Go to message
for this.

It would be also nice to record the tempomap by tap a specific key. Very useful if you record music free and without any click and want later adjust the tempo according to your music.

Editing and using the tempo track must become more flexible in S1.
Studio One Feature Requests » MIDI comping » Go to message
for this FR
Studio One Feature Requests » Retrospective record » Go to message
for retrospective recording of audio AND midi.

Especially during composing processes often I play something during current playback without record enabled. And then I say, yeah this was cool what the hell have I done here? Retrospective record as like in Cubase is a very nice feature for such moments. Pressing a key or choose a function and voila your greatest moment of musical carreer was put in the track of your great music production software.

It would be very nice if I could say "Studio One" here. Hey Presonus, such innovative features are really selling points. Think about.
Studio One Feature Requests » FR - Count-off and wait for note recording feature » Go to message
for this FR. Especially the "Wait for note" feature is absolutely basic for a so called midi sequencer.

My first sequencer back in the 80s had some "wait for midi note'" on recording feature.

Studio One Feature Requests » Instrument Tracks: MIDI Event CC Lanes » Go to message
Also nice would be to layer MIDI CC curves directly in the editor window.
This would give a better perspective view between note events and midi cc data.

And btw, the limitation of only 2 midi cc lanes is something that Presonus should think about since the first version of S1.
Studio One Feature Requests » Tempotrack improvements, Curve drawing, recording of Tempo etc. » Go to message
Dealing with the tempo is essential in modern songwriting and especially in composing for film and media.
Studio One needs improvements in this area.

- Currently (2.6) it seems not possible to draw curves or freehand in the tempo track.

- Recording of tempocurves with using a MIDI controller would be nice and a great enhancement. Very useful for composers writing music to film.

Studio One Feature Requests » Plz add Step Recording feature! » Go to message
for MIDI Step Recording. It's a must have for a MIDI sequencer. It's far more usable than 384khz support.
Studio One General Discussion » so...S1 2.5? Go for it? Wait for 2.5.1? » Go to message
Wait for 2.5.1 and then better ask again to maybe wait for 2.6 or 3.0,3.5 .... ?
Everytime you ask you'll got answers and reasons to wait another period. Complex software will never be finished and bug free. It's impossible to test such a software in every possible environment.

Studio One General Discussion » Video player to sync w/ S1 for scoring?? (please.. any recommendations?) » Go to message
I used Chaingang before Presonus did video support in 64Bit version of S1 Windows. Maybe I'll further use Chaingang to sync Video playback on another PC.

To use Chaingang you'll need some kind of virtual midi interface, like LoopBE. Add external instrument device in S1 with your virtual midi port and acitvate the sending of timecode. In Chaingang choose the same midi port for input and also choose timecode sync. Now, that's all I can remember at the moment.
But, the loaded video in Chaingang will not be saved with your S1 project/song.
The problems you have with the internal video playback could also appear with Chaingang, because Chaingang uses Quicktime too.

Sometimes it's a good advice to reduce/shrink the video to a smaller size and quality for a better playback. Using a full HD video for example will catch to much ressources and cpu power for a synced playback with a DAW.


Studio One Feature Requests » Pitch values shown on midi notes in piano roll » Go to message

This would give a faster view on current note values.
Studio One Feature Requests » notation view » Go to message
As a composer for orchestral arrangement in film, I should give my points to a full featured notation in S1.
But no!
I want to use my S1 for recording MIDI and Audio and for editing MIDI events in an intuitive midi piano roll editor, that give me all access to different midi data. The S1 midi editor needs many improvements, but no notation view.

If I need notation for a good print of sheets or for classical editing, I would prefer a real notation software like Sibelius.

To bring both worlds together it maybe the best way would be to create some kind of interfaces or remote controle between S1 and a good notation software (Sibelius prefered) for an easy exchange of data between the two programs.


Studio One General Discussion » CUBASE 7 vs STUDIO ONE!!! » Go to message
FyLe ForMatz wrote:
mdages wrote:chord track

chord track?

what's that do / how does that work?

Check out this one, look under "MORE MUSIC" section

and this one:

Studio One General Discussion » CUBASE 7 vs STUDIO ONE!!! » Go to message
C7 maybe is the most powerful DAW today. Lots of features worst workflow und less intuitive.

If you look for a DAW with more features that you can handle, Cubase 7 will be your choice.
But ff you like more the smarter way, than Studio One makes you happy.

There are some really nice features in Cubase, like the expression map or chord track, that I would see in the future of S1. But the intuitive workflow of S1 is more important to me.

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