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I know, there is a shortage of info here, but when I had a 16.4.2 it actually didn't matter, if it was hooked up to a computer or not, when I had to start it up by toggling the FirewireID. So here goes nothing

My educated guess is, that you've got a problem with the firewire board inside the mixer. The first mixer of mine started the downward slope to breakdown with the symptoms, that your board shows. So if I were you, "kencomchurch", I would get the mixer to the "hospital". In my experience, a lose connection from the firewire board can mess up the motherboard and the DSP, and it has to have qualified people to fiddle around inside.

Just my .02$

Greetings from Denmark

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I KNEW IT - Elvis isn't dead

Happy New Year From Denmark

Universal Control - Public Beta » all my mixer is empty no effects no fat channels no thing » Go to message

You'll have to redo the update. It's a known problem, that a glitch in the download makes the built-in effects and outboard disappear (I tried it like 5 times). In my experience it's better to hardwire your computer to your internet router, in stead of using the wi-fi. It's more stable and more "clean" for a lack of a better description...

You will have to setup in Scene which parameters, you want to save. I'm not sitting with a mixer right now, but if memory serves me, it's the first page in the Scene Menu, and you can choose a number of things, like EQ, faders, Aux and so on... Turn them all to Yes, and when you Save, the Recall will get it all back

Good luck from Denmark

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The 16.4.2 rely heavily on "clean power". If for instance you have a fridge or a freezer hooked up to the same cirquit as the mixer, you will experience malfunction. I've been in exactly the same situation...

And if your power cord(s), anywhere in your setup has a lose connection - ever so slightly - these things occur in the way, you describe...

Check out ALL your power connections on your recording setup

Good luck from Denmark

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Thanks for the kind words, Talmen

I will still be around the forum, because I've got StudioOne - and that works flawlessly

I don't believe in bashing hard working people. I'm pretty sure, that the guys at Presonus never intended to make a mixer, that brakes down on a weekly basis.

And the ideas behind the SL-mixers are great - a good sound, great interface, stuffed with routing possibilities, two effect-machines AND six sends, all with eq's and what not, a bunch of outboard.... And all that for a bargain price.

If I may, I would like to make a guess to why there's been a lot of problems with especially the 16.4.2. Too cheap electronic hardware, and too cheap manufacturing. And it might be pushing it to (or over) the limit with the Smaart system, DSP-wise.
It's just a guess, but I believe, I'm close to the heart of the problem.
And the fact, that the 16.4.2 was the first of its kind. It's sometimes not great to be the forerunner...

I really hope, that Presonus has better luck with the new AI-series - and that they are better testet, before we get them "out to play"

On another, lighter note: I have been fiddling around with my new Si16 Compact - it's a really nice piece of kit. A bit different to work with, but when I get it in my fingers, it probably will be as easy to use as the SL... But, again, it's a mixer in another price range, I was just lucky to get one REALLY cheap

Big hopes for Presonus from Denmark

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To whom it may concern.

I've been an owner of 2 SL16.4.2 over the last three years. The first mixer broke down 3 times. Then Presonus send me a replacement in stead of repairing for the 3rd time. Good service above and beyond what you could expect from a company.

The replacement mixer (6 months old) has been another lemon. I've been forced to flash firmware, reload UC's, basicly starting it up from scratch every other time, I had to use it (and that is often - I'm a musician by trade).

This weekend, the mixer broke down for good. It started with Aux2 sending weird things to an active monitor wedge. The limiter on the wedge started to light up - and the sound was very "compressed", for a lack of a better description. The sound was not louder, there were NO changes from last weekend, where we played the same venue. And all our gear hadn't been moved an inch since last weekend. But one of the wedges acted up. When I copied the settings to Aux6, and moved the plug, everything was back to normal. But Aux2 was gone - I tried it out during a break in the gig - the Aux was stone dead.

Well, the night went on. When I was perfoming (I'm a keyboard player as well as sound guy for the band), I noticed, that the lights on the mixer lit up - very, very slowly - as the night progressed. We had another break, and I asked my guitar player to go get his old Mackie 1640 and a reverb from his car. He did - fortunately. Just as we went to the last break, the mixer send out a bang, and went stone cold. So the last break was used to get sound thru "ye olde Mackie...".

I've not been using firewire while playing - 'cause the mixer froze on me twice a couple of months ago. I do the sound, saves the scene, and shuts everything down. Disconnect the computer, starts up and on we go....

I've done everything, that I've been told to do in managing the mixer. Shock dampend rack, the right firewire card(s), REALLY good firewire cables, power condtioner... You name it, I did it...

But this has to end. I've tried to be in a jam because of a bad mixer one time too many. I do not trust Presonus mixers at all from now on.
The mixer already has been send to the scandinavian import agent. My "gear pusher" took it of my hands earlier today, and packed it up.

And I've bought and taken delivery of a Soundcraft Si16 Compact. This particular mixer has been used 3 times in 4 months and is from a guy, who is going out of business. His loss, my gain... I got it for a quarter of the price of a new one...

I've always loved the easy way to work with the Studio Live. And in my opinion it's got a great sound for the buck.
But the stress factor, that I don't know, if it's gonna work this time, I just can't live with any more.

I wish Presonus a good future. But that future will not include me as a user. I'm thru...

Gods Speed to you all from Denmark

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My best bet would be to flash the firmware in the mixer. Or download the latest Universal Control and install that on the mixer. It sounds like the software got a little "glitch" that is "irritating" the GEQ.

Good luck from Denmark

Studio One General Discussion » Computer "forgets" activation???? » Go to message
The weird part is, that I installed S1 on the new desktop, activated it online, and worked fine a couple of days without web-connection. Then I installed a new audio interface with online drivers, shut the connection down again, and worked without connection to the inter-web for a day and a half.
Suddenly this morning, when I started up, the #&¤#%¤) message came...

Does StudioOne only check the registration randomly...?
Studio One General Discussion » Computer "forgets" activation???? » Go to message

How can I avoid that...? Because I would like to NOT be connected to the inter-web with that computer... I'm done setting it up, driver wise

Studio One General Discussion » Computer "forgets" activation???? » Go to message
I've got a new studio computer (Win8 ), and of course I activated my S1producer on the thing.
It has been activated for 4 days now. But today, suddenly the message comes up "Studio One is not activated on this computer"...

I had to use another activation to get my work done today. I actually feel a little cheated out...

What do I do now...?

Regards from Denmark

16.4.2 » 16.4.2 locking up » Go to message
Sorry to tell you, but it has to go for repair. When the mixer acts like that, it's the DSP, that is acting up. The only solution is to change the DSP board.
I've been thru the whole mess, and got mine repaired twice - but Presonus gave me a new mixer at the end, since the two repairs didn't solve my problems... They replaced it, all though my old mixer was almost 2 years old. REALLY good service

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the upside is, that if your mixer is under a year old, the repair is for free - and over a year old, Presonus has a rather cheap flat rate price on repairs.
As far as I know, if you are in the US, you have to send your mixer to Presonus. Outside US you take it to your dealer.

Very good luck from Denmark

Studio One Forum Community Support » MIDI receive unexpectedly stops working with SOP 2 pro and the software freezes. » Go to message

I've been fiddling around for a couple of hours now. The reason my S1 froze I found to be WordClock error.
My setup was as follows: I had my Yamaha 01v for preamps, then via S/PDIF to my M-Audio 410, then to the computer. The reason why I used this setup was that the 01v's preamps are better than M-Audios IMO.

As MIDI/sound module I use my Motif XS8, both in and out. Works fine, but the Motif VST doesn't work... Sadly...

After experiencing 10-15 freeze-ups today, I disconnected the S/PDIF from the 01v, made Clock internal on the M-Audio, used the pre's in the M-Audio - and everything has run flawlesly ever since

It turned out, that S/PDIF from the 01v lost sync for milliseconds, and that was enough for S1 to stop, and I had to force restart my computer...

I don't know, if that is a help for you, EP, but i keep my fingers crossed

Good luck from Denmark

Studio One Forum Community Support » MIDI receive unexpectedly stops working with SOP 2 pro and the software freezes. » Go to message
Hi. I'm just listening in on this, since I've got the same set-up, and the same problem...

Greetings from Denmark

16.4.2 » All-in-one TouchScreen PC + UC? » Go to message
My experience is, that the problem will be to get an All-in-one PC with firewire (or ExpressCard34/54)... I've been looking for quite some time now, but to no avail...

Good hunting from Denmark

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I concur

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