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32.4.2AI » Digital distortion » Go to message
Drummer111 wrote:I have been having this problem and need to figure out for sure what it is. There has been a problem with what it sounds like digital distortion I think it is the word clock getting out of sync because when it happens I have to reboot the board and then it's fine but the board can be on for an hour to Mabey an hour and a half and then there is the what sounds like digital distortion I have GOT to get this fixed only had the board a week it happend during a live performance and that can't happen again and no computers were connected please help I HAVE GOT TO FIX THIS

Hi Drummer111. Can you tell us what firmware your board is running? As mentioned before make sure that you have updated the firmware to the latest build. This can be found in your user account. You should also contact tech support and give them as much info regarding this situation i.e. At what point in your show did you experience the distortion? Did you change the sample rate? Does this occur every time the board is in use ect.

32.4.2AI » Problem with SL Remote AI ? » Go to message
Hi all, I can confirm that this issue is fixed and will be available in the next SL Remote AI update. As gadget69 mentioned this issue does not occur when running SL Remote AI live.

All Other PreSonus Hardware » Is Faderpor campatible with Adobe Audition? » Go to message
Hello All,

At this time the FaderPort is not currently supported with any version of Adobe Audition. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The FaderPort has been tested and approved to work with the following software:

Native Mode:
Studio One
Nuendo 3 and later
Cubase SX3 and later
Digital Performer 4 and later
Logic Express/Pro 7 and later
Samplitude 10
Sequoia 10
Sonar 6 and later

HUI Emulation:
Cubase LE, SE, and SL 3 and earlier (with limitations)
Nuendo 2 and earlier (with limitations)
Pro Tools 6 and later
Pro Tools M-Powered 6 and later
Pre-Sales Questions » Faderport on OSX Lion / Logic 9 » Go to message
thurman8 wrote:WARNING!!! If you're running Logic Pro 9 64-bit, DO NOT BUY A FADERPORT. It will not work.

Hi Thurman8

What steps have you taking to setup the FaderPort with Logic 9? Have you contacted Tech Support?
24.4.2 » Firmware 1.0 Build 188 - Routing Aux 9/10 to S/PDIF not possible » Go to message
Hello puehringery,

I have confirmed this bug and will notify our developers of this. You can still set Aux 9/10 to SPDIF in VSL. We're you able to set Aux 9/10 to SPDIF from the mixer with any previous firmware builds? If so which build? We apologize for the inconvenience.
AudioBox VSL 44 » Drivers not working » Go to message
Hi dmbb1239

Can you give us some more info about your system? I assume that this error message is in Studio One, is this correct? Do you have the AudioBox plugged into a USB 3.0 port? if so you'll want to remove it and connect it to a USB 2.0 port.
AudioBox VSL 1818 » Preamps overload very easily on 1818 ------->>> SOLVED! via Audiobox VSL 1.2 Driver » Go to message
Hi Crow,

Let me clarify. There's no new line of AudioBox interfaces in the works as of now. We're just looking into customers concerns about the preamps. Let me also state that I've not experienced sensitive clipping with the 22 or 44VSL. Are you only interested in the 1818?
AudioBox VSL 1818 » Preamps overload very easily on 1818 ------->>> SOLVED! via Audiobox VSL 1.2 Driver » Go to message
Hi All,

Let me start off by saying that each of us here at PreSonus value all of our customers concerns and comments about our products. We take pride in our work and would hope that our customers feel a since of pride in using our gear. We also value our customers enough to listen and take heed to their constructive criticisms. The AudioBox interfaces are some of the greatest interfaces that have come from the PreSonus line. I know this because I use them personally. However if the AudioBox interfaces do not meet or at least attempt to meet the highest standard of our customers then it is our job as a company to heed our customers call for excellence. If you (our customers) feel that the preamps are too sensitive then we as a company are obligated to look into it (which by the way we are) I will not make assurances or promises that I cannot keep but I can and will do all that I can so that you (the customer) feel satisfied with your purchase.
FireStudio Forum Community Support » New UC Ver. 1.5.3 Bug with Fire Studio Mobile on Win 7 64Bit » Go to message
Hi agaton,

We recently verified this bug for Windows 7 64 bit users and have fixed this issue. Please uninstall your current drivers and reinstall the latest drivers for your unit from our website here:

AudioBox VSL 22 » VSL 22 in Live Applications » Go to message
Hi tonbar45

I use the AB 22VSL on live gigs using Studio One and/or Ableton Live as a host for my plugins. With the AB 22 I usually send front of house the left and right outs from the Ab 22 and monitor with either the headphone outs or take an aux feed from FOH. I see that you mentioned gain staging as an issue. Can you elaborate?
AudioBox VSL General Discussion » Seeking advice from skilled keyboard players... » Go to message
Hi Guys,

I'd like to add that with the purchase of amy AudioBox VSL interface you get a free copy of Studio One Artist v.2 which includes additional loops, samples and instruments such as pianos, electric pianos, organs, synths ect. Check out the links to these videos below for a demonstration of yours truly on keys. I'm using Studio One for the sounds in one video and Native Instruments Kontakt 4 with Scarbee Vintage Keys and Vintage Organs. The second video I use the AudioBox 22 VSL and send the left and right outputs to the (main feed) StudioLive 1602.
All Other PreSonus Hardware » HP4 Headphone amplifier output Ohms? » Go to message
Hi loveallofme

51 Ohms Impedance. This and other info about the HP4 can be found here in the tech specs section.
16.0.2 » BUG in 16.0.2 - when chasing effects » Go to message
Ok, so I tested this and it worked using Studio One. Try setting the CC# to 64 (sustain on/off) in your DAW. Unlike
volume control, the mute controls require On/Off messages. CC 64 should send both on/off messages to the DAW no matter how many times you set the commands. If this doesn't work let me know and I'll get you connected with Tech Support.
16.0.2 » BUG in 16.0.2 - when chasing effects » Go to message
Hi muggel74 ,

I'll look into this and get back with you as soon as I can. Apologize for the delay. In the meantime can you give us some more info e.g what DAW are you using ect

16.4.2 » New Universal Control 1.5.3 does not install right on Win 7 64 bit » Go to message
Miltondavis wrote:@moshenuri:
Thank you a thousand times. I do computing for a living and I am sure I would have eventually figured out the issue, but your efforts saved me a HUGE amount of time and troubleshooting. My system is also Win7 64 bit. I upgraded directly from UC V1.2 to V1.5.3 and I had the same symptoms that you did. Your cure worked perfectly. Interestingly, I also upgraded a Win XP 32 bit machine from UC V1.2 to V1.5.3 direclty with no troubles at all.

For Jason and/or any other Presonus monitors: this appears to be a very reproducable installation issue. Not a huge deal, but it should probably be noted in release notes, etc.

Milton Davis

Hi guys, we just added this in the release notes and are currently working on a fix for this. Please check back to the website for the latest driver updates. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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