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I noticed that after the UAD update to 7.4 that if I switch the latency from 256 to 1024 or to any buffer size the system does not compensate for the changes as did before in previous versions. The only fix is to close out the session out at the desired buffer size then reopen the session and then everything is fine. I have confirmed this with one other UAD and Studio One user on PC platform. Let me know what you find out.
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Hey guys I just wanted to let you know if you haven't already login into you Studio One Exchange and download one of my Drum Libraries. Last time I checked it was rated 5 stars. This is a great way to get your production going.

Go to:

Search for: TRX Drum Library

Dr. Do Music
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Hey guys I just wanted to share with some of you my google plus site that is geared to showing users tips and tricks through videos. Over the last 4 years I have gotten countless numbers of producers and engineers in the industry to switch from Logic, Pro Tools , Cubase, etc. I spend a lot of time working with a lot of individuals going over cool features and tricks. I want to share those things with you that I have learned. What I've found is that our mind is the only factor that can limit our creativity. It's all about thinking outside the box while you are working in Studio One. IF you think it, there's away to do it in Studio One. So with all that being said, I would love for you all to join my page by going to the following link today and become apart of my google group:
Studio One Feature Requests » WOW! Logic Pro X is trying to do a knock-out blow » Go to message
One thing that I can say is that Studio One is still the best. One thing that you have keep in mind is that Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools has been around since Jesus walked the earth. Studio One is the new kid on the block that hit pretty hard when it came out. It made you think differently on how you approach music. I heard someone mention that they wanted to see more sounds. I have to say that it would be smart to bring on someone to design the sounds just as AIR did for Pro Tools. This way you keep the DAW separate. Im pretty sure that Apple has a sound design team that is focusing only on Sounds. Just as we brought in Melodyne. That's the way we win guys.
Studio One Feature Requests » Song Preview on before loading Sessions. Similar to Music Loops » Go to message
After about 3 years I have alot of songs and it takes some time to browse my song library if I am looking for a particular song but I forgot how it sounded or what it was. SO.... I proposed a new feature, which is in the same way that we create music loops, would be great if studio one automatically saved a 2 bar loop of the song to preview in the song page so you can see what it sounds like before you open the session. This would be great!!!!
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I know that we have come along way. Now its time that we put the icening on the cake. We need to be able to import track data from another session such as mixer snapshots including sends and pan settings still in tact. Most engineers have mix templates that they import their tracks into. This is very important and we need this in the up coming release.
Studio One Feature Requests » Session Folder: Round Robin Saving for new Audio Tracks » Go to message
STOP the Press!!!!
Ok I am working on a session that is 100 + tracks and I noticed that Studio One has one folder that saves all newly edited data such as consolidating tracks. So in other words if you have 40 tracks streaming on drive 1 and your main session drive is drive 2 and you consolidate a track from drive 1, then it will copy it to drive 2. Now if it is only one track then thats ok but if its 10 tracks then you are placing the stress on one drive because all new recorded and edited data is saving itself to to the main session drive where S1 is defaulted.

I would like to see an option in studio one that the is setup for Round Robin saving. Example; Just like where it in S1 where you can select all your VSTPLugins folders on your drive. Let's go ahead and add folder under "USERDATA" locations that allows us to add more than one location where audio files can be read from and saved to. This feature should allow us to detect if the drive is running too many audio files and it needs to now round robin and saved new or edited files to another drive path. At the same time by adding this new feature we would also need a feature that allows us to export everything from all the folders to combine it into one which would allow you to save everything for archiving. Because if you have to leave the studio to fly to another state to work you would have to be able to recall the files. In other words kinda like what we have now which is called "copy all external files" located under pool.

I was working on a big pop single record that the label (Sony) had wanted for a new artist and it was the wrong time run into this issue!!!
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Choose the option in the menu called "EXPORT STEMS" . That is why you are not seeing it...
Studio One Feature Requests » SSL NUCLEUS & studio one » Go to message

I am using the Mackie Control over here!!!!
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Yes sir
Made in Studio One » My first studio one song!!! Flashback » Go to message
Yeah... it was a rough draft... it was rough draft as in just to check the softwareout. It was the very first song in s1 v1.
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Your welcome. My biggest thing was making sure that the not drums don't limitour creativity. With this library here isn't any excuse not to come up with a great record.
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Hey guys I uploaded a 1GB drum library called TRX drum library... I didnt want you all to have any limitations while creating music so here you go. You can find it under my user name: Dr. Do Music within the exchange server.

God Bless
Dr. Do Music
Made in Studio One » My first studio one song!!! Flashback » Go to message
<iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=""></iframe>

Hey this was the first song that I did in studio one version 1!!!!
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Greetings!!! I just want to let everyone know about my drum library that I uploaded to the exchange server called TRX. It is a soundset that I created that has about 1GB of drums sounds.I have gotten so many people to switch to S1 over the years and I wanted to have a library that they could use to start from. I want to see all of you make great music as I have. I will be making more to upload if time permits in the future.

God Bless
Dr. Do Music
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