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Studio One General Discussion » Thanks to PreSonus Studio One developers, I'm in LOVE with Studio one » Go to message
cheers man, and welcome aboard. glad your loving it, cause its only gonna get better
Studio One General Discussion » [Resolved] Brutal Performance issues when using 96/ 24 recording ? » Go to message
i havent hit over 30 tracks yet, but i run about 15-20 tracks, mostly plugins, with no problems whatsoever
Studio One Feature Requests » Removing Track from Sequencer Should automatically be removed from Mixer. » Go to message
i was also bothered by it until i realized how the system fully works.. think about it, besides the great examples given above, you have the choice to choose which instrument is assigned to which channel, so in effect, when adding an instrument, youre adding it to the entire project instead of just that one track.. its more "universal", and you have the choice to reroute the instrument to any and all tracks that you wish by clicking it on the tracks drop down menu. but i agree, it is a little frustrating until you come to realize this
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steeeve wrote:Search yielded no results for this.

I tried the Studio One demo and liked it enough to possibly buy it. I am also considering Cubase 5, which is available at $100 less than Studio One with an EDU discount. With all due respect to anyone that views this post, I am not asking for opinions on why I should choose Studio One over C5. I think C5 is awesome, but Studio One is a sexy beast too.


i dont know if this is still relevant, but i sent Rick Naqvi (VP) an email when S1 first launched, and he said he was able to set me up with a supplier who would give me a 10% discount. i didnt go through with the deal, but that still might hold. you should try getting in touch with Presonus directly, as they usually make everything possible happen to help you out.
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GreggG wrote:db:
Thanks for your suggestions. The reason I want to uninstall S1 is twofold.

Since the day I installed the program there has been a problem with defining a range ( to copy/paste etc. ) S1 does not recognize certain touchpad and/or mouse functions. After five or six email exchanges I was told by Prersonus Tech Support that the problem was with my mouse. I took my computer to a reputable computer repair service and, (at my expense - $80 an hour x's 2 1/2 hrs labor ) I had them run a complete diagnostic of my operating system, all my hardware, mouse drivers , mouse and touchpad etc. Everything worked fine and all drivers were up to date. Still had the same problem !

1. I want to uninstall and reinstall S1 in the hopes that the problem will be corrected.
2. In the event reinstalling S1 does not correct the problem I do not want any of S1 and it's " buggieness " on my computer. I am concidering purchasing" Cakewalk" and do not want to run the risk of something in the S1 programming to possibly corrupt any of the "Cakewalk" program. I would prefer to have S1 operational...I believe it is a better program than "Cakewalk." But that dosen't look like that is going to happen.

So far Tech Support has no idea why the uninstall program that came with Studio One is not working. I believe the problem lies in the S1 installation process.( S1 is responsible for installing their own software ). Possibly the wrong version of S1 was installed and/or was not installed properly so that the Windows registery was not updated. Hence it's unavailability for uninstalling in the normal Windows uninstall process.

In either case S1 has to be uninstalled....completely

If Tech support cannot solve this problem I am going to begin the long and bothersome process of getting a refund from Presonus. This will take many months I'm sure. I expect to get jerked around alot and even ignored. My companie's lawyer is confident that I will get a refund and has given me a few avenues to explore to speed up the process. It's not the money, it's the principle.

Hope this answers your question.Thanks again..........

It looks like you got a bad impression of S1 because of a very rare "bug" (if you can call it that). try what these guys have told you and get a fresh install of S1 running, then see you have an problems. your issue in itself sounds very strange and is more likely a system issue than S1 (something could have gone wrong in the installation) and is the cause of your problems. is S1 just isnt your thing, then by all means go ahead, but just dont dismiss it because of a rare incident, its worth the second chance
Studio One Feature Requests » blocks, clips, session, matrix or some form of pattern based sequencing » Go to message
bigcohoona wrote:Although I am much more familiar with Ableton's take on cell based creativity, I personally like how Cakewalk implemented this in Sonar with their "Matrix" tool.

I like the idea of the time still being linear from left to right instead of top to bottom like in Live, but looove how comprehensive Ableton's clips can be.

I think it would be amazing if Presonus came out with a "Sketchpad" idea which was a cell based building block tool which still flowed Left to right, but allowed you to drag both midi and audio files into each track/cell and set the length of that cell along with cell/clip automation of that cell.

From that point it would be awesome to either use just the "Sketchpad" in a live gig setting with "Gig Files" containing several "Song Files" or have a "Transfer to S1" feature allowing all your cells on the "Sketchpad" to instantly be moved into the normal S1 DAW linear track view (while of course maintaining all the clips automation, effets, etc).

Along with the cell based function in the "Sketchpad" what would be amazing is to have the same "Blocks" funtion as Reason 5/ Cubase, to set up an enhanced song organization function to quickly move major chunks/sections of each song. This could be your vertical aspect of the "Sketchpad" which would allow you to quickly swap all the "clips" within each "block" around. I would also want each clip to be capable of being assigned to a particular "block" in case a transition wav/clip which overlapped blocks needed to be grouped to a particular "Block"..

So there is my dream setup. A matrix/cell based "Sketchpad" which you could use on it's own for gigs, or open it up within S1 to sketch out a song and then quickly move it to the full blown linear/traditional DAW setup. Easy and streamlined movement between stage and fact Presonus could call it S-N-S (Stage and Studio)...never mind that is fairly lame.

Can you imagine how such a feature/embedded program within S1 would look and work as an iPad App!? That would be amazing, an iPad, Firepod, and an audience...all you need


, a much more elaborate description of what i had in mind. i didnt play with Sonar's Matrix, but ive been hear good things baout it on the forum. I also agree with having it be left to right as opposed to Abletons up/down view
Studio One Feature Requests » blocks, clips, session, matrix or some form of pattern based sequencing » Go to message
jonathan wrote:We're listening...keep this discussion going. In particular, where do other solutions fall short?

awesome! from what ive seen, other pattern based solutions are very static.. what id like to see is to be able make variations within the patterns (sort of like offline processing for step-sequencing, if that makes sense), a "hybrid" pattern based solution, where while you know your working on a pattern, you still near-limitless control of whats going on within that particular pattern and its variations. ableton live's Session View is a great starting point for this type of solution.

also, are you guys planning any live-oriented features for S1?
Studio One Feature Requests » blocks, clips, session, matrix or some form of pattern based sequencing » Go to message

while linear is my default way of working, sometimes certain parts just work better in a step-sequencer type deal. that way we can have the best of both worlds, and not limit our creativity

Ableton Live's Session view is a very unique and extremely intuitive way of working, and if Presonus decides to add something like this, im sure it will be at least on par with it. i would also love to see more features in S1 for live show use
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definitely, we had a thread in the old forum about this. while we know blue is presonus' color, being able to change the little accents (such as the volume bar, default track color, and anything else blue) to our own prefences would make this great DAW feel so much more personal and therefore let us enjoy it more. i doubt this would take a lot of code to do, and it something that everyone will benefit from. thanks for posting, hopefully this will be realized in S1 soon
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"and I told him if he didn't like it, I would buy it back from him."

bravo, way to entice him. i doubt you were worried about getting stuck with an extra copy of S1, and rightfully so
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new forum looks and feels AWESOME, much better than the bland, basic on we had before. most importantly, thanks for adding the feature to let us see all posts posted by someone by clicking their name, helps a lot to see if Johnathan or the rest of the team has anything interesting for us to read
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thanks for posting and letting us know man
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its a great pic, really shows PreSonus' personality, but i think it should be limited to the home page of the forum. having to scroll down on every topic just because the header takes up so much space is pretty inefficient, which goes against Presonus/S1 feel
Studio One General Discussion » Eliminating latency on FS Mobile in S1? » Go to message
station:audio wrote:Can anyone else confirm that they are running their FSM without UC? I'm very curious about this because I still have audio freezes and dropouts, and maybe UC is conflicting with the drivers in S1? And you don't need both installed?

im 99.9% positive that S1 already has the drivers needed for the FireStudio interfaces, and thats what lets it take advantage of zero-latency monitoring. ill try to find the original post in the old forum, but hopefully we can get an official answer to this, just for general knowledge (even tho Motokos already got it running)

however, i have UC installed and still cant find the Z button on the mixer to get the zero latency
Studio One Feature Requests » Offline Processing! » Go to message
xzb6np wrote:Ya I really want to be able to select a range in a track, right-click and select an offline process for that selected range. I do not want to have to split the range 1st. I miss a lot of the offline processing features that I have in Cubase 4 LE.

for sure, Cubase's approach was so simple and logical, but seeing the S1's dev team take on other features im sure they will come up with something great
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