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Hello ,

This is something that we have addressed sometime ago. A Knowledge Base Document was put up on our website back in July of 2012.

Anyone who has submitted a support request with us from July 2012 onward, inquiring about this issue would have been sent this response informing them of the changes. It is very clear, to the point and explains that we have actually addressed this issue and unfortunate change with additional supplemented sounds.

Toontrack, the creators of EZ Drummer, no longer supply PreSonus with product keys for their software. Without a product key, the software cannot be activated, and therefore used. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to substitute this plugin for another comparable piece of software. In Studio One 2, there are three options for making drum backing tracks which replace the EZ Dummer Lite software:

1. Native Instruments Komplete Players (Komplete Elements in the Producer and Professional versions). The Kontakt player features realistic drum samples which can be played with varying degrees of velocity and style.

2. PreSonus Impact is a pad-style drum player which can be used to program a variety of percussion sequences, ranging from electronic, dance, and acoustic drums. Check out section 14.2 of the latest Studio One 2 manual. You can access this by clicking Help -> Contents from within Studio One.

3. Studio One Musicloops are a varied set of drum loops that can satisfy multiple genres of music. Make sure you have the Studio One Musicloops Sound Set installed; then, these loops can simply be dragged from the browser into a new audio or instrument track.

I hope that this clarifies everything for you guys.
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What you are seeing is a lack of power resources on your iMac. Like any other computer manufacturer, Apple is not perfect. On some series of iMacs, MacBooks, and MacBook Pros the power resources are more in a series (all in one line) and draw from a single power source. This includes your USB ports, FW, display adapters, cameras..etc. You can try to use an apple compatible powered hub, with some percentage of success, and/or disable the camera all together for optimal performance.

Also, to note about your comment on having your computer in sleep mode... Sleep mode is not a preferred function with computers tuned for audio/digital recording. When the computer goes into sleep mode it shuts down contact with all external devices and specifically the audio device (in this case the 1818VSL). This is in fact, putting the computer to sleep. Upon waking up the computer, more often than not it will have difficulty seeing or communicating with different devices, especially audio interfaces. Audio interfaces demand constant communication with the computer that they are attached to. You will find that by unplugging and plugging back in the 1818 or by restarting the iMac that the device is back talking to the computer as normal.

**Please note: Hot plugging or hot swapping of FW devices can damage the device and possibly the FW Card on the computer. FW actually carries power through the 5th and 6th pins and can blow the Fi on the boards of the device and or FW card. Hot Swapping fire wire is never recommended.
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You are important to us.

Our Tech Support Hours of Operation are M-F 9-5 CST.

Our Support Line number (225-216-7887) is located on our website at right below where you would click to submit a support ticket. Our support number can also be found within each copy of our manual, that comes with our products, and within each digital copy of our product manuals on our website.

We strive to take each and every call from our Presonus Family, like yourself, who needs help with their products. There are times of the day/days of the week that we do from time to time experience higher call volumes. As each customer's issue and knowledge/experience level/setup is unique, they may require additional time to help than others.

The two business days that you refer to comes from the email response that you received after you submitted your initial support ticket this morning. The purpose of this email response is to let whomever submits a request for support know that we 1) received their support email and 2) That we will be getting back with them as promptly as possible. Many times we receive requests after hours or on weekends when we are not available, hence the 1-2 business days.

You submitted a support request this morning at around 9:30am our time. We were able to not only review your support ticket, send you an RA form, but also process your RA into our system and shoot you your RA number...all in the same day.

Our Studio Live Team is very knowledgeable and strives to provide the swiftest aid and resolution every time, for those who need assistance from us.

If you require further assistance please PM me and we can get you squared away.
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Do you have the original disk that came with the board? Have you tried to uninstall what you have on your computer and add the driver from the disk? How far back are you going driver-wise?
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gadget is correct. I work for Presonus and have for a little over 3 years now. The "prenoob" has to do with ranking you attain in the forum based on the number of posts and or responses you write. The 5 glowing stars means that I have complete access to and control within the forums in public view as well as behind the scenes. I am not a forum admin, but I do lurk in the shadows to make sure things are on the up and up in here when I can.

I am glad that you are enjoying the demo and are looking to become part of the Studio One family. I have been using several DAW over the last 10+ years and I will have to say, for a company to jump into the already established and populated DAW world... we have given everyone a run for their money! We have opened many people's eyes to a new style and workflow design that takes a lot of the guesswork out of getting started and aids the artist or creator to focus more on the music and artistic side of things and less time flipping through manuals and or hours of setting up things such as routing.

Have a great holiday!

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As long as you guys are good friends and have no plans of ending your friendship. You can activate one copy with in one account and share the credentials between each other and you can in fact each use a lic.

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With the purchase 1 copy of StudioOne Pro you get several lic's. Unless you need to have more than one per person, you can put one on PC and one on Mac. Each OS version is available after you register the product and can be found within your account.

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This pricing is correct. We are running a special on the Pro version this month. It normally retails for $399.

Uploaded with
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Are you still having issues? I have sent you several PM's trying to reach out to you to see if you are still seeing this issue. We would like to help you as well. If you would please check your PM's and get back with me.

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You are not understanding what I have previously explained to you. There is NO way that I can revert your SL Remote software. I cannot, Apple cannot at all. I do not know who seeded the idea in your brain that it was at all possible, sadly it is not posible and never will be. We are working feverishly on the next release of UC that will fix this one issue you are having a problem with as well as address a few more new features that I cannot discuss publicly.

I am in no way trying to deny you any kind of service, or support. What you are asking simply is not possible to do. As I have previously explained, Apple only updates in a forward directions and does not carry "legacy" or older versions of apps like ours on their site. Presonus cannot fix this nor can Apple. There is no denial of service or support here. I have and will continue to be honest with you about this.

You can attempt the "Jail Break" as you have previously stated, I honestly do not think that it will work. It will also put you in the position where neither company can or will help you with your hacked IOS device that neither Apple or Presonus supports.

If you can just hang on and let us get a maintenance update together you will have you issue fixed, but there is no going backwards in IOS app versions. It is how Apple operates and our agreement with them reflects their rules of operation.

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If "Jail Break" your IOS device you void the manufacturer's warranty and Presonus cannot guarantee the reliability of the app on a jail broken IOS. I don't think you understand what happens when you jail break IOS devices. You loose support from Apple. They do not support their device if it is jail broken and since they are the one's who qualified our app to work with their IOS, then logically we have to follow suite as we in no way test apps to be used nor do we condone the jail breaking of any kind. It is a use at your own risk type of thing at that point.

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Just for the record, PreSonus in no way condones nor supports "Jail Broken" IOS devices of any kind. This would be something that you do at your own risk.
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I believe that you are not getting the whole story here. The reality is that we cannot[u] give anyone nor put up and older version of the SL remote up. As any software progresses it moves forward and so do the improvements and functionality of the hardware/software. There is in fact no way that I can get you or anyone else an older version of the SL Remote for your Ipad. What I would suggest that you do is to update your UC to UC ver 1.6 and make sure that your SL remote app as well as your Ipad are also up to date.

I do not know who told you that you could get the SL 1.2 from apple, but they were incorrect. Apple's software and software held within their Applestore houses only the latest versions of whatever software you want to look at and does not hold "legacy" versions of apps at all. Kinda how they operate, if you have ever noticed that your apps on your Ipad let you know when a new version is ready for your app and there is NO revert to older version function anywhere?

This is not an issue out in the field as you claim. What I would suggest that you do, is to download the UC 1.6 for your computer, install the UC, then connect the board up, update and or re-flash your board with the current firmware(present in the latest version of UC 1.6), power cycle your board, and update your Ipad as well. These drivers, firmware and hardware all function together.

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We are taking care of you and picking up the unit at our cost. We are doing everything in our power to get your unit repaired and back to you asap. I will be personally testing the unit before it leaves here, so there is no question on whether or not it works before you receive it.

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When we do get your unit in here for a repair we will pick up the bill.

1. as a repeat repair with this issue
2. you are covered under the renewed warranty per the repair.

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