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FireStudio Mobile & FireStudio Project » Firestudio project headphones jack tied to main output? » Go to message
I thought you might be able to do this because it can be done on the FireStudio Mobile, but after checking out the FireStudio Project manual it looks like its not possible.

16.4.2AI » Mac Core Audio Playback Help » Go to message
On the Audio MIDI Setup App click on the Presonus Device and go to the Output Tab. There will be a button "Configure Speakers..." in the bottom right of the window, click it. You can now select which audio stream to use for the Left/Right playback.

I have read some threads where users could not get this to work and had to set the speakers up for multi channel
The stereo configuration works fine on my Mac Book Pro with a FireStudio Mobile and SL24.

Hope that helps
16.4.2AI » My 16.4.2 ai won't join any network » Go to message
I thought I read on here somewhere that the Apple routers were not on the supported hardware list anymore.
Give it a try with another router and see if that's the problem.
AudioBox USB » Mac cant find in- and output controls - Audiobox USB OSX 10.6.8 » Go to message
I'm willing to bet that most of these are caused by a Mavericks Core Audio bug(s). There are posts in forums all over the Net about Core audio issues with USB and Firewire interfaces. I suffering from bad audio in QuickTime on my FireWire interface. Had not attempted to record since the update, but my playback seems fine.

There has been no official response by Apple on these issues and the recent Mavericks update (10.9.1) did not address them. I read one thread (rumor) that mentioned Apple is aware of the issue and hopes to have it fixed in the next update. It would be nice to get an official statement on this from Presonus and Apple rather than these rumours

Mavericks Update: Not Done Yet

While users will certainly welcome this Mavericks update and included bug fixes, especially the Gmail issue, Apple has neglected a number of other problems. For example, OS X Mavericks users have noted Core Audio and graphics related issues that can cause unexpected system hangs and kernel panics.

Happily enough, Apple is already known to be working internally — not yet seeded to developers — on OS X 10.9.2 Update, which is expected to clear issues left unaddressed in v10.9.1 and bring new features, including iMessage blocking and FaceTime audio calling.
Studio One Forum Community Support » Can a USB keyboard control S1 sounds without using a midi cable? » Go to message

Set Midi In to Keystation Mini 32
Set Midi Out to Keystation Mini 32 (This apparently will be ignored by the keyboard). You can set this to Midi Out or another USB Midi device down the road.

In Studio One create an Insturment Track and drag an instrument, like Presence, onto the Track.
Make sure the Monitor button is clicked so you can hear what you are playing. It's the button that looks like a speaker near the Track Name.

Let us know if you need more help.

Have Fun


FireStudio Mobile & FireStudio Project » FS Mobile Not Syncing » Go to message
You may have tried these....

Hopefully its not this.... Did you try your computer with any other Firewire Devices to make sure the problem is not with the Mac Firewire Port?

Also make sure that the Clock Source, in Universal Control, is set to FireStudio Mobile-Master.

Live Sound » More Me Monitor Mix » Go to message
...remember that you can copy the main mix to the auxes in VSL. Very quick

I read the manual to see if I could do this, but it was not very clear. The routing in the manual looks like it is for sends to a DAW and returns from a DAW. I didn't see a way to reroute the Mains to the Aux's with just VSL and the board.

Maybe I misunderstood the post

More details would be welcome

16.0.2 » A few questions about Capture and a Macbook » Go to message
Glad I could help a little

I'm not sure if you just want to back up the tracks or give a final mix to someone.
In either case you need to Export the individual tracks and/or the Final Mix (Export is under the Session Menu)

For more details see section 7.2 and Section 6.2 in the Capture Manual (see Help Capture Manual).

I usually bring my tracks into StudioOne to do my final mix down then export from there. Someone else may have to chime in here if you need more help exporting from Capture.

Hope this helps
16.0.2 » A few questions about Capture and a Macbook » Go to message
I don't think Capture 1 had the ability to select a sound source. If I remember correctly if it didn't see a Presonus device connected it would shut down. Going on memory here so I may be wrong

Sorry I can't help with the file issue. I'm able to open old Capture files as well as new ones.

FireStudio Mobile & FireStudio Project » FireStudio Phantom Power Problem » Go to message
Are you powering the FireStudio from the Firewire Cable?
I believe you need the external power supply attached to use the Phantom Power.

Studio One General Discussion » Faderport for S1 installation » Go to message
I know when I updated the firmware in mine the motorized fader stopped working. I believe those updates are specific for other DAW's.
Do a search on here to find out the version that works. I can't remember what version I went back to... 1.2 rings a bell which I think was the original firmware version I started with.

16.0.2 » A few questions about Capture and a Macbook » Go to message
I'm in my 50's so this should be slow enough for you

It sounds like you still have the Mac's internal sound card selected as your audio device.

You can select the input device on the bottom of the Capture Main Screen. It should be set to "Presonus" and not "Built In Output"

If you can't set it there may be a connection issue with the 1602. Make sure it shows up in Universal Control and that VSL works.

Hope that solves your issue

24.4.2 » Why are the subgroups mono? » Go to message
This has been an annoyance for many folks running their system in stereo.
Even the new 32 channel AI is only 4 mono subs.

Not sure what the logic is behind that
16.4.2 » using the aux inputs (stereo A & B) » Go to message
I'm not an expert on this but....
I think the limitation would be if you tried to attach the FireStudio to the two 16.4.2's you would hit a Firewire limitation for channels or bandwidth.
The 2nd FireWire card is independent of the first. So, as long as your PC has the horsepower to Record/Play on all those channels your software should see them. You could add more devices on USB as well and your software should them as well.

I have an SL24 and FireStudio Mobile daisy chained on the same FireWire port, plus I have a guitar effects processor (Boss GT10) and vocal processor (VoiceLive 2) connected via USB. Logic X Pro and StudioOne Pro both see all of the Inputs and Outputs. I think Capture even saw the 2 FireWire devices.

Glad you got you system working
16.0.2 » Using "Phones" main mix output as 5th In-ear Monitor, need "More Me" (?) » Go to message
I never thought of that.

Let's see if I have this correct:
1. Enable Mains and Solo for monitoring.
2. Raise the Phones pot to control the overall mix
3. Press Solo on the "More Me" channels.
4. Dial in the Cue pot to control the "More Me".

Let us know how it works

By the way that Splitter is the exact one that I use and would work as you stated.(for future reference)
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