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You can easily use external VSTi's within Notion. I started out using the Kontakt library, but have switched to using the Notion library for most things now, since they sound quite good and are so well integrated into the program.

If you desire, you can have the clarinet come from Kontakt, the violins from EWSL, the horns from Miroslav and the drums from Battery.
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If you insert a marker you can right-click it and activate "Stop at Marker." This will stop the transport at that point.
Studio One Forum Community Support » Changing Time Signature of Certain Bars » Go to message
You insert a meter change just like inserting a tempo change. You right click (cntl-Click) in the timeline and insert a meter (time signature) change. You can insert as many as you like.

Here's from a similar thread:
Live Sound » 'Best' microphone for recording acoustic guitar on stage? Audience too? » Go to message
I've always found small diaphragm condenser microphones to work better on acoustic guitars than large diaphragm ones.

I use a pair of Audio Technica ATM33Rs . They're discontinued, but most small diaphragm, cardioid condenser mics should give you a nice, natural acoustic guitar sound with minimal fuss.

I've tried lots of positioning (including the over-the-shoulder method above) but usually position them in an XY pattern a foot or so from the guitar with one pointing toward the bridge and the other toward the 12th fret, and get a nice, wide stereo image that sounds like the guitar I'm recording.
House of Worship » Gain structure, EQ, and fader positions » Go to message
This is a really good book for dealing with all you're asking about and more:

Yamaha Guide to Sound Systems for Worship
Studio One Forum Community Support » Learning PreSonus Studio One. How do I teach myself? » Go to message
Larry the O's books are quite good for set up and reference:
Studio One Feature Requests » Can I use one MIDI track to control multiple instruments? » Go to message
I use Native Instruments' Kore2 for this type of effect. You can open up one instance of Kore in Studio One, and have multiple instruments (from various companies) stacked/layered/splits/effects within that one instance, and save the whole thing as a single Koresound. Although Kore2 has been discontinued for a while now, it still works with all current operating systems, and you may be able to find it on the cheap somewhere. I use its capabilities constantly.
Studio One General Discussion » Is the S1 Pro EQ a Linear Phase EQ? » Go to message
There's a pretty good explanation here:
Studio One Forum Community Support » Is it possible to adjust the pitch bend scale for instrument tracks » Go to message
So I messed around a little within Studio One to try to help with this. You can select all (or a selection) of pitch bend data for a certain track, making note of the value of any specific pitch bend point. Select the "Transform" tool from the list of draw/paint dropdown tools, and then drag the borders of the transform box until that specific pitch bend point is where you want it to be. The transform tool will be increasing and decreasing all of the other points in relation to the the amount of transform. I believe that this should give you the result you are looking for, and in theory, you could record all of the actions as a macro, so that one button push will transform all of your other tracks by the same amount once you figure out the value of transform that works.

Let me know if this is unclear and I can try to be more specific, but I think it will work.
Studio One General Discussion » Transport on MPK 25 not working in studio one pro » Go to message
As I recall, when I got my MPK49, all I had to do was make sure that the preset was set to "Generic" and the transport controls worked without my changing anything. Obviously, make sure that the MPK is set up correctly as a controller in your External Devices Preferences.

I seem to remember that the MPK series was already defined within Studio One, so the buttons already worked.

Hope it helps.
Studio One Forum Community Support » Is it possible to adjust the pitch bend scale for instrument tracks » Go to message
Are you absolutely certain that your VSTi's do not have the ability to change pitch bend range to 12 semitones? I have a lot of virtual instruments and I can't think of any that do not give me this option.
How do I (You fill in the blank)? » Using Tascam Us-144 with Studio One » Go to message
It looks like Tascam has continued to update drivers for it, so as long as you have a driver compatible with your computer and OS, you should be able to assign the US144 controls to Studio One.
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So..."the bulk of your daily work" is not worth $10.00?
How do I (You fill in the blank)? » problem sending midi » Go to message
Your Korg needs to be entered twice into Studio One,

once as a "keyboard" or controller. This will let you send information from the Korg to Studio One.

Then again as a sound module or instrument. This will enable Studio One to see and send MIDI information to the Korg.
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"We want to protect our intellectual property that we sell for affordable price.
Thank you for understanding. "
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