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themuzic wrote:Yup! It's down.

But all licensing and Studio One registration needs can be done here.

Here's the "My Software" access link also

super-officially confirmed. /thread
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Toth wrote:I don't need any more features, I would just like some of the current features finetuned.

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theyre most likely working on a bigger 2.x release that well know about on wednesday
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i dont get it? you were at church; why would god allow for such a thing to happen?
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we've been 5 months without a feature update, looks like one is nearly guaranteed to be announced next week. now that weve had a decent amount of time to discover and get used to new version and its features, what are on the top your lists? im not looking for a specific feature per se, but the way they are implemented. the way automation was implemented in s2 blows my fucking mind, its one of those features that arent just part of the work, but is a creative fucking tool that is as much an instrument as any synth
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clblnsfcs wrote:emrahcelik You are wrong. Cubase GUI more good from S1 . S1 using a lot of zone from arange area. I think best DAW use min CPU-RAM,,,

S1 as same as Picture shop it' not good for Arrange zone because People need more space arrange zone for Sequencing.

youre 100% right. cubase has the best GUI ever. so, GO USE CUBASE. i think S1 has the best GUI ever (i know im wrong, but whatever) but i will continue to use it even though youre right about all its mistakes! (?????)
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themuzic wrote:You gotta watch the video for this.

what happens if i dont?
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portland wrote:
themuzic wrote:So, you missed 2.0.4? That was a decent update with the addition of Exchange, no?

> very constructive answer "themuzic"

about you Sir "themuzic", why do you have to play the Paladin for Presonus all time of someone asks for an update or faster developement ? is there a reason you always jump on to these threads and play the defender of the crown ?

Isnt it legal for a paying customer to ask for an update or at least if an update is close to be released ? why do you always intercept these threads with an attempt to neutralize the OP´s question ?

You have more than 6000 postings here on the Presonus forum meanwhile , thats awesome, i wish i had as much time as you do, but if you feel bored about to read the same "Subjects" over and over then you might wanna take a break from this forum instead of hijacking harmless requests by legal customers. Its nice that you have your fanbase here for posting more than 6000 messages, and that still doesnt make you a better customer and your money isnt worth more either.

If someone asks for an update never mind if hes an old or new customer, has a small or large Presonus Hardware list in his signature, which i personaly wouldnt post here, he should get a square deal, simple and easy.... and thats not your attitude towards these customers.....

(no native english,sorry)

agreed. im mentioned it many times in the past, its not anything personal per se, but the attitude seriously bothers me
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guys i have a MINT condition, once-used slim phatty for sale if anyone wants one! im talking literally brand-new condition, i only used it once but have to get rid of it already for bills :/
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garciask8r wrote:Hello everyone. I have a few questions. First, I want to record some full songs using the VSL software but I want to record the full song with only parts of it having distortion. Similar to using a distortion pedal when playing live guitar I want to know if there is a way to switch distortion on and off as you would with a guitar pedal. Also, after recording how can you section off parts of the song to apply distortion just to these sections. Also, how do you change the dynamics because I want a little volume boost on the distorted sections of the song. Does anyone know what would happen if you tried to use a distortion pedal in between guitar and Audio Box. Sorry these questions are a little all over the place. Thanks for all the help!

now for a less presumptious answer-

even if you dont have 2.0 you can easily do this in a way that gives you much more control,, use automation to apply the amount of distortion (or anything or that matter, volume, velocity, etc) through your entire track. not only can you put full on distortion but you can also get really messy with it (it a good way ) by letting it rise and fall, fade in/out, or some of the freakier automation waveshapes that are given to us. just click the track you want to use, press 'A', apply the distortin effect and your off!
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dgkenney wrote:I have looked into my crystal ball and can say the following with great confidence...

No hardware will be announced at NAMM
3 software announcements will be made
including MAJOR updates for the StudioLive series including the 16.0.2

How can I be so confident, you say? Because Rick divulge as much in another thread. You guys have to get out more.


hes talking about mixers, nothing to do with s1 (not saying that there wont be an update)

but in all honesty i wouldnt be surprised or disappointed if we didnt get anything since 2 just dropped. but im sure s1 team isnt just sitting and chilling
Studio One General Discussion » WHAT do ya think Presonus has in store for Namm? » Go to message
i was thinking 1 of 2 things... either a smaller .1 update with all the leftover things that didnt quite make it for the 2.0 launch, or they might do what they did last year and hold off for a Musikmesse release... fuck maybe theyll give us both
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sees like a completely useless tool begged for by the reactionaries of the DAWs of the past. im sick of people coming to S1 and shoving there old DAWs ancient features and then saying "its not bloat". you just dont get it.

S1 is building a new, fresh DAW for TODAYs producer, not yesterdays. im not totally against pattern based sequencing, but there are other programs out there that already do it extrememly well. but then again, as i always have trusted, if the devs can imolement it in a slick and easy to use way, AND if it actually has purpose (not just to cater to the old fucks of the music world) then im for it, if not , fuck off
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emrahcelik wrote:Hello;

When presonus release a new patch or upgrade, I can see a cracked version of studio one the day after release date included all those content package.

As a registered user ; I don`t feel that i am using an exclusive program when I see cracked s1 on internet. I am against cracked softwares specially for studio one but at the same time I don`t like dongled software either.

Is presonus going to something about it? Create a "non-crackable" software?

I really hate that all those wannabes can use our content and software that we purchased and join to the presonus forum for asking technical help...

Presonus deserves every penny with studio one. IMO.

BITCH ABOUT IT. for fucks sake you felt the software was worth it, dont bitch that the OBVIOUS has happened. instead, sell your software and kindly go download the crack. thanks!
Studio One General Discussion » Omg, please do not bloat up the software. » Go to message
jaaron410 wrote:This is what I'm afraid of honestly. Look what happend to Ableton. They started adding a bunch of stuff and what the last two years they were fixing bugs. If Studio One becomes bloated users will just switch I think and their will probably be backlash. Wait till Native Instruments drop a DAW in the future. I think they will do it in the future. I'm telling you fellas IMO, if they do a DAW it's over. They've done the traktor s4, maschine, etc. Its over for others if they do this I think.

agreed. as much as i love S1, i think if NI gets in the race then theyve got it (for me) theyre apporach to things is awesome. i think NI's forward-thinking aesthetic is the only thing that can come anywhere near S1 right now (at least until we see whats going on with Logic X)
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